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100 Crystal Palace fans shout homophobic abuse in street ahead of Brighton game

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Reader comments

  1. Will the FA do anything to Crystal Palace? No!

    Brighton & Hove have to put up with this abuse every week and yet the FA continues to do nothing to the offending teams.

    I don’t think that they will ever kick homophobia out from football.

    1. Almost every other post since this game posted on the Palace Supporter’s forum contains some form of homophobic comment.

      The forum may not be directly linked to the club but you would think that they would wwant to disassociate themselves from such neanderthal behaviour

  2. Actions speak louder than words Sussex police!!

  3. soapbubblequeen 18 Mar 2013, 5:49pm

    Send them all to Uganda for a month and see how they get on without Sky Sports TV and Tescos. Bunch of numpty morons.

  4. Whenever a football team’s fans are involved in homophobic or racist incidents, the FA should deduct points from the team. Some will say that is harsh and punishes all the fans rather than the minority causing the problems. However, these problems are more likely to be dealt with by the teams, and therefore by professional football in general as a consequence, if the trouble-makers are causing THEM problems rather than just causing problems for everyone else such as the public and police as the case was at this Brighton game.

  5. If it had been racial abuse, does anyone think that the Sussex plods would have taken such a laid back attitude, even boasting about how few arrests they had made?

  6. Not keeping my hopes up with a sport where macho and alpha-male behaviour are cultivated almost everywhere. That homophobia comes out of this ideal petri-dish shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. When the attitude of footballers and the public changes, then racism and homophobia might stay clear of football…until then, it cannot. Rioting, brawls? same story. When was the last time you heard the need for riot police at a swimming event, or a volley-ball tournament….. only in football.

    1. Perhaps the “beautiful game” is not so beautiful after all

  7. How long will people (including our very own Uncle Tom, Matt Lucas) carry on with the “It’s just banter” defence I wonder.

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