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Video: Former US Senator urges Americans to oppose equal marriage for the ‘health’ of the US

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Reader comments

  1. Marriage is so important and so vital to the health of the nation for this nutjob that he wants to make sure a significant section of American society can’t access it.

    Great thinking!

    Is mildly amusing that on this side of the pond the Conservative government’s case is that if marriage is good for people, which research suggests it is, then as many people as possible should have access to it and be encouraged to get married.

  2. Desperate bigot sounds desperate.

  3. What a misogynistic little Prick. Bigot extrodinare.

  4. His name sounds like Creme de Menthe.

    1. Jen Marcus 19 Mar 2013, 1:09pm

      More like “Creme Demented!”

  5. So, who’s fault is it that the unwed, child bearing rate has sky rocketed? It is certainly not the fault of the LGBT community.

    Marriage is about love and commitment of the two who will be getting married. If those two then decide to have children, then that is an added bonus. I’ve said it before and I have said it again, marriage is not and never was purely for procreation and the sooner these kinds of idiots remember this, the better it will be.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Mar 2013, 11:30am

    He’s no different than the likes of Loughton and Burrowes and all that gang of homophobic hate mongers opposed to equal marriage in the UK. Same script.

  7. Lying christo-fascist dimwit. The earliest forms of marriage are defined by codified law that makes no mention of any degree of divine entity – and if they did, they belonged to long extinct dead religion.

    And on Youtube? Wow. Not at the RNC? In which a meeting that was pro-LGBT marriage was standing room only and the NOM bluster had tumbleweeds? Tipping point has been reached and those with an ounce of political acumen know which side they should be placing themselves on.

    Which rules out Jim DeMint, to be honest.

  8. Is this nut-job saying that marriage has to be preserved in its present form because of ‘tradition’? If so, then why don’t we bring back other ‘traditions’ like slavery and witch-burning – both of which are condoned in the bible? Personally, far from bringing the vast mnajority of rational people round to their way of thinking, these religio-fascists are increasingly looking like escaped mental patients. Keep up the good work, boys :)

  9. Jim DeMint is a self-hating closeted homosexual!

    1. I certainly hope he’s not guy, nor the rest of them either! They make themselves look bad. We don’t need them making US look bad, too! Besides, I sure as all hell wouldn’t want to touch them…except maybe with a big, heavy iron bar…to the sides of their heads!

      1. Ooops! I meant “gay” in that first line. Damned chubby, uncaffeinated fingers! *chkl*!

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