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Cardinal O’Brien alleged to have been in long-standing physical relationship with male priest

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Reader comments

  1. He is one of the vilest men on earth!

    I am not surprised in the slightest that someone has now claimed that they were in a relationship with him.

    1. Except that why anyone would want to be in a relationship with the ostensibly-celibate and vocally homophobic O’Brien is inexplicable.

    2. Here’s rather kind and generous commentary on O’Brien from Philip Hensher at The Independent. Philip Hensher is not one of us though, as far as I am aware. I guess that explains why he is not as outraged as some of us are!

  2. In my ‘bible’ hypocricy is the biggest sin. Isn’t one of the ten commandments in their rule book, “Thou shall not bear false witness”? This man is an abomination on so many levels. However, the revelations about him can only have served as further evidence that the organisation he represented was – and remains – corrupt to the core and all the platitudes in the world currently emanating from its new leader will do nothing to change that.

    1. That There Other David 21 Mar 2013, 1:12pm

      Oh, but how can the RCC still be corrupt when they’ve slapped a new coat of lipstick on the pig? :-/

      I wonder how long it’ll be before they’ll return to form rhetoric-wise….

  3. It’s interesting that tThe Christian Institute used to publish O’Brien’s every word.

    Oddly, they’ve published not a single syllable about him in recent weeks….

  4. He so hated himself he took it out on the rest of the world. He is guilty of much but so is the Church that formed him.

  5. O’Brien is typical of the self loathing hypocrites who’ll demonise others to divert attention from themselves , in a perfect world he’d have been elected Pope and only then would these revelations have emerged.

    1. You are so right, could you imagine? Lol
      I still hope this vile man has now made any future anti gay argument from the Catholic Church, completely invalid, they don’t have a leg to stand on more.. The tide of history is drowning out their pathetic views

    2. Call me a silly old conspiracy theorist … but do you think his – and the actions of the ‘victims’ – have been motivated DELIBERATELY to bring the church’s hypocritical stance on homosexuality into disrepute? Is it possible he was under orders to keep his mouth shut about his (alleged) sexuality but, coming up to retirement, has thought “OK. What have I to loose? Time to come out of the closet”?

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Mar 2013, 1:04pm

    I might have suspected this all along. O’Brien isn’t alone of course, there are many others. Revealing isn’t it that the hierarchy have remained silent.

    What about those closeted MPs, some of them married whom Iain Dale and Peter Tatchell referred to who voted against equal marriage on February 5th? Wasn’t Tatchell considering outing them? If not, why not? It’s long over due and richly deserved.

    1. That There Other David 21 Mar 2013, 1:14pm

      Peter Tatchell knows his outing of them will make the story about Peter Tatchell. He’s better off keeping out of it. The truth will find its way into the public domain without any effort on his part.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Mar 2013, 1:19pm

        Can’t be soon enough, David. It ought to happen before the third and final Commons reading and vote. Unless people are prepared to take that courageous step and out them, O’Brien would still be Cardinal and the public none the wiser.

  7. What a hypocrite, I bet they were also using condoms.

    1. Will they marry or will they have a civil partnership only?

      1. None, since “gay marriage is harmful to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and equal to slavery”, so I guess O’Brien and his partner are already married in some kind of BDSM marriage that only Catholic priests know.

    2. I don’t know, maybe they were trying to have babies (after all, as they say marriage is only about having and raising children together). Of course, there is that little problem about men not getting pregnant, but they are Catholic, if they can believe in a virgin mother giving birth maybe they can also believe that if they pray enough a man can give birth.

  8. A self-hating toxic evil nasty hypocrite who tried his best to whip up hatred against innocent people, all in the name of self promotion. Where are all his plastic little flag wavers now? I hope they throw this evil bastard in jail. And he’s not welcome back in Scotland, ever.

  9. What a self loathing AH! Pitiful.

  10. Well I thought a pope who was a member of the nazi party was a tough act to follow


    that is all

  12. What I find disturbing is the attitude of some RC’s who still hold him in high regard. I had a lengthy frustrating conversation on Twitter where every tactic was used to detract from the issue of O’Brien. Including deflecting to equal marriage and the bizarre statement of “what next legalize paedophelia”

    I have lost all respect after that, the demonizing of consenting homosexual couples who lead lives honestly, while dismissing abuse within their own church is obscene. Apparently in O’Briens case the sin can be forgiven, oh and it isn’t hypocrisy.

    I find it deeply troubling that abuse get’s dismissed in such a flippant way, from these conversations it’s clear they believe the real “sinners” here are the victims. Remember I am not talking secondhand information here, this was first hand conversation with two Roman Catholics. At the end of it all I was accused of being driven by hate and intolerance, go figure!

  13. 52 years since I went to Mass.

    Year 53 comin’ right up…


    1. Dave North 21 Mar 2013, 9:07pm

      More fool you……….

      1. Yeah, I would have been if I had stayed in the RCC and done what my novice – master/ priest told me to do, namely, leave the seminary and go to the doctor that he recommended and seek electro-therapy for my ‘disease’; my ‘homosexuality’.

        That priest is still around today, in his 80’s and still no doubt spewing his nonsense.

        Would you have done that, Mr. North.?
        Would you have gone and had live wires around your head and submitted to that treatment?
        If so, then I commend your martyr-like attitude.

        You must be one of the ‘few’ that are ‘chosen’
        I on the other hand must be one of the ‘many’ that were called….and not ‘chosen’

        You must be some guy.


  14. This is not gays giving the church a bad name – it’s the other way round

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Mar 2013, 5:49pm

    Has anyone noticed the absence of the religious nutter trolls here? I wonder why? I expected some of CI’s shills to be all over this like flies on shite defending him.

    1. God sends many trials to test us. This holy man has suffered for his sin and emerged cleansed in the sight of God. He has chosen the path of righteousness. You however will burn in hell. You and all the other gays. Just not him, because he’s not gay. Not really. It was a test you see. Like Job. You lot on the other hand were abominations from the word go, so you can’t now get cleansed. Not that you were born that way, because it’s a choice. But his wasn’t a choice, because Jesus. And you can’t not choose to…erm…ok so righteousness…and paths….something about a Lamb…someone probably died but maybe didn’t coz there was this boulder, right, and some women…and then a donkey. Oh wait the donkey was before that. Anyway, he is an inspiration to all of us who wear the holy dress of god and wear his heavenly bling and you denigrate him at your peril. *receives cash from Christian Institute*.

      1. Que?



  16. Well this story just makes him an even bigger hypocrite than I thought…..yet why the hell someone would want to be in a relationship with him considering his public opinion is completely beyond me!

  17. hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    it’s getting even better……
    looking forward to the rest… want to drop from my chair
    my belly is hurting…..

    1. I’m inclined to agree that the ex-Cardinal has done more to undermine the RC’s stance on homosexuality than any one of us……He’s the gift that keeps on giving……I’m just hoping that his boyfriend is a transexual and that they’ve secretly adopted a dozen beautiful kids and brought them up as atheists…This soap-opera could hardly get more absurd….

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