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US radio host suggests that because Hillary Clinton supports gay rights, she is a lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. The tortured logic of these religion-boggled idiots would be staggering – if their whole life didn’t revolve around believing in magic crap.

    By her same argument, when President Obama supported women’s rights via the Lily Ledbetter law, he did so because he is a woman?

    It doesn’t register in their absurdly dense skulls that normal and healthy humans are capable of empathising with others, rather than only being able to understand situations and issues as they directly relate to themselves.

    Failure of empathy is often seen as a little sociopathic, and certainly a sign of utter stupidity.

  2. What a nasty gossipy woman. Telling us “what we need to know”. Rather stupid as well, “I’ve heard”.

  3. She really is one, foul moron isn’t she?.
    Her head must be filled with hate and sewerage.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Mar 2013, 4:45pm

    So, by this harridan’s brilliant deduction in that pea-sized brain of hers, every politician who supports equal marriage must be gay then? You couldn’t make this stuff up even if you tried, Jesus Christ almighty!

  5. So the only explanation for someone who supports equality is that they are gay? After all why would you support equality if you aren’t a beneficiary of equality?

    Speaks volumes about this woman.

  6. They’re been calling Hillary a lesbian for years and claiming she had a relationship with her former body woman, the lovely Huma Abedin. It’s all very predictable.

  7. I never really get why women feel empowered to destroy another woman’s reputation with slander, I always think they are jealous but this woman’s obnoxious and ignorant remarks are almost comical, if it were not the actual offence caused.
    Someone slap her with a lawsuit!

  8. ….I think the lady doeth protest too much
    What a nasty creature!

  9. The fact that people such as Harvey Milk get assassinated and loathsome fools such as her don’t really pisses me off.

  10. Her bio says she lived in Germany for two years – I think that means she is probably a lesbian.
    She married her latest husband at 60 – post menopausal – so a sham marriage in the eyes of the Catholic Church as not for the production of children – so probably a lesbian than.

  11. So Hilary is lesbian because she supports gay rights?? Sandy Rios sounds like a school bully shouting “lesbian” at a female she doesn’t like. What age is she – in her 50s or 60s? Her mental age is about 12. Bigotry in a person indicates that they haven’t matured beyond their High School years, but she’s probably not intelligent enough to realise that.

    1. According to Wikipedia she was born in 1949 – same year as me as it ‘appens – so she really should have got a bit of common sense by now !!

      1. That makes her 64. If that photo of her is recent she must have had many facelifts. It’s a pity surgeons can’t lift her personality.

  12. She brings new meaning to the term ‘brainless blonde bimbo’!

    1. LOL
      Hers is a special brand of “brainlessness”, no?

  13. These people lead such interesting lives. All the conferences I’ve been to, no-one ever had “tents on lesbian love-making”.

    I’m also confused about the practicalities of these tents. Were they positioned on top of lesbians making love? Did the tents somehow assist in the love-making process? Are the tents themselves love-making lesbians?

    Generally with women in the hate industry I’m less likely to suspect closeting. But as soon as someone comes out with an anti-gay pronouncement resembling inferior erotic literature, one’s mind goes in a certain direction.

    Perhaps one day Ms Rios will find her way to the inside of a lesbian love-making tent, and so lose interest in what the rest of us are doing in ours.

  14. I don’t agree with this article’s headline giving this woman the very neutral, respectable title of “radio host”. She is nothing more than an ultra-conservative mouthpiece. Please don’t whitewash her extremism.

  15. This “BITCH” is out of control!

  16. Oh dear. A twisted degree of logic. That is as bad as saying that because you drink coffee, you support slavery… or because you wear cotton clothes made in Indonesia, you support child cruelty.

    HELLO you fricking Luddite! Get your brain examined dearie!

  17. Christopher Coleman 21 Mar 2013, 4:20am

    There’s American radio for you. Be grateful for the BBC.

  18. BARBIE! You can speak!!!
    Truly looking at the photo of Sandy Rios, I thought to myself, “I haven’t seen so much plastic since my last Tupperware party”!

    Don’t know about Sandy but I think this woman must have rocks in her head or perhaps quicksand for brains.

    So by her logic, any man who supports women’s rights… is a woman!

  19. Sandy Rios: “There have been rumors”…

    Isn’t it interesting that the people who talk about these rumors are the same who spread them in the first place?
    Sandy Rios is a nasty bigoted homophobe like everyone at the so called “American Family Association” which in reality would be more appropriately named the “American Gay Haters Association”.

  20. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2013, 11:54am


    Isn’t this like playground banter and bullying which puts into perspective the low IQ and mental age of Sandy Rios.

  21. This is the sort of evil homophobe people should be attacking instead of the troubled, mentally ill Michelle Shocked, who has already recanted and apologised anyway.

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