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US Columnist: Obama is waging war on Catholicism with equal marriage ‘Trojan Horse’

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Mar 2013, 5:51pm

    Hmm, the purpose of marriage isn’t one of cohabitation or romantic commitment? So in his distorted view, marriage exists only for breeding and nothing else? Love doesn’t count. Actually, it’s not so far removed from some of those bigoted Tory MPs in opposition and their religious nutter followers.

    1. Teh washing ton times is a right wing extremist paper run by Rev Moon, a pentacostal

      Its well known in eg Puerto Rico, Jamaica and other island nations of the carribean that pentacostals are behind the spate of hate murder crimes of gays and trans people

      which also include the chopping up of the victims bodies and sometimes the burning of their remains

  2. If only.

    I’d love some political leader to have the bottle to tell these moronic religions where to go.

  3. Any attempt to destroy the Roman Catholic Church, a cult which is the working of evil in the world, is to be warmly welcomed. Let us hope its destruction will be achieved.

    1. If there was a god, the vatican would long ago have fallen into the lake of fire of the now dormant volcano upon which it sits. The fault line is 50-100 miles to the east.

  4. Scott Rose 18 Mar 2013, 6:17pm

    The thing to do with The Catholic Church is; indict, bankrupt, dissolve. As regards human sexuality, the Catholic Catechism is a crock of shit. It calls masturbation “an inherently and gravely disordered act.” There is not a single competent psychologist who would agree with that. Attempting to make people feel guilty for masturbating is the height of idiocy. I suppose if somebody wanted to follow that belief for themselves, that would be their business. But for a Church that says that, to relentlessly attack gay people — the Church simply is coming from a place of profound ignorance. Now when will the Vatican acknowledge it’s complicity in demonizing WWII-era homosexuals and getting them deported to concentration camps?

    1. GulliverUK 18 Mar 2013, 7:10pm

      But you say the story today … Catholic parents disgusted by letter sent from parish priest containing provocative questions in unsealed envelope

      “Made for an interesting conversation, where my kids were asking what abortion and masturbation were — since it came in an unsealed envelope addressed to no one, and they read it,” the parent said in an email. “Hardly appropriate material for a kindergarten to grade 8 school.”

      1. Lol…I love the Law of Unintended Consequences…….that letter might be the only useful thing those kids get out of their priest….

  5. The Church need s to stay out of the business of the State. We don`t want it and we don`t need it. Fix your own house before you come anywhere near me and my family spouting your hate and bigotry. Your Pope is no savior to me or anyone else. You don`t need Obama to help you commit suicide your doing quite fine on your own. We don`t have time to go around fixing your problems too. You made your bed now go lie in it. No one cares what you and your leader and your magical fairies do anymore. Your irrelevant. It `s a case of mind over matter .we don`t mind and you don`t matter. Take yourself and the rest of your looney troupe and go off and bother someone else. Ever see the movie Merlin starring Sam Shepard in the end everyone just Ignores Queen Mab because she is no longer relevant, just like you and your silly Pope.

  6. I think it is a good time to put forth the notion to reform the house of lords.To start by removing every self appointed Religious nut in the house.«anglican bishpos for the most part. What do you think.

  7. Want to see some real change Start a petition on to remove the Anglican bishops fom the House of Lords in Britain

    1. I would remove representatives from all faiths in the house of lords. in my view they contribute little and have way to much to say about how we live our lives.

  8. If that’s what the catholic church stands for then it’s high time someone started attacking it.

    If only Barack Obama really were the fearless crusader for secularism and against religious bigotry that he is made out to be…

    1. GulliverUK 18 Mar 2013, 6:48pm

      Oddly Obama talks more in line with the vast majority of Catholics in the US than any of the Catholic leaders or the Pope (past and present).

  9. GulliverUK 18 Mar 2013, 6:46pm

    Catholics can do as they please, in their churches, within the law — no stoning, etc., but in the public space they have to ‘work’ with everyone else, with the agreed rules that society makes.

    And you know what — most Catholic do that without a single problem. Most support the use of contraception, and are in favor of equal rights and equal marriage. Most US Catholics are liberals, living within an exceptionally extremist right-wing Church. There are groups of Catholics for Marriage Equality too.

    I’m not quite sure where Catholic teaching ‘thinks’ the Bible is against abortion or contraception. It seem to another of their invented cult practices. Other Christian groups reading from the same texts don’t agree with them.

    1. An interesting article here ( suggests that the Catholic Church was on the right (i.e. liberal) track with Vatican II, but that this was illegitimately corrupted and subverted by the last two Popes (J-P2 & Benedict), who were jointly responsible for the appointment of all of the current Cardinals and, of course, the new Pope. The widening reality-gap between the Catholic hierarchy and ordinary Catholics might mean there is sufficient support at grass-roots level for a rapid shift towards decency and common-sense once the current Church collapses under the weight of its own corruption. So one might hope, anyway….

  10. It appears he and his wife – another Republican motor mouth – have no children. So by his own description of marriage his union is sham

    Nothing like promoting the family business of selling hate as much as you can while you can

    Sure hope his entire family is proud of their so called stand for Catholic Church and Republicans.

    Can’t believe this guy was brought up in Canada.

    This is no way to make money – selling hate against fellow human brings. Shame on him and his wife.

    1. he needs to remember you never know what your Republican pay masters see when they look at you. He needs to remember his not too distant past – entire family fleeing persecution.

  11. This US columnist is paranoid. His rant verges on being mentally deranged.

  12. I got about half wat through the article before my IQ dropped into negative numbers :(

  13. Consider me an enemy of your church, and not for my sexuality.
    Any institution that thinks it can dictate to me how I live my live, divinely or otherwise, is my enemy, one I will not tolerate, or ever submit to.
    Your religious rights end where my civil rights begin.
    End of.

  14. And of course the Unification Church (or Moonies) has never divided or broken up families because of its cult isolation of members from the outside world? They own the Washington Times.

    1. GulliverUK 18 Mar 2013, 8:57pm

      “They own the Washington Times.”

      I had absolutely no idea. Moonies oppose homosexuality but yet the Washington Times has appeared fairly balanced in most of its reporting. You do always get some extremists in most papers – we all know a few so-called journalists in certain papers who are rabidly homophobic, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic etc. and let it all out in print.

  15. I have never heard of the Washington Times, the Washington Post yes. Is this another Murdoch scandal sheet? The guys intellect is clearly defective enough for a Murdoch publication.

    With all the news coming from the anti brigade these days there seems to be a definite sense of desperation. We here the same tired old rhetoric day after day. and they are loosing ground day after day as their arguments are shown to be nothing more than hate filled repugnant rubbish.

    Let them have their say. They make the case for US every time they open their hate filled mouths.

  16. Give it up bigot, the Pope wasn’t able to prevent same-sex marriage from being approved in his own South American country, let alone you there in United States. And I am not even going to comment on your old tired weak arguments of purpose of marriage and procreation, they are not worth it.

  17. I love these characters. Every rant they come out with undermines the RC church even further.

  18. equalmarriageforall 19 Mar 2013, 11:15am

    the man who wrote that stuff is obviously an idiot who doesnt know a damn “NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE ANY MORE” mean just look at all the scandals in the vatican and churches you moron go out and learn real facts instead of keeping your nose in a hand written book that was made by people

  19. Well it seems as good an organisation to be at war with as any other!

    1. Religion and War do go hand in hand don’t they. Death and destruction. what a lovely thing to be part of, no wonder people are leaving them in droves.

  20. Smashing families!!! I am part of a loving family. Don’t project your issues onto me, thank you very much.

    As with all the other wild claims, proof please.

  21. Live and let live! 8 Apr 2013, 5:51pm

    THE POPE DOES NOT RUN MY COUNTRY. The president does!! I am not Catholic and I believe Ciaphas had a lot to say about a certain person 2000 years ago. Yeah, killed by the church . . .

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