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Video: Colombian model claims that eating chicken injected with hormones turns boys gay

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Reader comments

  1. Silly bint! That is all!

  2. Garry Cassell 20 Mar 2013, 3:13pm

    Well, I think she really speaks for herself…Who else could say anything like this??? What is she a model for…not intelligence…stupid arse…the chicken would be far smarter…

  3. el pollo mas sabe que ella

    1. ¡Si claro!

  4. nixiotemba 20 Mar 2013, 3:52pm

    these are the satanic tactics by Chick-fil-A

    1. Really? Both things are things they would never admit to! Hormoned chicken ( which they sell) and it causing gays ( which they are against!!! My thought is ” If they want to get rid of gays, they should close up shop!!”

  5. I do try not to judge on outward appearances but, really, it would appear this ‘model’ is in need of a more wholesome diet herself. I don’t know whether her stupidity can be blamed on hormones (or the lack of them), but there must be some natural way of augmenting her intelligence.

    1. Yeah maybe if she stopped using bleach on the hair… LOL

  6. It must be true, we all know that supermodels are known for their vast superior intellect.
    Being deep thinkers and all.

  7. Christopher in Canada 20 Mar 2013, 4:39pm

    Umm, I was conceived and born in the early 1960’s…

  8. She must be right. She’s a model!

  9. Part of what she said is known to be true. I would love to see science research these statements. Lets get the facts instead of just supposed beliefs.

    1. Er, which part, exactly.

      1. PantoHorse 20 Mar 2013, 5:41pm

        Maybe the bit about people needing to be careful what they eat, lol

        1. No,it’s true, ingestion of hormones has been linked to untoward effects. Assuming they turn a person gay is, of course ridiculous. That would imply we can make lesbians straight with a tub of yogurt, lol.

  10. My manhood never deviates and like straight men I am very much in touch with it.

  11. I’ve known a lot of boys who have eaten chickens with lots of hormones …but they were already gay…..couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I read this piece – the stupid woman!

  12. Honey I was into penis many years before I was into chicken.

  13. Obviously I eat too much chicken cause I’ve always been gay – so chicken IS good for you – thanks chickens everywhere x

  14. Silly tart, it’s eating cock that makes you gay, not eating chicken!

    (Note to the bores on here: this is a stab at humour)

    1. (And a pretty good stab too.)

  15. I’m not quite sure where my transsexual lesbian friends would fit into this theory. Loads of female hormones, still very much into women.

  16. I must be one very femmine lesbian then……

  17. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 Mar 2013, 7:17pm

    Oh yes ! And if you eat a turkey injected with hormones—You become a super model without brains in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

  18. Hmm my cousin who is straight as a road eats crap loads of chicken for extra protein so he can bulk up and is still straight. This woman is a tool and she must be superstitious…!!!

  19. I read a long time ago that Mexican men were developing Man boobs because of the estrogens in chickens in Mexico but it didn’t report that they were swapping orientation.

  20. I wonder if she sent to the cinema lately and saw the film Side Effects?

    Interesting that she comes out with a comment like this when a film on that topic is released.

  21. Guys, I’m Colombian. Natalia
    Paris is exactly known for her intelligence (only for her boobs). She’s used in many silly memes on Facebook because she keeps saying dumb things like these.

  22. This woman has obviously never heard of this Mark Twain quote:

    “It is better to be silent and be thought an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”

    Why would anyone want to advertise how intelligence challenged they are?

  23. Perhaps we’re ALL gay …. and it’s religion which has turned us ‘straight’. Maybe that’s why religion has such a downer on gays. How can you make millions more little catholics (or whatever) when no-one is producing babies? Maybe the Israelites realised they needed more cannon fodder in order to become the most powerful tribe. Therefore, they outlawed anything which doesn’t result in procreation and claim it’s “god’s command”.

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