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Scottish Government responds to claims that same-sex marriage will lead to Star Wars inspired Jedi marriages

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Reader comments

  1. And so what if people *do* want to do that What stops people using any one of any number of secular locations and registry offices and having a Star Wars themed ceremony? Why the hell not?

    Typical bastard tyrants demanding everyone think like they do. Boring, small-minded fools.

    And let’s be honest, the only difference between belief in the Force and belief in God is antiquity and bloodshed.

    1. That’s only because light sabers instantly cauterize the wound….

  2. So, bizarre, unevidenced “belief” in fairytales is only okay if it is defined – and approved by the Wee Frees. How the hell do you define “belief”? It’s not real? It’s fiction? There’s no evidence?

    I say bring on the Jedi weddings. Much more fun that the miseries in the Western Isles at any rate …

    (That’ll be me cast into the fiery pit again …)

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Mar 2013, 5:50pm

    Proof that as equal marriage nears reality, acts of desperation increase. It doesn’t surprise me. I’m still waiting for someone to mention Armageddon, hell fire and brimstone. It’s just the same south of the border, in fact in every country where equal marriage has and is to be introduced. These god botherers need to be taught a lesson. They don’t own marriage, never have, never will. I’m sick of them injecting religion in what is purely a piece of civil secular legislation across the UK, nothing more. This is not something drafted by any cult so they need to keep their bloody noses out of things that are none of their business. How would they like a consultation or a referendum to ban religion? We’d be the first to be accused of meddling in religion.

    1. Remember that in Scotland it’s not just about introducing civil same sex marriage, but religious too. However, religions will have a default exemption and will need to opt in if they want to carry out same sex marriage ceremonies, so none of them who are against it have anything to worry about. These latest claims are pretty desperate!

      While I don’t have any problems with the idea of a belief category of marriage being introduced as well as civil and religious, I wonder what tests a belief system will need to meet to qualify being able to carry out ceremonies. Why do one set of beliefs hold more importance than another? And I’m a little bit wary of the government of the day being the ones to decide.

      It’s really quite funny that a christian church is deriding a fictitious belief system like this while expecting us all to respect their beliefs!

      1. That There Other David 20 Mar 2013, 10:38pm

        It’s exactly the same situation in England and Wales Bennie. The Westminster Parliament is also legislating to allow religions to opt-in and perform marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples.

        As for the Wee Free, well, if ever we needed proof that Christians can’t do irony ;-)

    2. Tim Chapman 21 Mar 2013, 8:23am

      For a dose of hell, fire and brimstone, see the rants of Rev Peter Simpson of the Penn Free Methodist Church

      and his letter in the Bucks Free Press

      Apparently, almost everyone but him is going to hell.

    3. Tim Chapman 21 Mar 2013, 8:43am

      For a dose of hell, fire and brimstone, see the rants of Rev Peter Simpson of the Penn Free Methodist Church

      and his letter in the Bucks Free Press

      Apparently, almost everyone but him is going to hell.

      If this post appears twice, it’s because I posted once and it disappeared.

      1. Tim Chapman 21 Mar 2013, 8:46am

        And here they both are. PN has some tweaking to do!

  4. These Free Church people are INSANE.

    1. May the Insanity and Intolerance be with them.

  5. I was very disappointed to see that the Equality Network (sorry, Tim – you’ve done an amazing job generally!) was in favour of this ghastly proposal to separate out “religious” and “belief” ceremonies.

    I raised the Jedi Knights in my consultation response, but only to make the point that it is invidious and offensive for government to attempt to determine what is a religious and a non-religious belief system, disregarding for a moment the fact that such a distinction is fundamentally meaningless. Where does Confucianism fall? Taoism?

    I fear this horrible idea will succeed, but I really hope it doesn’t as it sets a very unfortunate precedent for government to define what kind of beliefs count as “religion”.

    There should be a sensible, flexible system for licensing groups to conduct ceremonies. But it should be the same system for the humanists, the Jedi Knights and the Free Church of Scotland.

    1. Equality Network 21 Mar 2013, 8:55am

      Thanks! The Humanist Society Scotland is currently the only belief organisation approved to conduct marriages, and they now conduct more than any religious body except the Church of Scotland. They don’t want their marriages to continue to be classified in law as “religious”, as they currently are. That’s why we’re in favour of allowing them to be classified as “belief” instead.

      But you raise a good point – where is the boundary between “religious” and (non-religious) “belief”? An alternative option would be for the law to simply change religious marriage in name as well as in fact, so that it becomes “religious or belief” marriage, along the lines you suggest. We would expect that the Scottish Govt will consider that alternative in response to the consultation feedback they’ve had.

  6. There is nothing currently stopping two heterosexuals having a Jedi marriage. I don’t understand how gay people would be more likely to exercise this right should equal marriage become law.

    Why exactly does it matter if people want a Jedi marriage? (I do not believe I just typed that. This is what this man’s idiocy is reducing me to)

  7. And the problem of two people of the Jedi faith getting married is….????

    Im sorry but Christianity and all the rest of them are not in a position to say their beliefs are more real or important over Jedi beliefs… and for what reason? One was invented much longer ago than the other?

    1. The Jedi faith is clearly true, we have video evidence of it :P

  8. Any half brain idiot knows that jedi’s cannot fall in love and cannot marry so any ‘jedi’s’ out there will not marry a fellow jedi.

    1. Unless they decide to abandon Jediism and join the sacred religion of Sithism. As long there is love in the Dark Side anything is possible.

  9. A Jedi wedding should be as valid as a christian or muslim or jewish wedding, so long as the civil register is signed,

    And if a couple want to hold their wedding dressed as Jedi knights or Klingons then there is no reason why they should not do so, If they sign the civil register then their marriage is as legal as a christian wedding

    Weddings are only legal if they are also civil weddings.

  10. The Bigotry is strong with these ones.

    1. I was going to say the Farce is strong with these ones:)

  11. This whole feature (and the comments) made me laugh out loud. Can the arguements against equal marriage get any more silly and desperate? Let’s see…

    1. More silly and desperate ? Yes, if they mention the new trilogy. :-D

  12. Except technically, “Jedi” is an order… and “Jedi Knights” and those being raised to become so (those who are in the order) are NOT free to marry. So there is no such thing as “Jedi marriage”.

    There are no “Jedi priests” and “Jedi followers”. Jeeze, if you’re going to invoke Star Wars, at least get it right!

    (yes the above is all nerd rage facetiousness)

  13. On the other hand 21 Mar 2013, 1:03am

    Classic straw man argument. Invent a ridiculous scenario then knock it down.

  14. They have gone from groveling for ideas in the garbage bin to digging out the poo in the sewers

    People like this shoud be sent to a mental hostial before they fnd out the bible supports mass murder

  15. Not sure I would like to be married by someone holding his lightsaber lol. Just think of the wedding photos.

  16. Why would a Jedi marriage be any more ridiculous or based on shared fantasy imaginings, than a Free Church of Scotland marriage?

  17. jedi marriage sounds awesome, I wouldn’t trade my civil partnership for a marriage but for a jedi marriage hell yeah.

  18. GingerlyColors 21 Mar 2013, 12:53pm

    Get married on 4th of May.
    May the Fourth be with you!

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