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Australia: Liberal MP predicts Coalition will ‘evolve’ to support marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. Australia, while a lovely country, is still sadly lacking in equality for its LGBT citizens.

    There is a long battle ahead for the politicians who are in favour of same sex marriage!

  2. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 18 Mar 2013, 12:25pm

    Same sex marriage will be legal in Australia in 2050 – when Texas, Okahoma, Utah and Mississippi allow it too!

    Australia and Texas are the same – the only difference is Texas has the death penalty, while Australia does not!

  3. I don’t think Australia will have equality at any point in the near future.

    This moron O’Dwyer doesn’t seem able to tell us when her poisonously bigotted party will evolve.

  4. Lion in Winter 18 Mar 2013, 5:05pm

    Australia needs to decide which faction of the modern Commonwealth it will side with: the liberal, progressive nations, or the tyrannical, tribal ones that still see rape and oppression as mere political tools.

  5. What a funny and amusing little story that was…

    So Ms Kelly O’Dwyer, predicts that the Liberal coalition will, “evolve” to support marriage equality…!

    I just wonder in which century is this going to happen? I think perhaps she might be suffering from a minor case of amnesia… I think the silly woman, forgot that, Tony Abbott is the current Liberal leader.

    For those who live outside, Australia… Tony Abbott is a misogynist and a homophobe. Mr Abbott once mentioned something along the lines of… “gay people make me nervous” or some such thing. Mr Abbott also suffers from chronic Catholicism and was once thinking about becoming a priest! With a background like that, I’m sure the current pope and Mr Abbott have much in common… too much in common…!!!

    So it seems to me that, Ms Kelly O’Dwyer’s crystal ball must be able to see far, faraway into the future…!

    As far as I know, no… Liberal party has done anything for the LGBT citizens in Australia!

    1. I wonder if perhaps the Liberal party isn’t as confident as it makes out to be…?
      The Liberal party is set to win the upcoming federal elections… maybe they might be afraid of a, LGBT backlash?

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