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Anti-gay Islamic preacher Khalid Yasin prevented from attending University of East London event

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Reader comments

  1. Liam the God 18 Mar 2013, 5:24pm

    Anyone else spotting a pattern with these University Islamic Societies? Or is it just me? If it was only one or two bigoted nutters you could say “That’s not representative!”, but this is beginning to look like a trend!

    1. Shane Murphy 18 Mar 2013, 5:56pm

      There is a trend because Religion lends itself towards intolerance. Islam is just an example that is able to grow to extreme proportions due to the backwardness of many of its followers philosophical education.

      1. ” the backwardness of many of its followers philosophical education.”

        The muslims at British universities are every bit as fundamentalist as the muslims who don’t go to university. In fact, they are 3x more fundamentalist than their grandparents who came here. The problem is not that these fundamentalists are uneducated. Go to one of the talks IMAAN gives in a university, and you will see the fundamentalists make mincemeat out of the “moderates”.

        The problem is islam. There is no way around this. And the problem for Britain is that our media, politicians and even Peter Tatchell keep telling us there is a fantasy moderate version of islam.

        1. Liam the God 20 Mar 2013, 12:00am

          Can I SLIGHTLY amend that statement: the problem is RELIGION! Granted the xtians aren’t asking for us to be thrown from mountaintops, but they DID burn plenty of people for believing in the “Wrong” kind of god 500 odd years ago. ALL Religion is like this! Islam is just the most vocal about it.

          1. “ALL Religion is like this! Islam is just the most vocal about it.” Really? Buddhism too? 5000 buddhists have been slaughtered by musilm terrorists in southern Thailand in the last 10 years.

            Did christianity set out from Jerusalem with an army and conquer north Africa, Spain, the middle East, Persia, Afghanistan, India?

            I’m no great fan of christianity, but you saying that it is the same as islam is nonsense. And one thing that everyone is ignoring is that christianity was transformed by islam. Pope Urban had to create a christian army after the christian world endured 300 years of jihad. There were 542 muslim Crusades; there were 9 christian Crusades in response.

          2. What about Christianity in the Americas, Joe? Do you think the present-day Latin American nations are Catholic because the locals were converted by the gentle-Jesus-meek-and-mild teachings?

            And do you think the Portuguese who invaded various Asian and African territories were gentle and tolerant? I can assure they most certainly weren’t, and in many places – Sri Lanka is one example I know of – forced conversion following the destruction and plundering of existing religious sites was absolutely standard.

          3. “What about Christianity in the Americas, Joe?”

            It’s a good point Rehan. But what you are failing to understand, is that you are talking about POST-ISLAMIC Spain and Portugal. Spain went off exploring westwards to GET AWAY from islam. It had taken them 700 years to kick the murderous muslim apartheid system out of Spain. They had no confidence they could keep the islamic world at bay forever; they feared the next invasion of their land would come from the Ottoman empire. It was an escape route.

            Muslims like to tell us of all the different POSITIVE things that islam did for Europe. What about all the NEGATIVE things? Slavery was re-introduced in europe after it had been outlawed by the Church. It was reintroduced in Portugal. They saw how much it benefited islam, and knew that to survive, they would have to stoop down to the level of islam.

            Gay people in Britain are now issuing death theats. We learned from islam. Evil corrupts.

    2. GulliverUK 18 Mar 2013, 6:14pm

      Yes, Liam, I have. We keep hearing about all the fcuked up ones. I’m sure there are lots of really good ones out there … at least I’d like to be reassured there are.

      Perhaps none of these religious societies should be able to meet without an adult atheist present to make sure they behave on tax-payer funded property. Now you know that’s knee-jerk and a totally outrageous suggestion, a complete invasion of privacy and treating them like children. But what, exactly, else is to be done. This stuff is turning up every week.

      Perhaps Baroness Warsi’s department of faith has some answers ? Otherwise, let sort it out.

      1. @Gulliver “religious societies”. I think the word you are looking for is “cult”.

        Inconsistent once again…I am beginning to notice a trend here Gulliver.

      2. GulliverUK is naive, don’t be too hard on him.

        Baroness Warsi shares a flat with a man who was in Hizb ut Tahrir in the mid90s. Hizb ut Tahrir make the BNP look like the LibDems. HuT want a dictatorship, where non-muslims are 3rd class citizens, and where gay people will be executed. This man was a hardline fundamentalist in the 90s.

        Quilliam is made up of many exHutters. There are people in that organisation who were convicted of terrorism, and who also advocated our murder.

        Don’t you get it? The institutions in Britain are so infiltrated that it is too late. In 2010 Warsi was going round telling musilms not to join EDL. She wants to keep them in the ghetto, she wants them islamic. We have lost 3 years already.

        Aking exHutters to protect us is asking exFascists to look after jews. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so awful.

    3. It has been going on for decades. Here is an article from Peter Tatchell from 1995.

      What is new is that universities/student unions are only now starting to ban them. That is why it is in the news.

      There is absolutely no evidence of “moderate islam” in Britain. I have heard secular muslims at leftwing meetings say “you expect us to stand up against the islamic fascists, but we can’t – they just turn around and denounce us as being infidels”.

      And about 40% of British muslims say that those muslims who become non-muslims should be executed. The rest just think they should be beaten, ostracised, etc.

    4. The man is crazy but he is right about one thing the West did make HIV/AIDS to kill off LGBT people and the people of Africa. The proof is the West is buying up land in Africa the size of France and more.

      1. I think if you read up on the origin of HIV?AIDS, you’d find that HIV?AIDS did indeed originate in Africa. It wasn’t a disease that was manufactured by the west. HIV/AIDS was originally a disease found in monkeys only, which jump the humans around 1900. Monkeys were and I suspect still are, hunted for their meat. According to research, HIV/AIDS was most likely infected a hunter and his wife. Some years later, missionaries went around vaccinating native Africans, using the same syringe time and time again, without proper sterilization procedures the HIV/AIDS virus was spread through out the population. Through the years the virus went from country to country, till it reach the USA, around the 1960’s/70’s. I’m not a doctor nor am I a scientist, I’m only paraphrasing what I have read.

        “The proof is the West is buying up land in Africa the size of France and more”
        OK… what has buying land got to do with the, HIV/AIDS virus? I live in Australia and Europeans, Chinese and American

        1. citizens have been buying land in Australia for many years. I think it’s called food security… All countries want to make sure that they have sufficient land on which to grow food for there growing populations…

      2. What a ridiculous comment to make. Did you receive any education?

      3. Erm actually its China who is buying Africa and not the West

  2. Can someone please tell me WTF is wrong with these people who invite scum like this to pollute young minds?

    1. Are you saying there are absolute values? Or are you a cultural relativist as most of us are these days? If you are a relativist, then you have no basis on which to say that islam is pollution. To the muslims gay websites, gay marriage, atheism, buddhism, judaism are all forms of corruption.
      In fact, the islamic way of looking at things is that everything that exists outside of islam is corruption. Said Qutb talks about it a lot in Milestones.

      The west has left it to late to begin to tackle the problem. In 1989 when 100s of muslims went around England saying they would kill Salman Rushdie, we should have allowed no more muslims into the country until we understood islam properly. Our politicians have ignored all the warnings.

      We cannot avert the looming disaster. We have imprisoned more than 250 muslims on terrorist charges in 10 years.

  3. Some daft people say that God intended black people to be slaves, I wonder if he agrees with that nonsense as well?

    1. This foolish islamic preacher clearly does not know that the islamic slave trade was continuous from the time of Mohammed until the 1970s. A UN report from 1951, concluded that 5% of the population of Saudi Arabia and Yemen were black African slaves. In the 19th century when Britain set about destroying the slave trade, the muslim world massively increased the number of black Africans they took as slaves.

      I feel sorr for this poor idiot, helping spread the religion that took so many millions out of Africa.

  4. soapbubblequeen 18 Mar 2013, 5:55pm

    Good!! Stupid bastard. If you don’t like living in the UK where we all try to live and get along with one another, then piss off and live in the Middle East or Iran.

    1. Or he could come here to the US. We hate getting along with each other, let alone the rest of the world. He would feel right at home.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Mar 2013, 5:56pm

    It makes me wonder just exactly what is going on with our Universities? Why does it seem to be happening only in the UK? Why are they allowing anti-western scum like this a platform to preach acceptance of killing gay people. Is that what Islam is all about? Why aren’t Islamic leaders in the UK not condemning this sort of thing and why aren’t mainstream so called ‘Christian’ cults not joining forces to condemn them? Are to assume that silence gives consent?

    1. Hi Robert. I think it’s the absurd confusion of race with religion. People in the UK are generally terrified of being thought to be racist, and they think, irrationally, that to condemn these (brown or black) people who harbour fanatical Muslim beliefs is to manifest racism, which, of course, is completely untrue. It’s the religious delusions that are so worrying, not the colour of their skin.

  6. soapbubblequeen 18 Mar 2013, 6:06pm

    Good! Piece of walking poo. If you don’t like living in the UK, piss off to the Middle East.

  7. Any person calling for the execution of a section of society, or even just one individual in society, is advocating terrorism and is therefore a terrorist.

    It is disgraceful to say the least that the University’s Islamic Society invited terrorists to a meeting with them. The University’s authorities should have the Islamic group closed and its members expelled from the University for inviting terrorists. In addition, the police should be involved.

    Why isn’t that happening? Is the University and the police afraid of Muslims? It certainly appears that authorities in general in this country are afraid to stand up to Muslim extremism.

    Why are we not hearing condemnation of these events from ‘moderate’ Muslims and Christians? If they do not want to be seen as having anything to do with extremism, then they need to break their silence and start condemning.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Mar 2013, 6:29pm

      They won’t condemn them James, they’re afraid to stick their necks out much like our MPs who voted for equal marriage but never called out the bigoted adutlerers in their respective parties. If this were about race, they’d all be jumping up and down to see who could outdo the other in condemnation.

      1. I’m really quite angry about this Robert! We are constantly told that there are Muslims and Christians who are moderate and who don’t want to be associated with the extremist elements from their religions, but we are bombarded daily with extremely homophobic comments from their religions and there is a growing trend of Universities inviting religious fanatics who want us executed, yet we never hear any condemnation from the so-called moderate Muslims and Christians. Their silence speaks volumes. I now have doubts that moderates exist in religion as it appears that they just close their eyes and ears whenever their fellow ‘believers’ behave like Nazis. There is also a deafening silence from far too many who describe themselves as ‘liberal’ or ‘left-wing’. Their liberal or left-wing convictions are obviously not strong enough to have any outspoken views on the rise of religious homophobic extremism, yet they are very outspoken in their support of Muslim rights.

        1. If I’ve made spelling errors or if something I’ve written doesn’t make sense, it’s because I’m bloody furious!!!

    2. The problem you face James, is that this preacher is simply telling you what is in islam. If you don’t like what he’s telling his audience, then that means you don’t like islam. Islam CANNOT be reformed. Muslims believe that the koran cannot be edited. The koran contains many verses saying that non-believers and apostates are to be killed. Most of muslims claim that it cannot even be translated out of arabic (which is why muslim kids in Britain spend so long memorising a text in arabic that they cannot even understand). How can islam be reformed if you can’t edit or translate their fundamental text?

      There is a manual of sharia law called “Reliance of the Traveller”. You can find on Amazon, on islamic websites, in islamic bookshops. All the things this man says can be found in that manual of sharia law. And our last Archbishop of Canterbury said it was inevitable that Britain will have sharia law.

  8. How the hell are these bigots being invited to speak at UK Universities? It’s embarrassing.

    1. I’m afraid this has been going on for decades. Peter Tatchell has been fighting this campaign in universities for decades. The rest of the Left refuse to help him. Their commitment to gay rights, women’s rights, tolerance and diversity is completely bogus.

      Here is an article from Peter from 1995. For almost 20 years he was the only person conducting this fight.

      1. @ Joe – just read the article.

        Vatican opposes equal marriage.
        Islamic countries execute gays.

        Now which is worse…Just let me think…

  9. Can someone tell us who the MP is for the Stratford area in London?

    Whoever it is, they should be publicly condemning the University of East London for allowing an extremist advocating terrorism to be invited to an event at its Stratford campus.

    These events should be reported on by the main television broadcasters and newspapers. If the University had invited a person to an event, who had called for black or Jewish people to be executed, it would be a top news story across the media.

    Is homophobic extremism quite acceptable to the media? Of course they would deny that, but their lack of will to report on such extremism suggests that it doesn’t concern them very much.

    The media, politicians, ‘moderate’ Muslims and Christians – all silent! Despicable. Equality appears to be still some way off. Equality will be when society treats homophobia as unacceptable as racism.

    1. Stephen Timms. He was the MP stabbed in his own constituency office by a female muslim student from the University of London.

      She was smiling during her court case. Other muslim terrorists had to be thrown out of the court during her trial.

      Timms is unlikely to condemn this, since he’s already had one close encounter with The Religion of Peace.

      1. He is also religious (Christian, I believe) and is involved in various faith groups. He abstained during the Equal Marriage debate.

        1. Yes. It seems there are plenty of christians who would happily accept islam in place of christianity. They are our enemy just as much as musim terrorists are. Baroness Warsi (who has been shacked up with an ex-member of Hizb ut Tahrir) has been going round ranting on and on about secular extremists, when the whole point of secularism is to keep religion out of politics (it’s not about banning religion).

          If things carry on as they are, in 30 to 50 years time we will not only see gay marriage repealed, we will see homosexuality re-criminalised.

  10. Im from the U.S. and lately I’ve been learning that the U.K. has a large islamic culture and because they are a minority people who are “white” are leaving neighborhoods that are becoming islamic “CNN reports”. Ive notice that Pinknews has blocked making comments on stories relating to Islamic views from the U.K. so no one says something racist, Now i don’t want to seem racist but after sept 11 in the U.S. people who where of Islamic faith felt put into a corner and they became passive and quiet. This is the opposite in the U.K. that allow them to speak out with hate not even our evangelical christians in the U.S. are this extreme. Idk i just think islam has to much power and its sad they get a voice from across the pond. Nip it in the Butt like we did in the states.

    1. Sam, I agree that the UK needs to be stronger in clamping down on Muslim extremists here. Though, I think the US also needs to be stronger in clamping down on the growing extremism expressed by Christians there. Both of our countries have problems with religious fanatics.

      1. Ur completely right James, As i wrote what i was saying i didn’t want to make it seem as christian U.S. religious fanatics vs Islamic U.K. religious fanatics. But its been interesting to learn more about the U.K. and its Muslim culture over the last year especially the anti gay rederick. In the U.S. i think many are starting to notice that the christian faith has been hijacked since’s polls show a culture thats becoming more gay friendly an less faithful “religion”. like you said both countries have a problem with religious fanatics and hopefully over time we can solve it and demonize hate speech.

    2. Sam, No-one should be making racist comments in criticising islam. It has got nothing to do with race. Islam is not a race. We have just had an educated white convert to islam convicted of jihadi terrorism. In fact, there’s a higher rate of terrorism to be found amongst converts (the zeal of the converted!)

      The problem is not with immigration. The problem is with islam. We have been lied to for 30 years or more, telling us “Islam is the Religion of Peace”. It is not. It is a religion of war and hatred. Muslims were attacking Europe for hundreds of years, before the catholic church responded with the Crusades. Muslims invaded North Africa, then Spain for 100s years before the first Crusade occurred.

      Most of what we have been taught about islam is a lie. This preacher is, alas, the one speaking the truth about islam.

    3. Sam, Joe is correct in suggesting you do not confuse race with religion. Detest all religions and all cults, but never detest any other race.

      As for your hearing of “white flight” here in the UK, I can assure you it’s true. White folks have moved out of areas and surrendered them to Muslims, so that they have become rather ghetto-like. But, at the same time, there are remote traditionally British regions of the UK where Muslims are penetrating in small numbers and setting up hidden mosques, while reproducing and inviting family and friends to join them, thus slowly creating communities all over this country, in even the most remote locations. I have no problem with that. But I do have a problem with the fact that when they arrive in those locations they usually make no effort to integrate.

      1. Eddy and Joe, Sorry if i confused islam as a race i didn’t mean to, I was not being politically correct in my terminology. I guess to hear from both you on the same issue it opens my eyes to the part of the U.K. culture that not many are aware of in the states. Integration is key to a society, the U.S. was made and molded my the good aspects of foreigners it is a foreign land of many. Um but as far as the way the muslim culture is their that must be very annoying. Nothing good comes from Islam sorry to say.

  11. In 2010, Wikileaks revealed that 1 in 3 muslims at university in Britain back murder in the name of islam. 40% of such students advocate sharia law (which means death for gay people, death for those who leave islam).

    As I’ve pointed out before, the younger generation of muslims in Britain are 3x more fundamentalist than their grandparents’ generation.

    There is absolutely no evidence that they are “integrating”. Their grandparents who were “uneducated” were more bloody liberal than these young islamo-fascists!

    Anyway, I commend Peter Tatchell for this. Pity the self-styled anti-fascists like UAF are now in the pay of the genocidal Jamaat-e-Islaami.

    1. Well said, Joe. I know what you have written is true. I’ve worked on university campuses and seen it with my own eyes.

      I like Asians. I fancy handsome Indian and Pakistani and Arab men “something rotten” . . . but I damned well loathe their vile and insidious religion, and more than I loathe Catholicism.

      1. The love of my life was an asian muslim. I spent years accommodating his stupid beliefs (we couldn’t kiss or have sex during Ramadan). I patiently kept persuading him NOT to commit suicide. He’d spent years only having sex in toilets before we became boyfriends (he was doctor!)

        In the end, I just got fed up hiding our relationship from all his friends (I’d been openly gay to my friends, family, employers, colleagues for about 15 years).

        The last straw was the day he told me that as an unbeliever I was too dirty to even touch his koran.

        1. Joe, I understand COMPLETELY what you are saying. You are a voice in the wilderness, to you a horribly biblical saying! :-) I had a number of casual sexual relationships with Muslims but none of them came to anything because of their deeply internalised belief that I was an infidel. But far worse than that was the fact that I had a number of very strong man-to-man relationships, excellent friendships, with straight Muslim men. In my experience there has been almost nothing more painful than to come face to face with the awful realization, the reality, that your close Muslim mate believes, at the end of the day, that you are second rate, an infidel, a kaffir, for NO OTHER REASON THAN THAT YOU ARE NOT A MUSLIM. Yes, I realised that despite all the acts of kindness and friendship that I had shown towards my Muslim friends, in their eyes I was of a lower order.

          But it took me years to reach that stage. You clearly reached it. The average liberal Briton is miles from it.

  12. I read this article and realised, yet again, that this world really is largely full of absolute nutters.

    The number of sane, non-deluded, rational people walking around on this planet is so small.

    There are so many religions, so many cults, so many ill people sincerely believing in ridiculous delusions, like this Khalid Yasin.

    And we cannot afford to just accept this fact and sit back. We HAVE TO FIGHT THEM, out there where they can hear us and see us, because if we don’t they WILL get the upper hand.

    1. We are fighting them. But just like Peter Tatchell got no support for 20 years, so now we get little support. In the last month there has been an assassination attempt on the life of a journalist in Denmark. As Douglas Murray has been pointing out, the media who have reported this attempted murder have blamed the journalist for criticising islam.

      This week the police in Germanly only just managed to stop a group of muslims from assassinating the entire family of a politician. I doubt if most people have even seen these stories in the media.

      In France, muslims blow up 30,000 cars a year. It has gotten so bad, the French government has now banned the media from reporting it. The socialist mayor of a Paris suburb has been saying since 2009 “We need the army deployed on our streets”.

      Things are far worse than this stupid black imam being invited to speak at UEL.

      1. Check out these articles from the German Spiegel Magazine (English version) truly scary!

        One of the biggest problems in Britain and that includes Scotland, is confusing race and ethnicity, and religion and giving deferance to religion and putting it in the same category as the other two.
        A fascist is a Fascist, dressed in religious garb or not.
        Free speech and freedom of religion are not that, if it allows the threatening of, injury or death, for those who do not agree with you.
        It is simply the top end of bullying and intimidation, in whatever form of language it is being disseminated in.
        It is well beyond time that these attitudes were exposed for what they are, and the religious cloak ripped off.
        Equality and Human Rights laws should never have exemption for ANY religion. No excuses for H8.

        1. It’s rather strange why you refer to Britain and say that you are including Scotland since Scotland is part of Britain.

    2. If people in authority did their job properly we wouldn’t have to feel that we “have to fight them”.

      Hate preachers – whether they are advocating discrimination or murder – are inciting hatred, which is illegal is it not? Advocating mass murder certainly is, so why are people like Khalid Yasin not treated as terrorists and put behind bars? The justice system isn’t enforcing laws that already exist to protect us.

      1. How do you stop muslims from inciting murder without stopping them from reading sections from the koran? In fact, they would say it is not murder. They can just say “under islamic law homosexuals must be killed” or they can say “in the islamic state homosexuals will be executed”. That is not a direct threat to anyone.

        “People in authority” have been stopped from doing their jobs by the banshees of the left, who jumped on anyone who criticised islam or muslims. Think of the way that some gay people have copied that behaviour, sending death threats to people who spoke out against gay marriage!

        The Left have sacrificed gays, children, women, apostates… Here’s a perfect example. In the last year, there are at least 5 different court cases that have convicted (or are in on-going) systematic muslim child-grooming/raping gangs. For a decade, the Left (and “black organisations”) have jumped on anyone who mentioned this and shouted “racist”. Here’s proof:

        1. What about the Muslim MPs who voted for equal marriage? Have they abandoned the Koran? If the Koran is specific that homosexuals should be killed, I am interested to know why they are advocating more rights for gay people.

          You criticise the Left by saying that they have “sacrificed gays”. Whilst the current Tory Government is trying to establish marriage rights for gay people, the majority of Conservatives in Parliament are anti-equality and the previous Tory Government created more inequality and discrimination in law. The last Labour Government removed Section 28 from the Statute books, created an equal age of consent and civil partnerships and established legal protection for LGBT people to be free from discrimination.

          It has been the Left who have made some improvements for us, not the Right. However, I am aware that there are those on the left who care more about the rights of extremist Muslims than of gay people to be protected from Muslim extremism.


          1. “The last Labour Government removed Section 28 from the Statute books, created an equal age of consent and civil partnerships and established legal protection for LGBT people to be free from discrimination.”

            It wasn’t Labour who dominated the Wolfenden Committee in the 1950s, recommending the decriminalisation of homosexuality. It wasn’t a Labour MP in the 1960s who brought in the Bill that led to decriminalisation. The equal age of consent was originally proposed by Blair and Edwina Curry.

            Please, do NOT mistake me for a Tory. I will hate them to my dying day for Clause 28. But we should not think that the Left are our allies. The UAF is now financially supported by 6 islamic groups, all of which are tied to an islamic party whose leaders have been convicted of genocide!

            If Labour was committed to equality, they would have had a 3-line whip on gay marriage. If Labour had said MPs could vote how they like on race laws, would you describe Labour as anti-racist??

          2. “What about the Muslim MPs who voted for equal marriage? Have they abandoned the Koran? If the Koran is specific that homosexuals should be killed, I am interested to know why they are advocating more rights for gay people.” Look, the Gallup poll said that 99.5% of British muslims are anti-gay. Do you need any more evidence than that? Those muslim MPs are NOT TYPICAL of the muslim population. 40% of muslim students in the UK want sharia law!

            Some of those MPs have received death threats from their fellow members of the Religion of Peace. Have any christians sent death threats to MPs who voted for gay marriage? How many people in Britain or Holland or Denmark are under 24×7 protection because of the history of assassinations by christians?

            If you study the life of Mohammed, you will see that he preached tolerance, then used infiltration, then used violence, then genocide. When muslims are told to emulate Mo, it doesn’t just mean his daily life…

          3. “It wasn’t a Labour MP in the 1960s who brought in the Bill that led to decriminalisation”.

            It was a Labour MP – the then Home Secretary Roy Jenkins. Although he later left the Labour Party, he was the Labour Government Home Secretary at the time of the 1967 decriminalisation of homosexuality.

            “If Labour was committed to equality, they would have had a 3-line whip on gay marriage. If Labour had said MPs could vote how they like on race laws, would you describe Labour as anti-racist??”.

            Yes and it is shameful that all Labour MPs weren’t expected to vote in favour of same-sex marriage. Any Labour MP would be suspended from the party if they voted against race laws. The party isn’t as committed to gay equality as they like to think.

          4. “It was a Labour MP… Roy Jenkins….”

            Sorry, but you are wrong. It’s another of those myths that the leftwing media keep regurgitating. The Labour MP involved in 1967 was Leo Abse (not Jenkins). Of course, the disgusingly leftist Wikipedia has left out the true hero of this story: Humphry Berkeley, a gay Tory who brought in the first Bill. two years earlier. “in 1965, Berkeley decided to introduce a bill to legalise male homosexual relations along the lines of the Wolfenden report. … Berkeley was well known to his colleagues as a homosexual.” He was not re-elected, in a safe Tory seat, at the next election because of this Bill.

            Wikipedia has a “history” of the 1967 Act, which completely writes out the brave Mr. Berekely, who sacrificed his parliamentary career for gay rights. .

            Over the last 60 years, Labour was no more pro-gay than the Tories.

          5. Sorry Joe, you’re correct about Leo Abse and Humphry Berkeley. Roy Jenkins didn’t introduce the Bill, but was the Home Secretary that implemented the Bill when it passed through Parliament. Your knowledge about it is sharper than mine!

            I’ve noticed that you’re very anti-left wing, perhaps as much as I’m anti-right wing! Although left-wing, I’m a realist. Too many on the left are still completely obsessed about race issues, but they need to realise that Muslims are completely free to integrate into British society and if they do not, holding onto extremist beliefs that are more prevalent in Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc., then they should treated as much of danger to society as terrorists and paedophiles. Tolerating Muslim fundamentalism just because its proponents are of a minority race isn’t being left-wing, liberal or democratic. It is tolerating one minority’s belief in wiping out another minority, so basically they are tolerating fascism.

          6. “I’ve noticed that you’re very anti-left wing, perhaps as much as I’m anti-right wing!”

            I was leftwing all my adult life. I was brought up in a Socialist Worker Party household. Having studied islam, and watched how UAF, Searchlight, Labour Party, Shamnesty International, Liberty, etc have got no principles has led me to attack the Left. But don’t get me wrong, I hate the Tories with a passion. What makes me angry and depressed is that our political system is designed to stop a new party coming up to replace the old. That means nothing will be done, except more censorship and more anti-democratic action by Labour/Tories, rather than liberal democracy saved. The UK is doomed to more islam, more terrorism, more strife.

            I hate the way the Left just re-write history and bury the truth. In the 1970s even comic books told the true story of the Profit of 20%. Now it is practically illegal for even a serious writer to do it. We are in a very bad place.

        2. … As sexuality is not a choice but religious belief is, the rights of LGBT people in society should always take precedence over the rights of organised religion. At the moment the law protects religion over and beyond our rights and that is the fault of both the Left and Right.

          Children have the least protection of anyone. Heterosexuals have dominated Governments and have shaped our laws. They claim that children are the most important in our society, so it is very strange that children are still the most vulnerable to abuse and exploitation in society.

          1. I completely agree.

  13. How about he blames the Catholic Church for the spread of HIV in African nations? Their refusal to accept prove scientific fact behind the use of contraception and that it prevents the spread of HIV is abominable.

    The people in those countries continue to breed like rabbits, children they can ill afford to look after and then countries like ours are picking up the tab!

    1. Perhaps the English shouldn’t have invaded and colonised their lands

      1. That’s rather cryptic, Jake. Please list all of the Islamic lands that are colonised by “the English”.

        1. Not really Eddy. My comment was in response to D. McCabe. I believe he/she refers to African nations not Islamic lands.

  14. Sean Ash a Liberal Party member & who works closely with Simon Hughes MP has this to say about this problem on Peter tatchell’s FaceBook page.

    “I see issues being created instead of jobs. That’s the reason why most have time to moan about things like this. I also see people moaning about other groups of people when they could be so much happier if they got on with their own thing. As long as they are harming no one else then what’s the problem?”

    At NO pont in the feed on P Tatchells FB page did Mr Ash show even the slightest alarm about the Incitement to Murder LGBT people, why? I’m now in the process of contacting Simon Hughes…

    Telephone Number: 020 7232 2557
    E-mail Address:

    …to complain about bigotted Mr Ash, anyone else want to join me?

    1. Other prominent LibDems have openly excused the 7/7 bombings, and have advocated censorship in order to protect islam from cricitism. They are “liberal” and “democratic” in name only.

      1. Yes, Sarah Teather has made it very clear that she’s only “liberal” and “democratic” in name only – she is only concerned with the rights of Christians and Muslims to continue discriminating against gay people.

  15. Nottingham University is another one that is hosting more islamic hate preachers.

    Casuals United have said they are organising a protest outside the conference with other groups who oppose islamo-fascism.

    Strange that none of “majority of moderate muslims” are bothering to organise a protest against this. There are 3 million muslims in Britain. How many are going to protest against these hate preachers?

  16. Keith Francis Farrell 19 Mar 2013, 5:43pm

    Good we do not need these biggot’s anywhere near children

  17. Phone Nottingham University, tell them you are going to demonstrate against their upcoming islamo-fascist conference.
    0844 3461216

    That thing is scumbags galore.

  18. Casuals United is giving out 2 numbers to phone Nottingham University to tell them you object to this bunch of homophobic islamist preachers poisoning other people’s minds. Tell them you are opposed to fascism, and you are going to protest outside the conference.

    Personally I am not for banning things. We shouldn’t be driving islamic fascism underground. I’d rather we tell people what is being said in these conferences. A loud protest outside will draw the local media and students to understand just how dangerous this fascism is.

    So, I wouldn’t give the university any notice, just turn up. But those of you who prefer to stop these people speaking can exercise your right to phone the university and tell them you will be protesting. No doubt the craven university will give in.

  19. Why aren’t these bastards exported to Saudi Arabia, Iran, or some other hell hole where they will be happy?

    1. They will not be happy as long as other faiths, or lack of faith, exists.

  20. The comments in this thread are bordering on the testable proposition that faith is not an essential component of human life, and that intolerance is intrinsic to every creed.

    1. Apart, of course, from our faith in reason, logic and testabity of propositions :)

      1. I should hope so.. :D

  21. The mass gathering of homophobic muslims is going ahead at Nottingham University.
    The Islamic hate speech event being held at Nottingham Universitys conference centre is the three day event that we stopped in York. Main speakers are hate preachers who call f0r female genital mutilation, gays and non Muslims to be killed and who praise terror attacks.

    Our representatives are meeting Notts police today to discuss a weekend of demonstrations and other groups are planning spontanious events. Some of ours were removed from campus by security yesterday after leafleting. We will not sit around while these people are allowed to spread their poison and hatred, welcomed onto University campuses by idiotic left wingers.
    Notts Uni would never permit a group who hated muslims to have a conference on their land.

    1. Joe, I hope you are posting this on a more current thread. This one seems to have run its course.

      You’re a good man.

      1. I just assume that others will take up the baton from me, and draw the attention of Pink News, Tatchell, etc. to things like this. I won’t live long enough to see gay people being driven out of England’s cities. But I watched it happen in east London over a 20 year period. I’ve seen the shape of the future. Muslims hate no-one more than they hate gay people, and gay people and muslims share the inner cities. It makes gay people easy targets for people who think their violent hatred is doing god’s work.

        I just have to be thankful that Casuals United, EDL etc. are fighting for the rights of gay people, when the gay organisations and gay community are not.

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