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UK: Government criticised for failing to mention LGBT youngsters in sex education report

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  1. Brett Gibson 21 Mar 2013, 3:56pm

    It seems gay sex is still hush-hushed and something people are unwilling to address with youngsters. There needs to be change here, and fast!

  2. Note: This is NOT a comment on this article –

    I note Pink News have a shockingly twee home improvement advertorial, and have disabled comments.

    FFS, just solicit subscriptions to your service rather than throw such stupid “articles” into the mix.

    Of course, I should have been able to comment on the “article” but since comments are disabled, I’ve no choice but to comment here.

  3. factsandfigures 21 Mar 2013, 4:36pm

    Given THT is a sexual health chairty, how does that affect the £20m Income for 2012 as part of this report?

    I refer

  4. If LGBT issues were included in those PHSE lessons, we might see a positive change in the sexual health and relationships of LGBT school students.
    Being given a thorough run through of the (forgive the pun) ‘ins and outs’ of heterosexual sex, and being told nothing of homosexual sexual activity, the most immediate thought is that there are no risks to it, and that no real precautions need to be taken. Because if it was dangerous, then surely those who are legally responsible for our upbringing would tell us about it?
    The people prohibiting proper education for LGBT issues are the very same ones who wonder why us LGBT people are at a higher than average risk of bullying and sexual infection, then almost offensively, they put the burden of solving the issue squarely on our shoulders, not their own.

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