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Rocky Horrow Show writer Richard O’Brien: ‘I’m 70% male, 30% female’

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Reader comments

  1. Richard O’Brien is such a legend… that’s all I have to say on the matter!

    1. Crystal Maze. That is all.

  2. Let’s do the Sex Warp Daaaance !!! :-D

    Transgender people of all kinds of sexualities and gender identities (like bigenders, no-genders, the Two-Spirits of the Native Americans and other examples of third gender) are welcome to our community, Richard. I myself am a bisexual transwoman, a 100% female on mind and currently around 80% male and 20% female on body, wishing to turn the last percentage to 100%. I wished that the human being was monoecious (biologically hermaphrodite) like the androgynous people from Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness. It would be heaven.

    1. Helge V. Tiller 19 Mar 2013, 9:59pm

      Love Your comment !

  3. Richard O’ Brien for Prime Minister, that’s what I say!

    1. And Tim Curry, dressed as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, for King !!! I mean, for Queen !!

      1. And just think, how much fun those Royal and state occasions will become…!
        I mean, no need to worry about dressing formally…!
        A nice pair of white under pants will do nicely for any situation!

        1. I was thinking more of black garter belts. I love the look of garter belts, one day I still find and buy one pair for me.

          1. I agree… I like the look of those, black garter belts as well (also known as suspender belts in Australia) I’m not sure where you’re from but I think that it wouldn’t be too hard to find a black garter belt, these days…?

            I remember it was over 30 years ago that I first saw, “The Rocky Horror Show”… trying to put together an outfit was a lot more difficult as it wasn’t common for guys to be buying, garter belts and fishnet stockings!

  4. Now children let that be a lesion to you! This is what happens when you, spend your time in a dilapidated old mansion, in the company of men and woman, who run around wearing… corsets, fishnet stockings and extremely high heel shoes…!!!

    As, Ace said, “Richard O’Brien is such a legend…”

    It’s great to see that he’s happy with who he is and who he has become! It would be great if more people could accept others, as they are and not what they think they should be…!

    All I can add to that is… Lets do the time warp again…!

    1. You know, Rocky Horror Show always remind me of Columbia as played by Little Nell. I always wanted to be her, she and her costume were the hottest there.

      1. Just as a point of interest… Little Nell was actually born in Australia.

      2. Me too. If I couldn’t be Frank, I wanted to be Columbia

  5. I love Richard. It’s great to have a geniune non-binary role model who is so recognised. I’m of the opinion that gender is someone’s own personal identity and is made up of lots of different things, not just the physical side of it. It’s certainly not black and white, anyway.

  6. Christopher in Canada 19 Mar 2013, 12:15pm

    This whole gender thing is a limiting trap, especially to the entrenched str8 world. That’s why I love being gay – I’m 100% male and enjoy ALL of my given anatomy. That’s why I don’t understand this whole “top/bottom” crap in the gay world – why does it exist? If you have the plumbing for anything, why do so many choose to limit their potential for expression???

    1. personal choice :)

    2. Because they prefer 1 over the other?

      1. Lion in Winter 19 Mar 2013, 5:56pm

        Ahh, but if I say to you that I am a bottom, that means you have to be a top if you want to be with me, and ONLY a top if you want to be with me… and in my saying so I am now limiting YOU. So, who’s the real top? Who wants to be limited by someone else?

  7. Richard has always been a singular and very appealing human being. I remember writing to him as a teenager, pouring out random thoughts as you do at that age, and he took the time to write back in some depth; by hand, too, not typed. I have the letter to this day. Doesn’t matter to me if he’s male, female, both, neither or anything else. He’s still the same kind and charming person.

  8. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Mar 2013, 10:07pm

    Aren’t we all somewhere in between- taking all aspects of these facts!! into account ? A certain percentage of this- a certain percentage of that, and so on—

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