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Final push for Scotland’s equal marriage consultation ahead of 5pm deadline

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Reader comments

  1. Amazing how the law makers and politicians still want to ‘reassure’ the religious that they won’t have to do anything they won’t have to.

    Isn’t about time the consultation was now about whether or not these hateful religions should actually be allowed to practice?

    Surely it’s time, given the Catholic Church’s wordwide abuse of both children and adults that they were finally closed down.

    Why are these organisations given such special assurances?

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Mar 2013, 11:20am

    No matter how many assurance the hate-mongering religious cults receive, it still won’t be good enough. South of the border, the quadruple lock isn’t even enough for Tory MPs in opposition.

    Even if the consultation yields more signatories opposed, the Scottish government should and must proceed by legislating equal marriage into law. A lot of those opposing who participated in the consultation I suspect have used similar tactics to embellish the numbers as they did in the England and Wales consultation by using several different aliases per signatory and bogus addresses.

    Is there any transparency as to who actually funded these hate campaigns and the sources of the income provided? I think it should be mandatory, full disclosure.

  3. If you’re a tweeter include #EqualMarriage #lgbt @lgbtscotland @equalmarriage #c4em if you can.

    The web address to submit your support is;

    You don’t need to live in Scotland to do so, and lots of opponents will be making submissions, …. so ever single one counts.

    It’s real easy and takes only 1 minute.

  4. The article says that all Scottish cabinet ministers have signed the Equal Marriage Pledge. This is not true since Ministers such as Roseanna Cunningham, Fergus Ewing, Michael Matheson and Alisdair Allan haven’t signed it – in fact, Alisdair Allan has stated his opposition to equal marriage. The others all have previous in opposing gay equality.

    It’s clear that the term “Scottish cabinet” refers to all Cabinet Secretaries and junior ministers within the Scottish government.

    “”The Cabinet consists of the First Minister, and other Scottish Ministers appointed under the terms of the Scotland Act 1998. Read more about the Cabinet and Ministers of the Scottish Government.”

    1. Equality Network 20 Mar 2013, 1:31pm

      Hi Bennie, that web page is rather confusing, but other Scottish Govt pages indicate that Cabinet itself consists of the First Minister and the Cabinet Secretaries, and not the junior ministers. That would be consistent with other practice, eg at Westminister. Our reference to Cabinet Ministers is based on that definition.

      See for example this press release from 5th Sept 2012 “Cabinet changes announced”, which says “There will be a Cabinet of eight members; the First Minister and seven Cabinet Secretaries.”

      1. Yes, after I left my original comment, I did a wee bit more research on the Scottish government website and did come to the same conclusion!

        I’m always happy to admit when I’m wrong! In my defence, I agree wholeheartedly with you that the Scottish government webpage is a wee bit confusing on the matter!

        It’s good that all the Cabinet support it, but I’m still disappointed that the 4 junior ministers I mentioned earlier haven’t supported it, and one has oppposed it.

        Do you know if collective cabinet responsibility applies to equal marriage? I do know that it applies to junior ministers, and any minister who doesn’t agree is expected to resign, but they may get around this by saying it’s a free vote. If it does apply, then Roseanna Cunningham cannot stay in government given she has refuse to deal with it despite being the minister responsible. Surely she is breaking the ministerial code?

        1. If you look at parts 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 of this webpage, it clearly states that collective cabinet responsibilty applies to junior ministers and they should resign if they publicly oppose a government decision, and it clearly lays out the exceptions to collective cabinet responsibility – a free vote is not mentioned.

          So certainly Alisdair Allan has to resign given he’s publicy opposed equal marriage and possibly Roseanna Cunningham too because she refused to deal with it, which is opposing it too, in a way.

          1. Oops! Just noticed I forgot to include the link in my previous comment!


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