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Channel 4 News complaint made by gay ‘cure’ Christian therapist Lesley Pilkington rejected by Ofcom

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  1. “may well cause significant harm” ??
    It DOES cause significant harm.

  2. alan abker 18 Mar 2013, 3:34pm

    This is the equivilent of a coloured person being told that they can become white through ‘christian’ counselling. Utter and complete nonsense practised by confidence tricksters.

  3. The complaint wasn’t just rejected, it was rejected on every single point of her claim. ‘Completely trounced’ might be a better description.

  4. deluded woman can’t decide whether she wants to be voodoo witch or psychtherapist

  5. Mumbo Jumbo 18 Mar 2013, 7:39pm

    You’re so not the victim here, love.

  6. Can people be converted away from being vile, religiously-inspired bigots? Personally, I think being a bigot is a choice. However, in her defence, she was probably abused, mentally, by parents who took her, against her will, to a church before she was old enough to make an informed choice. That sort of mental abuse can take YEARS of professional help to undo. Maybe she needs some conversion therapy … to become a kind, loving, rational human being ….?

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