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Sicily: Governor who said the Vatican should allow equal marriage allowed to return to church

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Reader comments

  1. What would the governor know, “he is not a theologian”, that is, an expert on how supernatural beings fly around on their broomsticks.

    It is easy to be an expert on something you made up yourself and for which there is no scientific evidence.

    I invented a god only this morning, and I am the worlds most knowledgeable expert on this god that shall have no name and is so holy you cannot make fun of it or question it’s existence.

    1. Will people still be allowed to worship your god, once you’ve taught us about his existense? There’s a great need for a religion that doesn’t emphasize the hatred of the others: unbelievers, gays, women etc.

  2. Christopher in Canada 21 Mar 2013, 11:59am

    This governor should tell the priest where to go, instead of compromising his integrity by crawling back into their approval.

  3. I’ve read about Rosario Crocetta before, he is a gay Sicilian politician well-known for his strong support for LGBT rights and for his courageous fight against organized crime in Sicily. He is an inspiration for everyone and one of the few sane people in the whole Italy, a backwards country dominated by the Church, the mob and by buffon autocrats like Silvio Berlusconi. If I were Italian I would write for his party suggesting that he run for Prime Minister of Italy and would vote for him with pride.

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