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John McCain’s daughter: ‘Being a Republican who supports gay marriage is a b*tch’

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Reader comments

  1. How do you say “b*tch”? Is it like “bitch”?

    You know, if we can handle strong subjects like homosexuality and catholicism, we don’t need to be spared the odd strong word.

  2. I like Meghan McCain she has in the past been on american shows to preach equality. And during her dad’s run for president she was told by her parents and Republican party to close her mouth on her liberals views on repealing D.O.M.A , equal rights, equal marriage and legalizing weed. She is a very progressive republican maybe the republican party can learn a thing or two from her.

  3. I don’t know anything about Meghan McCain but I feel sorry for her having a father like that. She is brave in being proactively pro-equality when her father’s views are the opposite. May she continue to be a thorn in her father’s side!

  4. It says something when even the bigots’ own children disagree- but I expect that’s down to the ‘liberal homosexual agenda’ or something. Speaking of which, how can I join said agenda? I haven’t yet found evidence or contact groups to prove it exists…

    1. Don’t worry Ron, you’re enrolled. They sign you up secretly without your knowledge or consent.

      It’s a bit like all those people who are signed up as Catholics as children who despite not having anything to do with them since baptism are firmly on the Vatican’s books.

      1. Oh dear! I’m in the naughty corner for trying humour in the threads! Who are you, you po-faced activists who can’t take a joke? Come out and identify yourselves!

        (Btw – this is humour too)

  5. It is always difficult to stand up for the right side of an issue.When all around you are willing to throw you under the bus. Only things worth while are worth fighting for.

  6. A brave young woman whose wretchedly reactionary party does not deserve her. The GOP can’t even see that without the likes of her it is heading for well-deserved oblivion.

  7. What a dreadful ‘article’.

    Yet again (and this is becoming ever more common on this blog) the headline really has very little relevance to the article.

    Perhaps Pink News needs to hire better writers or at least an editor, to prevent meaningless drivel like this being published.

  8. She needs to keep up the pressure on her father and all the other old dinosaurs in the republican party.

    It is people like her who will be the future of the party. Perhaps, when she is in even more of position of making change, the party will look back on and say “what were we thinking” but that is a very long way off.

    Good luck to you Meghan and all those who are with you.

  9. I respect John McCain for his military service to our country and being held as a prisoner of war for years. However, as many with his religious background change is difficult and it will be their undoing. It is time for them to join the modern times and do away with all the bigotry and hatred. As far as his daughter she is a real gem and it must be fun around their house on holidays.

  10. She is on Fox news, supporting most of their garbage.

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