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US: Gay rights activists paint house opposite Westboro compound rainbow colours

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Reader comments

  1. What a brilliant idea! I have seen pictures of the house – painted in a rainbow of colours! Well done!

  2. Truly Genius Inspired.

  3. I truly hope this annoys the heck out of those weirdos. Absolutely fabulous idea plus to be used as a great cause,makes it all the better.

  4. Staircase2 20 Mar 2013, 3:13pm

    Fantastic idea
    Be good if we could have a photo of the actual house though

  5. Non-Profit Paints Rainbow House by Westboro Baptist Church VIDEO:

  6. We should not be poking the mental patients with sticks.

    Although, I now want to build one accross from Westboro Widdicombe’s compound.

    Ha, ha, ha,….

  7. Arson.
    That’s how I see where that’s leading.


  8. Hope the paint is flame-retardant…

  9. think proactively. ten independanty targetable re entry veichles each armed with an 800 kiloton thermo nuclear warheads from an SS-18 NATO designation ‘Satan’ intercontinental ballistic missile set for air burst detonation should do the trick!

  10. Haha! Stick that, WBC! What’s the betting they’ll file a court case claiming they are being persecuted!

  11. Christopher in Canada 21 Mar 2013, 12:20am

    Somebody tell Kermit the Frog that we’ve found the Rainbow Connection!!

  12. LOL, I think the troll of the year award should be handed to them. That’s a winner for sure.

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