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Somalia: Man stoned to death for alleged sexual act with teenage boy

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Reader comments

  1. DivusAntinous 21 Mar 2013, 3:32pm

    Well anybody doing anything sexual with a child should be punished. Though perhaps not in such a primitively barbaric way. But I’d bet any amount that the same thing wouldn’t have happened if it were a young girl he’d been accused of messing about with.

    1. Most muslim countries are perfectly ok with men marrying VERY young girls and doing whatever they want with them.

      1. DivusAntinous 21 Mar 2013, 9:05pm

        Yep exactly.
        It’s sad that civil war in Somalia has allowed these muslim factions to impose sharia law. It was a relatively secular country.

  2. If he raped this boy, I have little sympathy. And as the poster above says, if it had been a girl, it would have been a different outcome.

  3. Brett Gibson 21 Mar 2013, 3:58pm

    Stoning, really?!? Shows us what barbaric animals some religious Africans are.

    1. It’s more to do with Islam than Africa – in Saudi (which of course is in Asia) they behead with a sword, which is perhaps less animal-like but no less barbaric.

  4. Such a hole of a country controlled by religious nutters.

    So many children – expeically girls- are abused there. All in the name of their god.

  5. I wish they would stone rapists and paedophiles here.

    My tolerance for sexual abusers died along time ago.

    1. Is the Daily Mail website down at the moment?

  6. If he is accused of rape I have no objection to punishment — assuming a fair trial can be had first and guilt established– but death is never an acceptable punishment. One possibility is the boy claimed he was forced to avoid being stoned himself…in all events this is quite terrible and unjustified.

    1. friday jones 21 Mar 2013, 11:07pm

      There is no way that a 13-year-old boy can have consensual sex with an adult. It’s ALWAYS rape when a 13-year-old boy is sexually penetrated by an adult.

      1. Staircase2 22 Mar 2013, 2:32am

        ‘Consensual’ in the sense you’re using it is a legal concept. From the article we have no information as to the age of the defendant.

        Secondly the article makes no mention of whether penetrative sex took place

        1. Staircase2 22 Mar 2013, 3:29am

          I’ve just seen elsewhere online that the defendant was allegedly himself 18

        2. Secondly the article makes no mention of whether penetrative sex took place

          You’re right, but in the context of Somalia don’t you think ‘rape’ would mean penetrative? I must admit I assumed so.

  7. Stoning is a completely barbaric practice and should have died out along with primitive man.
    The word “alleged” being key. The man should have been tried and found either guilty or innocent.
    What a backward country.

  8. Oh, dear, Somali brother, stoned to death for being gay, I am sorry!

    “Stoned to death”. It’s a phrase we are familiar with, but it’s meaning is almost incomprehensible. We can only imagine the horror, the sheer panic and terror, of being surrounded by baying delusionals all of whom are throwing stones at you with the intention not of just hurting you, causing you severe physical damage, but with the intention of peling with stones until such time has you crumple and fall and then, as more stones hit you, you die.

    It’s horrific. It equates to the horrors of the death camps in Germany. That man who was killed could be my gay mate, your gay mate. He WAS someone’s gay mate. He may have been many people’s gay mate.

    War has been declared on us in Somalia. What are WE going to do about that?

    Today I went right up to the East Oxford mosque. It is VAST. It must be the 2nd largest mosque in the UK after Regent’s Park Mosque. This wild and lunatic Muslim horror is settling here.

    1. He wasn’t stoned for being Gay. He was stoned for having sex with a minor. Whether he did or not we will never know. Justice doesn’t sound very trustworthy in that region. Stoning has got to be THE most horrific and barbaric ritual. Not just for the victim but for the vile and bloodthirsty thugs who viciously hurl rocks in the name of righteousness. A disgusting and (thankfully) doomed culture.

  9. Staircase2 22 Mar 2013, 3:28am

    Apparently the defendant was himself 18

  10. Horrific, and the key word mentioned was alleged, he wasn’t even found guilty of doing anything. It was a barbaric witch hunt.

    People will look back in history with

    Ironically if a woman is raped, she is the one punished. I can’t comprehend how these people think.

    1. The photos of the trial do not show the defendant and the “victim” was an “alleged victim” who was not at the trial nor any representative for him, because he did not exist. This is part of a “GAY” witch hunt by armed religious fanatics. The heavily armed militia stood on the raised platform behind the robed clerics, no judges here, and the outcome was well decided before the farce of a trial began.

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