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US: Arizona lawmaker introduces bill to prosecute trans people for using ‘wrong’ bathroom

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Reader comments

  1. Trans people need to start using public restrooms in Arizona en masse using the rooms matching their birth certs. That’ll soon get this bill quashed!

  2. Some people, like this ‘lawmaker’, really really don’t have enough to think about in their evidently empty lives.

  3. It shows how far ahead the UK Gender Recognition Act is of anything comparable in the US, in that ‘surgury’ is in no way part of the qualification specifications in this country.

  4. This is ridiculous beyond even the issue of transgenderism and LGBT rights. As I just searched Representative John Kavanagh is a Republican. What happened to the often repeated Republican principles of small government and not interfering with people’s personal lives ? They really think they need laws specifying what kind of toilet people must use and can’t use ? Does John Kavanagh really think transwomen in any level of physical change who still haven’t changed their gender legally make cisgender women feel offended, uncomfortable and unsafe ? And who is going to enforce it ? They are going to put an officer guarding each toilet in the whole territory of Arizona to enforce this law ? If people already don’t have the minimum decency and common sense to use the toilet that is compatible with them and that won’t make other toilet users offended, uncomfortable and unsafe like a cisgender man entering a female toilet just for the fun of it (as John says “not because they’re transgender,…

    1. but because they’re weird”) then a law won’t teach them that either. It makes as much sense as prohibiting gay men from entering male toilets. It’s just a public toilet for good’s sake !!

      Also as said before I can’t wait to see perfectly feminine-looking transwomen who still haven’t changed their gender legally for either reason being forced to enter into male toilets – oh boy, even more, I can’t even wait to see transwomen entering into male toilets and making cisgender men uncomfortable just for the fun of it, for the fun of ridicularizing this stupid law !! I know that would be the first thing I would do after I healed completely from my facial feminization surgery !! :-D :-D :-D

    2. I agree with you 100%. This is a typical republican tactic. They are clueless when it comes to the economy and jobs, so they invent disctractions like these so people don’t realize they aren’t dealing with real issues (economy and jobs).

  5. Jock S. Trap 21 Mar 2013, 11:58am

    This is nothing short of Bigoted Bullying encouraging other to bully. It’s disgusting!

  6. AZ is a nazi state! I feel sorry for the people who live in AZ. They don’t protest against this absurd law to congressman/ woman. It’s enough stupid immigration and gay laws in Az!

  7. The news sites calls it “Show Me Your Birth Gender Papers Before You Pee Bill”

    So true…

    What else does AZ do when they have time to spare hey?!

  8. The economy and jobs are off the agenda, but bigotry towards Gays and transgender people are back on the agenda!!!!!!

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