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New Jersey Senate panel considers anti-gay conversion therapy bill

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Reader comments

  1. “However, the conservative New Jersey Family Policy Council says a ban would interfere with parents’ rights.”

    That would be hilarious if young people were not killing themselves as a result of homophobia.
    These “family” groups go on at length about how they are all for the rights of children, especially when it comes to marriage and other things adults do.
    But when it comes to the rights of children, and the things that children do, they go on about parent’s rights.

    There is just no pleasing some people.
    That, or they are deliberately finding reasons not to be pleased.

    1. I am no expert on American affairs but Chris Christie did veto marriage equality so I don’t think this will pass either

  2. Why are all of these religious radicals angry at me for eating a doughnut when they are the ones on a diet? I still can’t make the connection other than the pure evil of power and control.

    But, welcome to America, where we believe it is a constitutional right to tell everyone else what to do; one child bullying another in a school is against the law, but a room full of Congressmen bullying millions (billions?) of defenseless people simultaneously is seen as ok.

    1. By the way, for 20 years I thought “anti-gay conversion therapy” was replacing the antique furniture and paintings with IKEA shelves and refrigerator magnets.

    2. I see no problem with gay conversion as long as there are straight conversions for the effeminate anti-social nerdy types that should be gay but still think they are straight. Straight-to-gay conversion should also be mandatory for married men cheating with boys on the side, never-married men over 40, athletes and coaches that slap other men on the ass, any man buying lube in a pump dispenser, straight men that go to gay bars “just for the good drinks and music”, and most antique dealers with unusually large collections of Michelangelo’s “David” reproductions.

  3. Ban conversion therapy full stop!. A complete ban is the only way to protect LGBT people from this very cruel, dangerous, unjust, unnatural practice.

  4. Not only should conversion therapy be banned, but publicly endorsing or promoting such therapy should be a criminal offence.

    A few years ago a vicious homophobic attack in Northern Ireland was discussed on a radio programme the following morning. On being interviewed to give her reaction, Iris Robinson, then an MP, said that she could recommend to gay people a “very good psychiatrist” who claimed to be able to convert gay people.

    I’d like to see such ‘recommendations’ for anti-gay conversion therapy being included under hate-speech laws.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Mar 2013, 12:14pm

      Totally agree. Since the British Psychological Association condemn’s conversion therapy, I don’t understand why it doesn’t take a more pro-active role and urges government to ban it altogether. The American Psychological Association as long ago as 1973 struck down ‘homosexuality’ as a mental illness and strongly condemns ex-gay ministries.

      I’m not so sure Governor Christie would sign a bill outlawing it to appease the religious nutters. He vetoed equal marriage after it passed in the state legislature.

  5. The promoters of this so called repairative therapy always tout success numbers in the tens of thousands. Thousands here and thousands there from different repair centers across the land. So where are the ex-gay pride parades? Goggling “ex-gay pride parades” and I came up with nothing to that specific topic. The occasional examples they tout as successes are pretty much ones that are in reality bisexual to one degree or another.

  6. Consider? Consider what?? You can CLEARLY see what sort of damage these institutions are doing to the minds and psychological state of not only children under 18 years, but also adults. It’s dangerous and causes harm to the human mind. These institutions are like a disease that eats you up inside. These governments should ban and destroy ALL ex gay therapy groups. There is no such thing as “making the choice to change sexualities” because no matter what they do, they won’t change! Also no adult should have to seek ex gay therapies because they aren’t happy about their sexuality. Acceptance should be praised not doubted. I wish governments would smarten up and see that there is no need for any “bills” or “considerations/investigations” for these sorts of issues…

  7. “Gay conversion” is as ludicrous and hideous as a racial conversion therapy would be – we are born gay, we are born the colour we are. If surgery or chemical treatment was being offered to turn black faces white to reduce the black population there would be an outcry. No difference.

  8. Under 18, it should be a blanket ban at any age.

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