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Cornwall: Anti-gay Christian B&B couple claim they can legally turn away gay couples

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Reader comments

  1. How devious is that? Are their religious principles SO strong that they will do ANYTHING to discriminate? Were they TRUE ‘chrsitians’, whose central message is one of ‘love one another’, wouldn’t you have thought they might have looked into their hearts, reformed and tried to be ‘nice’ to people. God does indeed work in mysterious (and dissapointing) ways ….

  2. And I can just see every B&B now becoming non-profit making. Right. And who’s funding them I wonder? It can’t be the Bulls. They claimed poverty over this from the start. So where’s the money really coming from?

    1. I think you’ll find it’s another ‘not for profit’ religious charity! Really, this ‘charitable status’ nonsense for religion is beyond a joke. I’m setting up The Peter Panists as a religious charity. We’ll believe in a man who lives in Never Never Land and has fairies to protect him from harm. And there’s a nasty man who is repsonsible for all the bad things in the world that can’t be explained. Sound familiar …?

  3. I think they will find that the couple in the civil partnership are not single in the eyes of the law. I’m sure this can be challenged, drag them back through the courts.

    They should be shut down for deliberately trying to get around the law of this country.

    1. Surely if they are following Bible based beliefs, they can only accept couples who were married in a christian religious ceremony, civil marriage has nothing to do with religion, neither does other religions. We should challenge it, make their cusomter base as narrow as their minds.

  4. The CI is serving their “customers” very badly by dispensing such dodgy advice.
    If you offer services to the public you’re subject to the Equality Act.
    And how is a B&B not a for profit company?
    Seriously dodgy advice.

    1. Perhaps the CI is trying to set them up as martyrs, in pursuit of their theocracy dream.

  5. I hope those gays planning to get married when the Government make it legal book their honeymoons in their friendly, married couples only B+B

  6. Welcome to Royston Vasey?

    1. Liam the God 21 Mar 2013, 1:47pm

      “Are YOU Local?”

  7. Is this typical of the SW? I ask because I’m a student in the U.S. and I might be attending Plymouth Uni for about a month in the summer and I worry about this sort of thing.

    1. No, it isn’t. I grew up in Cornwall only a few miles from this place. The majority of people in the South-West are very laid-back, as with so many areas it’s the overly-vocal minority giving the rest of us a bad name

    2. The countryside is just as full of old conservative bigots as anywhere else in the UK. Plymouth has a few gay venues and all universitys in the UK have LGBT associations. If anything the towns and villages in Cornwal and Devon are becoming more and more bohemian so it’s rarer than it was before to find homophobes.

  8. Liam the God 21 Mar 2013, 1:49pm

    I do hope someone tests this little Scam of theirs. “Not for profit, eh? So who pays your wages, and where does any excess income beyond operating costs go to? Who owns the building you operate from?”
    We ALL love a good Tax Dodge: Ask any Tory!

    1. They apparently believe that as a not for profit limited company they can pay their personal mortgage. If they are a NFPC then surely their guest house is the property of the company. Have they legally transferred their home to their limited company? If their website refers to their company’s property as their “home” surely this is misrepresenting the nature of their charitable company.

      On a more general note, the article in the Cornishman says other local B&Bs want to exclude other (minorities?) they disapprove of. Could this mean a return to Belfast “Christian” B&Bs hanging signs saying “No Roman Catholics” again?

      1. Liam the God 22 Mar 2013, 3:41pm

        Oh good, so instead of “No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish” we’ll have “No Adulterers, No Sodomites, No Irish” instead…… *sarcasm mode = TURBO*

        1. Not to mention ‘No shellfish eaters’ and ‘No wearers of mixed fibre clothing’……They will have a hard time running a ‘truly bible based B&B’…..and unless they do that consistently they can be accused of discrimination quite easily I would think…

  9. Yippee! You must be so happy and proud of your hard work
    (coated in sarcasm in case mis-read)

  10. I’d love to test their theory. My spouse and I were married in Iceland. Only problem is I cannot quite see myself slumming it in such a ghastly looking place. Standards, darlings, standards.

    1. And with such miserable looking hosts!

      They both look like bull dogs chewing wasps of a thistle!

    2. That was what I was thinking…
      those two look like the living embodiment of the old adage…

      “Misery loves company!”

      I’m sure that they are suitable company for each other!

      Why on earth would any, self respecting lesbian or gay couple even contemplate staying in such a shabby looking hovel? You’d be better off pitching a tent or sleeping on a park bench! I’m sure as hosts, they would be an extremely entertaining and a fun couple… could you just image the fun filled evenings, reciting quotes from the bible and playing charades based on biblical stories!

  11. I have a feeling that they have been ill advised.

    As I understand it, as a not-for profit company, providing a service to the public, still have to follow the rules of law, in that they are not permitted to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation. Unless anyone knows any different?

    1. Dangermouse 21 Mar 2013, 2:06pm

      Totally correct, in law its not who or what is providing the service, but wither it is applied in a discriminatory way . Even saying that, a gay couple who are in a civil Partner ship in the eyes of the law have the same status as a married couple. So if these scumbags prevented ANY non –married people to use their hovel, gay and straight, then that would be within the law, but treating a civil partnered couple differently from a married couple is where the law will take effect.

    2. Carl ROwlands 21 Mar 2013, 5:12pm

      I dont think you can use one set of laws to circumvent another. I studied Company Law years ago and their is a public interest remit. The Registrar of Companies can strike any company off the register if they are not compliant with the laws of the land. I think ill advised is correct!

  12. Christine Beckett 21 Mar 2013, 1:59pm

    Given that the Christian Institute’s grasp of the law is such that they have lost almost every single case they have backed, I’d think long and hard before accepting their legal advice on a loophole.

    Offering a service to the public for money? You’re covered by the Act. End of story.

  13. I’m sure they’ll be as wildly successful as those catholic Adoption Agencies have been.

  14. Robert A. Cuthbertson, M.D. 21 Mar 2013, 2:07pm

    Bigotry in the name of their reliigion….wait until some Muslims want to stay….this will be interesting…see they also do NOT believe in your book…

    1. Staircase2 21 Mar 2013, 5:16pm

      That’s actually wrong…

  15. Keith Francis Farrell 21 Mar 2013, 2:09pm

    Therefore they are now using a tax loophole to be able to justify discrimanation. I hope the tax man has a very good loo at their tax returns and attaches their property for breach of any tax laws

    1. That There Other David 21 Mar 2013, 2:17pm

      They are unlikely to have paid any corporation tax for that business for a very long time. Despite the Bull’s assurances that they were “born to run a B&B” the place has actually run at a loss for the best part of two decades. Without the CI funding it would have probably folded already.

      Which I suppose does bring a new meaning to the term “not-for-profit”. However, all this will achieve is a new round of cases for them to lose one after the other. Someone ought to just cut out the legal middle man and nail them both up on crucifixes. I’m sure they’ll be much happier being actual martyrs rather than pretend ones.

      1. At least this whole business must have considerably drained the Christian Institute’s coffers.

  16. Dangermouse 21 Mar 2013, 2:11pm

    We live in Cornwall and have been together for 13 years. On the whole Cornwall is a very gay friendly place to live. We have not had any trouble and every one is very easy going. Trouble is you do get a very few religious nutters to spoil it. Most of them coming into our county from England.

    1. PerfectDay 21 Mar 2013, 6:40pm

      “most of them coming into our county from England”

      strange comment. Please explain.

      Lots of love from Wessex.

    2. Cornwall IS in England !

      1. There are some Cornwall Nationalists, who would disagree that Cornwall is in England and there have been campaigns in the past in Cornwall to divorce itself from England. I’m wondering in Dangermouse is one of those.

  17. Have you seen those sour faces?! I can hardly believe any kind of kindly word has ever passed those lips! Vile people that they are…

    I wonder if they’ll be able to get away with the same excuse once marriage equality comes into place….we’ll be married then…in law!

    1. In the eyes of the Law, we already are when were in a civil partnership. We have the same legal protection in this country.

  18. douglas in canada 21 Mar 2013, 2:16pm

    “True” christians? Here’s the test. In their hole-y book, jesus says that if you want to get into heaven, you have to sell all you have and give it to the poor.

    Until they do that, they don’t have the right to call themselves ‘christians’.

    People, read your damn book before you start pointing fingers at others.

  19. “On the second floor, this twin-bedded room has a cottage feel about it. ”

    Hmm. Stinks of piss and has a glory hole :)

    1. The smell of piss will cost you extra… :-)

  20. It sounds like they want to rely on part of Schedule 23 of the Equality Act, which allows “an organisation the purpose of which is (a) to practise a religion or belief, (b) to advance a religion or belief, (c) to teach the practice or principles of a religion or belief, (d) to enable persons of a religion or belief to receive any benefit, or to engage in any activity, within the framework of that religion or belief, or (e) to foster or maintain good relations between persons of different religions or beliefs” to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation unless its “sole or main purpose is commercial”. I don’t really understand how they think they can fit a B&B into this definition, especially if they intend to make money from it. Oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time the CI gave people bad legal advice.

    1. So it sounds like they would have to set up a biblical B&B open only to people who share their faith…and yes how do you run a nonprofit B&B in your home?

  21. Now there’s the face of two people who have never known the joy

  22. These look like the people who’d show you the downstairs lav then announce ‘Into which we do not pass any solids’

  23. let’s see if it stand up to legal challenge. However, this means that it won’t be so easy for them to get their personal hands on the monies charged as such a company can have no shareholders and all ‘profit’ must be re-invested in the company to further its altruistic aims. People who create these things do so to have the ‘moral superiority’ of not-for-profit, but then take one ‘expense’ after the next in order to use the money. The expenses of such a company should be actively monitored by gay accountants and any apparent breach fully and incisively investigated. Looking at their photos, I have rarely seen such faces full of chairy and unconditional love (NOT!)

    1. Oh ffs, I absolutely agree with your comment and had a genuine little lol too, unfortunately when I tried to like it my ********* phone chose report I then tried to like it and the screen jumped and chose the x I would love to know what to do to undo this if anyone knows as this is the second time. Really sorry, great comment.

  24. Jane McQueen 21 Mar 2013, 2:47pm

    I think they are on a very sticky wicket here. I personally can’t see any way in which a B&B (regardless of what it’s status is relating to companies house) could actually bypass equality law. The CI are giving them false hope and very poor legal advise on this issue.

    The not-for-profit sector does have some equality exemptions, because this covers the vast majority of the charity sector. However none of these are for sexual orientation.

    All i can say is, if they do this then expect to end up back in court and having a judge tell you that you have broken the law again.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Mar 2013, 3:35pm

      I would like to know who the CI legal advisors are. I can’t believe a lawyer worth his or her salt is going to give them the green light to proceed with this frivolous nonsense.

      1. Jane McQueen 21 Mar 2013, 3:43pm

        Well no, because giving advise that is this blatantly incorrect would risk you facing a disciplinary panel by either the SRA or the Bar, it is negligent advice at best.

    2. I think I heard them on the radio ages ago saying they were planning to turning it into a Christian ‘respite’ home, which may have some significance, I don’t know.

  25. How can a Limited company be a non-for-profit organisation?

    Think this one is wide open for someone to challenge it.

    1. Well here is the catch. To test it you’d have to actually reserve a room and intend to spend the night there…who’d want to do that?

    2. Strictly it can be. Many not-for-profit organisations are established as companies limited by guarantee. It isn’t unusual and provides protection for trustees in the event of a serious financial problem occurring. It seems to me that they’re using it as a device to circumvent the law. I’d’ve very surprised if they were successful or, indeed,if they rescued their reputations. Their B & B (bigots and bollocks?) isn’t somewhere I’d fancy book into.

  26. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Mar 2013, 3:03pm

    Tory bigots Loughton and Burrowes will be cheering them on. Of course, no MP is going to get involved. I’ve never heard of a UK non-profit serving the public being allowed to discriminate in the delivery of goods and service. THere needs to be more clarity as to what defines a charity be it religious or non-religious. If they are to continue offering accommodation to the public, charity status surely can’t protect them. I assume the CI have sought legal advice in this?

  27. They should include a picture of themselves on their website, any literature – I would rather cover myself in raspberry jam & lay naked beside a hornets nest than stay in their establishment.
    If their appearance is anything to go by, I hate to think what their bedding & towels are like.

  28. Aren’t they just the happiest, most cheerful people you’ve ever seen? Look at how the joy of Jesus shines from them!

  29. Faces like slapped arses. Ugh! What century are these idiots living in? I hope their grotty B&B loses money. I bet it smells of old cabbages, gas and damp.
    I know I sound childish but I’m so bloody angry at these ghastly people. How DARE they discriminate like this.

  30. Such unpleasant peevish people. What a poor advert for religion.

  31. Here is what they say on their web page;

    “Here at Chymorvah we have few rules, but please note that as Christians we have a deep regard for marriage(being the union of one man to one woman for life to the exclusion of all others).

    Therefore, although we extend to all a warm welcome to our home, our double bedded accommodation is not available to unmarried couples. Thank you.”

    I am really angry about this. For goodness sake…this is 2013 not 1813.

    1. Sounds to me like just a craftily-worded way of keeping gays away. Did they used to ask all male-female couples for a copy of their wedding certificate? And since when was a double bed required for an unmarried straight couple to get intimate in a locked room?

    2. It’s tempting to go as two ‘couples’ made up of two lesbians and two gay men, and pretend to be two married couples (because I bet they don’t check). Then settle in to your double-bedded rooms with your real partner. I mean what are they going to do? Drag you out? Call the police? What ‘crime’ would they report??

      1. An very interesting idea, Iris… but what lesbian or gay couple would even want to go near that place? I don’t think I could stand being in the same place as… “Darby and Joan”…:-)
        Just looking at them makes me want to be far, far away…!

        1. Yes, it’d have to be two couples with strong stomachs. I’ve never seen such miserable-looking people as the Bulls. They hardly look hospitable – to anyone!

  32. …….judging by the way they look I wouldn’t wish to stay in their wretched hotel in the first place. How dare they have the audacity to oppose people who want to have sex with their own sex–who made them Gods gift to humanity?




      No we didn’t, get an education; ever heard of evolution? Problem with your Caps lock?

      1. DCBrighton 21 Mar 2013, 9:49pm

        Besides the whole scripture BS, all living humans do share a single female ancestor from around 200,000 years ago, who was nicknamed ‘Eve’. It could be that Sally Jane is confusing reality with bible stories.

        It’s really fascinating if anyone’s interested:

    2. Checked out your hotel website Sally, comparing your rooms with those on the Chymorvah website is striking. Yours look bright, clean, fresh and inviting. Chymorvah, dull, dated and dusty.

      Even compare the picture of the grey looking Bulls with the fantastically cheerful picture of you and Joanne on your website. I know where I would rather stay!

  34. johnny33308 21 Mar 2013, 3:32pm

    Just looking at them one can see no apparent inner beauty that is obvious in people whose hearts are filled with love and kindness, in fact they look down right plain old mean and grumpy. Who wishes to be in the company of such people anyway? Forget them and all like them. They’re dinosaurs and will soon be dust, eliminating the problem. Why would anyone spend LGBT money on businesses that are our self-declared ‘enemies’? It is also obvious that they are not “true” christians anyway….just look at them. Their exterior accurately reflects their inner lives. Sad for them. The ‘christian institute’ is nothing more than a discriminatory organization put in place to wage war upon LBGT people and Human Rights….their reason for being is entirely evil and purile. Remove religion from our Civil Lives, forever….

  35. These guys just won’t go away! I wonder if this means they are now ultimate judges of what the bible says or someone else can tell them: “you guys are eating shellfish, I’m not paying my bill”. I guess if it’s not for profit it shouldn’t matter…

  36. The article implies that by forming a Limited Company and stating in the Articles of Association that they will be able to discriminate. I think not. They have been poorly advised. Howe many Limited Copmpanioes are there in the UK? A great many, I work for one. If they could get round laws by writing certain thngs in their Articles do you not think they would have all done something similar (for the same or other reasons) by now?

  37. Good grief.

    They want their business to fail and not to make any money out of it.

    How stupid :S

  38. Sad B*****ds

  39. It ain’t as easy as just saying you are a not for profit company. You need the
    Memorandum & Articles of Association to state that any surplus is
    put towards the company’s social purpose and usually defines the
    company as democratic and accountable to the community through its membership.
    Be interested to see this couples social purpose – discrimination maybe – and who its accountable to in the community.
    And if they ‘earn’ more that £5000 a year they have to prepare accounts o the Charities Commission to show there profits are being used for the companies social purpose.
    I can’t see how this lets them ignore Equalities laws though.
    If Catholic Adoption Agencies can’t get round them and close how can this weird B&B couple do it.

  40. Hopefully they’ll both be arrested for fraud or something, it’s probably illegal in some way or other. Failing that there should be boycott of the place so they or the CI can waste a great deal of their money. Speaking of which, hasn’t the CI wasted a whole heap of cash on all those court cases, then, if they could have just told them to do this in the first place for free? Well… you won’t see me complaining.

  41. An ideal opportunity for ABC Welby to intervene and show how sincere he was in all his remarks about lovely gay couples …

  42. Staircase2 21 Mar 2013, 5:14pm

    Yeah – THAT’S gonna stand up in court isn’t it…

    Lol the ungodly idiots!

    I hope they ask for their money back from the (so called) Christian Institute…

    (Bearing in mind they also though the couple had a sound case to start with…the bloody idiots…)

    I hope they do it and get their arse sued…

  43. In all honesty, what self respecting gay person would want to stay in a run down, bigot infested rat’s nest run by Olga and Ogre Shrek?


  44. dorset bob 21 Mar 2013, 5:18pm

    I can quite beleive that they run a not for profit B’n b, I’ve never seen such a sour. miserable pair of faces. I cant imagine that anybody gay,straight or even unconcious would want to stay there !

  45. “Not for profit” organisations like Catholic adoptions agencies were not allowed to discriminate against same sex couples. They may think they have found a loop hole. If such a loop hole exists, it will close the first time they get taken to court. They really are wasting everyone’s time and should be made to pay punitive costs for wasting tax payers’ money.

  46. Devious sods.

  47. If fact they can’t do it. Even non-profit making organisations, such as charities and adoption agencies, can’t discriminate like this. Making money out of it or not makes no difference. It will still be deemed illegal.

  48. Could they have picked a more evil looking photo?

  49. Well, who in their right mind would stay there after all the media attention it’s recently had. anyway?
    Good luck to them. They’ll certainly need it.
    I wouldn’t stay there if ‘they’ paid ‘me’.

  50. EqualityFinesse 21 Mar 2013, 5:37pm

    Have a look at what the Christian Institute obsesses over in their twitter stream:

    Followed closely by Andrea Williams herself:

    …and no surprise at all that they support this blatant bigotry.

    Bye the bye, I have friends in Penzance with some influence that used to visit this guesthouse… But not any more and they’re ensuring that people they’re connected with are aware of the blatant homophobia too.

    1. That There Other David 21 Mar 2013, 6:43pm

      Ha ha, that’s brilliant! It’s all sex, sex, sex to them. They’re obviously not getting any :-D

  51. Katie kool-eyes 21 Mar 2013, 6:24pm

    If marriage equality passes, we should all go there, certificates at hand in the most stereotypical fashion imaginable.

  52. The hotel website states that rooms cannot be booked by unmarried couples and defines marriage as the union of one man to one woman for life to the exclusion of all others (i.e. no gays, divorcees, adulterers, couples who had any sex before they married, …). Does this hotel get any guests?

    Also Companies House records show they set themselves up as a private company limited by guarantee last September with a name including the phrase “Christian Hotel”.

    I am not legally trained, but as a trustee of a UK church charity and a director of a UK limited company I can’t see how this status would protect them from the equality act or any other of their legal duties! The only “benefit” that I can see is that the company would be taken to court not the Bulls, but if the company has no money the guarantors would have to pay any outstanding costs after the company is wound-up with its assets seized and sold. This would probably leave the Bulls homeless and penniless.

    Although I find their actions terrible and wonder who in their right mind would (or could) stay at this hotel, I pray that they have spoken to, at least, semi-competent lawyers. Trying to use legal loop holes, even with advice, often ends in costly court actions and if tax is involved criminal convictions. Also converting a profit making business to a “non-profit” limited company should be setting off the alarms of every taxman in the southwest.

    1. Dave North 21 Mar 2013, 9:05pm

      I think the ugly hatefulness of these people is more than enough to discourage real Christians from going anywhere near them.

      They seem to me to be used as martyrs by the Christian Institute and they are not intelligent enough to see that.

      I think a Mitchelin or AA rating of “Come Here if you hate people via god” will not do them any good and I have advised them to withdraw any Star rating given there new purpose.

      These people are NOT Christians. Simply hateful ignorant old fools, used by the CI to further their ignorant aims.

      I have also reported to the Inland Revenue what these shits are doing.

      Lets see if their God can protect them from that.

      I do not hate these people. I’m just sick of the society they want me to live in.

    2. Robert M (update) 23 Mar 2013, 11:24am

      Just seen an article in the independent that because most avenues for advertising their hotel has been dropped due to their anti-gay policies and they are not getting any repeat guests due to the bad PR (hardly a surprise), they are now using the hotel to offer respite care through a religious charity. Thus strictly speaking they are not refusing people they object to, but are accepting people through a charity that only selects “suitable” guests for them. Not a loophole as a such, more of a withdraw from the hotel business into an area where they don’t have to deal with the general public.

      Don’t see why they need to be a limited company to do this, but perhaps the charity is happier to have a contract with a limited company for legal and financial reasons, and needs the “non-profit” status to show the Charity Commissioners that it is abiding by its articles of incorporation and Charity law.

      I don’t see this as a sustainable business model and wonder if the charity’s name becomes public what they will do? I also wonder how much the charity is telling the respite care guests about the hotel?

  53. I’d dearly love to know how they prove that a couple are married. Do they insist on seeing a license on booking, or how do they know that a couple didnt have sex before marriage. And do they serve shell fish for dinner….have sheets and towels made from mixed fibres. As guest house owners….they must work on Sundays. Bloody idiots.

  54. Why is this article already hidden away in the ‘Small Print’ section when it’s not even eight hours old? It’s a UK story and quite a relevant one, considering the precedent it would set.

    In contrast, PN gives star billing publicity to yet another entirely predictable story “US: Unheard-of Crazy-Preacher-With-Internet Radio-Show Rants About Sodom and Gomorrah…”

    PN really needs to sort out its news priorities.

  55. If everyone just boycotted the place and its vile owners, then simple economics will take it’s course and they will be bankrupt in no time.
    No legal costs there for any organisation to incur challenging them.

  56. You are still providing a service to the public. It doesn’t matter if you have charitable status… there are no exceptions. YOU ARE PROVIDING A SERVICE TO THE PUBLIC, SO THEREFORE THE LAW APPLIES IN THE FULLEST TERMS. YOU CANNOT DISCRIMINATE.

    I can’t believe in this day and age with money in short supply, that hoteliers actively turn people away.

    I hope that you don’t start pocketing any monies after you get your much desired NFP status… because that wouldn’t be right in the true Christian terms would it… unless you have chosen to be selective in which Christian values to observe.

    You really are a demented, deluded, devious, despicable couple.

  57. It would be interesting to know which church these two attend, if any would have them, which I rather doubt.

  58. I highly doubt a business like this can be made “non profit”. I just hope they get sued again, but this time into oblivion

  59. Bull by name BULL by mind and nature

  60. Change in the law needed here !

  61. I am involved with a ‘Not for profit’ organisation (I.E. a charity) and am not aware that such an organisation is entitled to discriminate against anybody. Even religious organisations can only discriminate in certain cases confined to belief,observance and practice. For instance,the Church of Rome doesn’t allow women priests.that contravenes the equal opportunities act but is allowed. However,certainly in Scotland, RC schools may not refuse to either employ non RC as teachers or admit non RC students. the one exception to the former being the heads of certain departments. so,Religious beliefs do not give a blanket exemption from equality laws.and I fail to see how a ‘not for profit’ organisation cpould ever have exemption.(Unless thgey turn it into a church)

  62. Given the amount of adverse publicity they’ve had I imagine they are already running a not for profit business.

  63. Jock S. Trap 22 Mar 2013, 10:40am

    Wow, what a nasty, devious way to show all how hateful and bigoted they are.

    Apparently we to believe religion is about love but this couple sum it up perfectly!

    To go to such lengths to be so hateful, so nasty… who can trust the religious?

    I know I can’t!

  64. If people like these would spend one tenth of the energy they spend fighting queers on fighting poverty (which seems to play a slightly larger role in the lives of their supposed saviours) then maybe this world would become a better place for all of us.

  65. Looking at the ugly sods, I wouldn’t want to stay a second under their roof. This is Christianity at its most charitable and they need to be hounded through the courts again.

  66. “Heavy Homo Crush” is an obvious anagram of Chymorvah House.

  67. “All Lazy Bum Her”
    an anagram of “Hazelmary Bull”

  68. ‘Zany hatred empaler.’
    anagram of Peter and Hazelmary

    Okay, no more now… I promise

  69. Is there any way looking at their frigid visages that a gay couple would want to take to their ‘hospitality’?

  70. The Bulls’ are perfect for one another. Match made in Heaven. They’ve lost a lot of money (and business) as a result of their hatred. As far as I’m concerned, on this case, karma got it right and the scumbags can drive themselves into poverty.

  71. Apparently, they’ll now be offering guided tours of the five railway lines in Cornwall. A new idea to drum up business… to pander to rail enthusiasts.

    I just hope a couple of gay rail enthusiasts book up……….

  72. It won’t be long until these are caught out. I await the time that their cocky little loophole is voided and they end up in hot water. I’m reminded of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits.’

  73. If it belongs to either the religion of “LOVE” or the religion of “PEACE” it’s better to leave it alone to rot in it’s own bigotry and hate.

  74. Brian Sallis 12 May 2013, 11:59am

    Looking at the two of them I don’t think I want to stop there. ,,, not for profit ?? Don’t think so ,,, who pays for there clothes and food and all there personal things ,,,, the Tax man needs to have a very close look at them

  75. Stuart Bolter-Shone 13 Aug 2013, 11:39am

    perhaps these people who call them selves Christians should take note of a word from the Pope ” who am i to judge” or from Christ himself “And why do you contemplate the splinter of wood in the eye of your brother and do not put your mind upon the log in your own eye?”
    as a B&B owner we welcome people from all countries religions and sexual orientations we love meeting so many differently minded people it feels great to have the chance to meet so many varied people. I am a Christian and and attend Church on a regular basis my husband and business partner is also a Christian but not practising and we love to hear of other peoples faiths and religious ceremonies.
    i think the only people missing out here are the Bulls couple i guess they would have been the Inn keeper with no room for an un-married couple with the girl about to have a baby and sent Mary Joseph and the soon to be Christ child away

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