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US: North Carolina church refuses to marry straight couples until gay couples can marry

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Reader comments

  1. A few hours ago on Radio 4 I heard some Catholic nutter say that homosexuality was an abomination so it was really fantastic to see this story , it’s a reminder that there are plenty of decent Christians as well as the scumbags we so often have to put up with.

    1. I have been hoping that loving and caring Christians (I’m sure they exist) would start to take offence with the hateful and domineering Christians (they definitely exist), though I was rapidly losing hope! This story is at least a start. Christianity has appeared to have been hijacked by the most hateful people on earth, so it’s about time decent Christians started to take a stand. Let’s hope these good people in North Carolina are not the only decent Christians to take a stand. They need to multiply!

  2. Liam the God 16 Mar 2013, 10:20pm

    Someone taking a stand: GOOD!

  3. After all the recent reports of homophobic bigotry by Christians, this article is a welcome relief. It shows that progressive Christians exist after all and of all places, they’re in North Carolina!

    It would be nice if US-wide media reported this story, but if news media in the US is anything like it is in the UK it’s likely to be ignored. Anti-gay, rather than pro-gay news events appear to be favoured by mainstream media.

    This church in NC should be hailed as an example to all Christians world-wide. If there is to be any chance of the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage being overturned in NC, I hope their stance will encourage others in the state to be more tolerant.

  4. Nice to see a congregation standing up against its church authorities.
    It’s high time the Methodist church in the UK was called to account for its anti-gay stance also,

  5. At last,PN has a story starting “US : ” that really is NEWS !

  6. jamestoronto 17 Mar 2013, 3:47am

    Stand Strong!!!

    Not a church person but admit your resolve. Keep it up.!!!

  7. Good for them. Keep up the momentum.

  8. I’m sure that being subject to the same restrictions as gay people will open the eyes of people who are ignorant of what we have to go through.
    I do hope this action changes some minds.

  9. Lol this is brilliant. What a way to make a statement! I’ve always wondered about something like this – something where a church refuses to marry straight couples until gay couples are allowed the same rights, so it was awesome to see this article. If only more churches took a stand and made a statement like this one… Perhaps they would see me back in church. Yes I lost my faith because of homophobic Christians, and as a result I will most likely never set foot in a church again because of how they treated me, but with this article, at least there is some hope of change – something mainstream churches are very resistant to.

  10. There is a problem… the pastor could be removed from his position by the Bishop and the district and a new pastor instilled. If the church members complain to much or create problems the district could close the church and sell it and the members would have no say in the matter… it is called the Dennis Canon and the TEC has been using it for years.

  11. Bakker,
    What you are saying has merit: the Un ited Methodist Church officially a homophobic organization…I gave up my ordination and joined the Epicopal Church because they support me in my relationship with my same sex partner. I am sure those pastors are in big trouble, but that’s the point…they have courage. In 50 years the vast majority of people are going to think you and the leadership of the United Methodist Church were bigots of a by gone generation, not much different from the bigots in the southern United Methodist Church who ran off pastors that let Africa Americans worship with them.

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