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US Christians: A Republican supporting his gay son is like a parent supporting a child who drink drives

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent.

    The more these “christian” goons spew their poison the more people can see just how hateful and stupid they are.

    Keep up the good work. Soon you will be completely discredited.

    1. soon – friend they are ALL completely Discredited already – time these hate filled superstitions were stopped, dismantled – so ALL humanity can evolve.

    2. Marcwebbo3 16 Mar 2013, 9:27pm

      Homosexuality cannot kill anybody…but a drunk driver can…for this poor excuse for a human being to compare the two shows just much the religious will go to think they are right….and the more they spout their venom the more they show themselves up

  2. There maybe ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’, but this self-deluded nutjob can’t tell the difference.

  3. “Karma karma karma chameleon…., bang…bang a boomerang…”

  4. I think this is one of the most powerful examples of just how dangerous the uncritical, irrational, knee-jerk conservative position is.

    Never mind an assessment of the evidence, an appreciation of the benefits of social advances, a basic sociological understanding that morality is simply an ad-hoc human technology for regulating interpersonal behaviour or any notion of how the important factor is the harm caused by one’s actions… oh no, none of that, it’s just follow the old-fashioned rules simply because they’re old-fashioned and we like rules.

    Never mind teenagers – I suspect the average three year old could teach this clueless harridan more about morality than she would ever be able to squeeze from her turgid brain on her own.

    What is it about Americans and the willingness to appoint painfully obvious blithering idiots as public spokespeople?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Mar 2013, 1:09pm

      It’s not much different on this side of the pond except that we have far fewer of them. Sharon James, Anne Widdecombe come to mind. Sharon James I would say is the most delusional of all and I’m sure would have much in common with this idiot across the pond.

      1. ColinJones 16 Mar 2013, 2:08pm

        Who’s Sharon James? I’ve never heard of this one.

        1. You’ve not been paying attention, have you!! :-)

          1. ColinJones 16 Mar 2013, 4:13pm

            Obviously not, so I ask again who is she?

        2. ColinJones 16 Mar 2013, 5:27pm

          OK, I’ve googled her, a doctor too!

    2. The only way being American is any factor is because we have freedom of religion. If the founding fathers had been smart they would have giving us freedom from religion by banning all religions outright.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Mar 2013, 1:56pm

        I think the bigger problem is that they were given tax-exempt status. From my limited undestanding of that, it was implemented to prevent undue influence over politicians, yet it has had the opposite effect. The republican party is fraught with religious nutters allowing religious beliefs to influence the outcome of legislation. It was a very foolish move to give them tax-exemption. They’re not special people and they should not be above the law.

    3. Jeff Andrews 16 Mar 2013, 5:49pm

      Awesome response. Well said!

  5. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 16 Mar 2013, 12:56pm


    Gee whizz these people are stupidly boring!

    I get the feeling they say these things just to get attention or for the media to boost ratings and conservative opinion polls from the bigoted Catholic Church to embarrass themselves!

  6. What a ridiculous comment! At least she has managed to make herself look completely stupid.

    Drink driving kills people!

    1. She obviously thinks drink driving is immoral. Strange as it doesn’t say that in the bible.

      This means she has made her own moral decision about it as the lord is silent on it, he having been invented before cars were.

      She is living proof therefore that morality is nothing to do with the bible.

      In addition people are born gay they are not born drunk or driving.

  7. Well I guess it’s a step up from comparing us to murderers and paedophiles!

  8. Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition is painted and dressed in that photo like Mrs Robinson, i.e. an old whore who has adulterous affairs with toy boys, but preaches sexual morality at the same time.

  9. Garry Cassell 16 Mar 2013, 1:05pm

    Her reasoning sounds like a wild script for SNL…again I doubt if she knows what that is…so bloody stupid…Why would anyone with more than 6 brain cells want to be connected to an idiot bunch of these biggoted people……comparing drunk driving with gay…What’s strange is that she believes she’s giving a good rational argument…f****** fool… Happy for the Senator, late in his decision but happy that he accepted his son for what he is…not what the so-called christians would want him to be…pray it away crap…

  10. Paul and David together for 26 years! 16 Mar 2013, 1:05pm

    Look who crawled out on the wrong side of the bed this morning with that hair style and that stripped shirt of clothes from 1986 and that hair style that is so 1976!

    Boy is she is an fat ugly bitch – just like my homophobic mother in law!

    Lose some weight and sew up that mouth so you not have stupid and dumb things to say. What a dumb bimbo bitch!

    She is just jealous because she is sooooo deep in the dust closet that she is such a fat ugly lesbian, that the only person in the world that would even remotely have sex with her – is her own fat ugly lesbian sister!


    1. When you come back at someone and say “sew up that mouth” and then yours is even more repulsive in nature, you really do not help those who can refute this woman with civility and class in their argument. You have sunk to a level even lower than hers in trying to discredit her position. I am afraid you have failed miserably and make it harder for those who share your disdain for her position. Please think before you post otherwise you have fallen into their trap.

    2. Wow, what a revolting pair you two are!

    3. David and Paul, I think we all understand your gut reaction, however your response is irrational and abusive. Learn to control and funnel your gut reactions into reasoned responses. And don’t make claims for which there are no grounds.

    4. Please, refrain from using such useless and stupid ad hominem attacks, they don’t help our cause in any way and only show your lack of rational argumentation, exactly like the bigots themselves.

  11. I hate to tell you this lady but if you REALLY followed what your thumped upon fairytale book tells you. You would be stoned just for opening your mouth about anything political. As a woman you would be nothing and not allowed to think for yourself……..well I guess that last part has not changed.

  12. Yet more evidence that there is NOTHING ‘loving’ about christianity – despite the fundamental philosophy of its founder. Why are these over made-up, middle aged women obsessed with and threatened by homosexuality? Are they (a) really hiding an ‘unnatural’ curiosity to try it or (b) worried their husbands will be so attracted by it, they’ll be dumped in favour of a man? Whatever the reason, they are looking increasingly loopey, freaky and just plain sad.

  13. Why does PN have such a fixation for tirelessly promoting every daft comment by every unheard of US Radio Host and Christian group?

    It’s just not newsworthy.

    1. Indeed! And why can’t we have some good news for a change – something to make us feel good?

      1. The US state of Maryland just repealed the death penalty!

        There we go good news for a change!

    2. It is newsworthy.

      Not because it’s in any way new (as you imply, it isn’t), nor because it’s entertaining (in fact it’s just sickening), but because large numbers of people listen to these people and their organisations and take them seriously. Then it impacts on all of us. And we need to be aware of it and fight back.

    3. Fortunately for you, unheard of; unfortunately for us Americans, they command quite a large following here. And believe me when I say many of us *wish* they were unheard, and unfollowed.

  14. Driving Drunk is a choice…gay isn’t. As for Mr. Portman, I think we’d all appreciate a Dad who’s Love and Commitment is this strong.

  15. Helge Vladimir Tiller 16 Mar 2013, 1:42pm

    At first I didn’t believe my own eyes. But ! Congratulations, “dear Lady”- you just won the Prize: “The Monthly Award for Outstanding Stupidity ” !

  16. Invoking logical fallacy is the only way these people know how to argue their point. Primarily because the weaknss of their position means they have no other option. A child can see the difference between a drunk driver and a gay person.

    1. GulliverUK 16 Mar 2013, 2:13pm

      Yes, fallacy of equivalence.

      My dog has 4 legs. My cat has 4 legs. Therefore my dog is a cat ! :D

  17. Good grief, when will they stop. I fully intend to find her email address or office address and write to her to tell her how disgusted I am. My love of another person does not endanger and destroy others lives, does not put undue burden on the already overstreched emergency services nor is it against the law. I do not consciously chose to be gay, it is who I am when I wake up just as she doesn’t consciously chose to be straight. Her son does consciously chose to drink and drive. Her argument merely serves to demonstrate how irrational and blinkered her views are. Maybe she should release the statement, destroy any reputation she may have and them disappear back into the dark ages where she belongs.

    1. If you locate an email address, do be sure to attach it near the top of this thread, as well as here!

      1. This link should take you to their website where you can leave comments. Do not leave anything abusive though people, all you will do is fuel the bigotry towards us and weaken our point:

        1. Thanks, Mark. Will write immediately.

          I second your warning not to post anything abusive. It does only weaken one’s argument.

  18. Tasha Piontek 16 Mar 2013, 1:52pm

    As a victim of a drunk driver when I was 18, I find this very offensive. It is neither funny nor close in comparison- I guess it is only meant to make people think. HOWEVER- I have gay friends and none of their actions ever hurt me like the man whom nearly cost me my life. Actually they have been awarded for adopting children and keeping their family together! It is an asinine perspective to even try to compare the two. The only thing it has made me think is that some Christians are arrogant hypocrites. In my church we are taught to love one another. Jesus loved ESPECIALLY the people whom were looked down upon and exiled. I guess that is a good thing for Andrea Lafferty as she talks like a horrible individual whom should herself be exiled! To speak of a crime that killed 32,367 in 2011 and say that it has anything similar to same sex people loving each other is cruel and hateful. I expect an apology is in order to humanity as a whole. Drunk Driving is NOT something to joke about.

    1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 16 Mar 2013, 2:52pm

      Very GOOD COMMENT, dear Tasha Piontek !

  19. That creep can kiss my grits.

  20. It is quite telling that they cannot come right out and say exactly how homosexuality harms anyone. All they can ever seem to do is compare us to thieves, murderers, liars, adulterers and now, drunk drivers.

  21. Gary Langdale 16 Mar 2013, 2:13pm

    I find it difficut to believe that supposedly educated people have such weird and totally uneducated opinions.

  22. People like her should never be allowed to have children.

    1. janet johnson 16 Mar 2013, 2:37pm

      She is truely an idiot.

  23. Labeling a story “US Christians is disingenuous. This was one Christian from one small group. Please review your headlines before publishing.

    1. rubbish ALL of these hate mongering Superstitious fools share the same bigotry – Enough already – Religion is all hokum – OUTLaw them all.

      1. Did you think more than 30 seconds before writing that?

        FIrst, it’s demonstrably false: there are loads of gay-affirming/gay-celebrating/gay-majority churches, often to be found in Pride parades.

        Second, do you want to live in a state which prescribes what you’re allowed to believe? Going to outlaw Keynsians, or Socialists, or Capitalists next? Maybe we should ban vegetarians too. And so on.

        1. Are you really complaining that Pink News is being unfair to Christians with that headline? Christians are giving themselves a bad name. Tackle THEM if you don’t want a bad reputation. ALL Christians belong to an organisation that persecutes Gay people.

    2. No. The Christian group involved are “US Christians”. The headline is not erroneous. It is very general, but it is not erroneous. And it does what headlines should do: it catches the attention.

  24. Liam the God 16 Mar 2013, 3:14pm

    Dear PN: PLEASE sort out the random “As This Is Your First Comment” thing! It’s really getting on my TITS!

    1. Sorry Liam but the “As This Is Your First Comment” comment is not random, it appears when you post swear words in your post (in your case, “f**kheads”). Yes, I also suffered with them before and didn’t understand why they appeared but after some time I figured why they appeared.

      1. Liam the God 16 Mar 2013, 10:05pm

        And I thought Adults were supposed to deal with that kind of thing in a mature and responsible way! Have we become like the Yanks ourselves? “Yeah, we’re fine with the bits with the live baby seals being shoved tail first into a meat grinder, but we MUST censor the “F” word!”. Pathetic, with a capital “Uck”.

  25. Carl David 16 Mar 2013, 3:44pm

    We will never evolve as long as there are religious nutjobs like this walking around. Especially if they’re in the government.

  26. I think we’re all aware of how dangerous drunk driving can be to innocent bystanders, but can someone tell me how homosexuality puts people in the same risk of physical or even psychological harm?

  27. What a sadly ill-informed person this Andrea Lafferty is! By comparing Mr Portman’s support of his gay son to her (imaginary) encouraging her son’s drink driving, she has demonstrated extraordinary ignorance.

    Will some PinkNews readers who are based in Mrs. Lafferty’s region please inform her that one chooses to drink irresponsibility, but gay and lesbian people do not CHOOSE to be homosexual.

    Perhaps Mrs. Lafferty suffers from the ego-centrisim typical of babies and young children. Perhaps she can only imagine homosexuality as something that she could CHOOSE to experiment with.

    Mrs. Lafferty needs to meet lots of gay and lesbian people, so as to learn that while some people DO experiment with having intimate relationships and/or sex with people of the same gender, for gay and lesbian people it’s a completely different story.

    Friends in America, please TELL HER!

    1. There is no point, You should never explain yourself , to anyone . Your friends don`t need it, and your enemies will not believe you.

  28. What a hateful Christian……mind you maybe she – “loves her neighbour as thy self” in which case explains everything!

  29. nleeguitar 16 Mar 2013, 4:20pm

    Drunk driving kills innocent people. Being straight or gay does not kill anyone.

  30. this proves beyond all doubt that christians in america can’t do humour. but they do hate pretty thoroughly! just to show i can miss her humour, as she has obviously missed portman’s humility, if her son is a drink-driver and she is actively protecting him, then both should be arrested! obviously as a republican, you cannot change your mind without being bullied to toe the line by the likes of lafferty and her wingnut contagion. on a point of order: should any woman be leading this argument? i have also reflected on scripture [1 tim 2:12-13] and would point out that no woman can exercise authority over a man.

  31. Rick Bushnell 16 Mar 2013, 4:21pm

    Yep, confirmed….there are few people more judgemental and intollerant as a group than ‘Christians.’ Thankfully, God told me He created me this way, loves me this way and that I am allowed to love myself just this way.

    1. Justin MacFarlane 17 Mar 2013, 2:11am

      please dont lump me in with her. not all christians are like that im a male bisexual/pansexual christian who believes in equality in all rights im also an feminist, pro choice and i hate it when people use the word creationism as though its a science when its religion i also dont think the that the world is 6000 years old, i dont think that the bible is fact especially not when alot of the the stuff about jesus life is left out such as the stuff about his siblings or how the book was written 200-300 years after jesus had died. i belive its suppsed to inspire faith and nothing else also of how whenever the number of the beast was discovered to be 616 people would change it to 666 because they thought it was incorrect. also belive that everyone has a right to belive in whatever they want i dont think that people will go to hell or be damned for eternity if they dont believe in my religion i know that voodooism is not evil and that its healing magic i dont think that satanism is evil

      1. Are you sure you’re Christian? You seem to be missing out on the juicy bits!

        BTW. Don’t tell us all this, tell your krazy friends.

  32. This is by far, the greatest fear of fundamentalists. The growing knowledge that we are in almost every family and in every walk of life. That within this avalanche of truth, this “us versus them” from fundamentalists is starting to not fly anymore.

    1. floridahank 16 Mar 2013, 5:37pm

      Charles, you said, ” that we are in almost every family and in every walk of life.”
      You are estimated to be between 3% and 5% of the population. So your statement is
      not based on fact but on wishful thinking. Don’t make statements you can’t back up with facts.
      There is much needed scientific research to realistically understand homosexuality. There is no medical/biological research that shows homosexuality has any genetic markers, all there is are beliefs by some psychiatrists, and by personal anecdotal statements that say homosexuality is an inborn, unchangeable behavior.

      1. not by some psychiatrists – by most and their regulatory bodies, this is why it was removed from the list of mental illnesses in the 1990s!

      2. Hank, as gay and lesbian people are, as you say, between 3 and 5% of the population, it goes without saying that we exist in every walk of life and in every family – somewhere in every family.

        That may be difficult for bigots and homophobes to accept, but accept it they must, and will, eventually.

  33. When people start being born in a drunken state I will gladly accept these comments

    It should be made illegal to state or imply that human sexuality is a choice!!
    The majority of these lunatics ramblings will then dissapear, and hopefully them with it!

    Maybe we should start suing those who imply choice!

    1. Oh, but I can just hear the slithery little fundies amending their words as you write, John-Paul! They’ll just say that ‘homosexual BEHAVIOUR’ is the choice (ie we’re all supposed to be celibate!) just as they say they don’t hate us, just the ‘sin’ of homosexuality.

      You can’t win with these people. They’re blinded by dogma and/or hate and they’re obsessed with a) what other people do in bed; and b) making one group of people feel inferior so that they themselves feel superior (because they have such low self-esteem they have to bully others to mahe themselves feel big).

      1. yea… because there really isn’t much evidence to support their outlandish beliefs, it’s useless to try to reason with xtrians.

        1. It’s like trying to play chess with a pigeon.

    2. Et j’ai dit la meme chose ci-dessous…

      Hope you are ok..


  34. The silly, spiteful woman could have equally made the same argument about interracial relationships or non-white people – and some of her ‘christian’ predecessors probably did.

    Stupid, twisted and envious – envious of other people’s happiness and ability to lead their lives without hating others.

    I hope Rob Portman lays into this woman with a vengeance. She’s a nasty b*tch (and that’s not a word I often use, but she deserves it).

  35. This link should take you to their website where you can leave comments. Do not leave anything abusive though people, all you will do is fuel the bigotry towards us and weaken our point:

    1. I have just sent the following message, using the above form. Others are welcome to use it too. The more messages she gets, the better.


      Andrea Lafferty, you are sadly ill-informed. By comparing Mr Portman’s support of his gay son to your (imaginary) encouragement of a son’s drink driving, you have demonstrated an extraordinary lack of awareness.

      An individual chooses to drink irresponsibility, but gay and lesbian people do not CHOOSE to be homosexual.

      Mrs. Lafferty, perhaps you can only imagine homosexuality as something that you could CHOOSE to experiment with, but that does not mean to say that that is the situation for all other individuals.

      It seems clear to me that you need to meet lots of gay and lesbian people, so as to learn that while some people DO experiment with having intimate relationships and/or sex with people of the same gender, for gay and lesbian people it’s a completely different story.

  36. In the future she’ll look as sick as these people now look…………

    1. Fortunately there is not a brain cell amongst the entire group in the photo.

      1. As my father used to joke about ignorant and stupid people, they actually have only two neurons, but the neurons are always bickering. :-D

  37. Christians… they shoot their own wounded.

    1. Liam the God 17 Mar 2013, 3:12pm

      I think this one would eat it’s own young.

  38. No doubt this parent thinks child abuse is
    the right way.

  39. what an idiot … both of them the republican for only realising that he is hurting people when it is his own son and the christian group for drawing such a stupid analogy.

  40. Andrea Lafferty is the daughter of Lou Sheldon, widely recognized as one of the fringier of the lunatic fringe, and is even crazier than he is.

  41. “
This unreleased press statement follows the same twisted, self-serving logic…”

    You mean like comparing being gay with drunk driving? Wow.
    What a c#*t. I hope this email will go viral so that the public will be able to see what this kind of “Christians” stand for: hate, ignorance and unfeelingness.

  42. Jack Legend 16 Mar 2013, 8:38pm

    Andrea Lafferty must obey her God, and since 1 Timothy 2:11-12 forbids her to have authority over a man she must remove herself from her position at the Traditional Values Coalition as her bible demands if even one man is currently under her authority.

  43. ….except that you CHOOSE whether you get behind the wheel of a car if you are off your face.
    Daft crunts.


  44. There is nothing to discuss. This woman is obviously stupid, just plain stupid. Her parallel is completely off the mark. I’m not American (close, being north of the 49th), but I admire the senator or congressman (whatever he is) for his political fortitude, but mostly for his support of his son.

  45. Christopher Coleman 16 Mar 2013, 11:06pm

    Let’s not forget that stealing Native American lands and lynching Blacks are also Traditional Values and that there are many who would like to practice them, if given half a chance.

  46. It makes a change from being compared to paedophiles….

    Yet again… clutching at crap being spewed out of The Mouth of the Deluded Sky Pixie.

    ramble, slosh, bile…

  47. You are mistaking the love for another human being and the love for a bottle. Did you marry a bottle, and give birth to a bottle? Sounds like you did.

  48. Beware the claws of the hag !! She is going to take your warm beating heart out of your chest because she hates pure love and it makes her weak !!

  49. Pardon me, now that I have screamed at the top of my lungs and gotten that out of my system….I am 47 years old and have been to protests here in my home town concerning the repeals of anti discrimination clauses in city and county law, volunteered at AIDS organizations for many many years here in the south. While I agree that let them spew their venom and hatred as it will discredit them and will only push people further and further from their purported “faith” it stil drives me bat crap crazy when I read this sort of vitriole. I think what scares me most is there are people that listen to people like this Andrea Lafferty fool and ACTUALLY think she makes sense. I so long for the day that these assinine arguements become a thing of the past and we have equal rights as the rest of the population. However, until then I still maintain my right to not say the pledge of alliegience to the flag until there TRULY is “liberty and justice for all.”

  50. Heartless bitches can’t accept their own children for who they are.

  51. GulliverUK 17 Mar 2013, 9:58am

    Is it even possible that it’s a mental disorder ? I mean many of these religious right-wingers seem to have a lack of empathy for others, and I did read an article which seems to suggest they are wired differently? We know that sociopaths do lack empathy for other human beings. I mean, I used to think they were just selfish people, but I’m beginning to think that in some it’s just politics, but in others there may actually be a mood or psychological disorder. Or … perhaps they’re all thick ! :D

    ps. Wasn’t trying to justify their behavior, just wondering how their brains come up with this crap :)

    1. You mean nutjobs, Gulliver?

  52. The Kitty Channel 17 Mar 2013, 10:31am

    It is better to be silent and be imagined a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

  53. I don’t see her point. Drunk driving may kill and not necessary the one who drunk drive. What is the link with being gay? Will I kill someone in the street because I’m gay?????? Maybe I may suggest those conservative people to mind their own business and learn to LOVE people no matter who they are. After all it is the message carried by their dear bible and by Jesus.

  54. Another fuzzy brained ‘Christian’ female. To be ignored. These anti-Christs are getting more and vitriolic or rather colic (foul stench)

  55. Guglielmo Marinaro 17 Mar 2013, 3:50pm

    Supporting homophobia because a parent turns out to be a religious homophobic is like supporting paedophilia because a parent turns out to be a paedophile.

  56. I’m going to disagree. (Pause for breath)

    I don’t think this woman is stupid. I think she is spreading this calculated fallacy in the knowledge that many people will read it and nod their heads, being too dumb to see through it.

    This is plain trickery and deceipt and she doesn’t believe it herself. Her only goal is to get people agreeing with her to widen her power-base.

    She’s an arrogant manipulator of people unable or too lazy to think for themselves.

    1. Liam the God 17 Mar 2013, 9:44pm

      I think the rest of us were giving her the benefit of the doubt, assuming she was just dumb instead of unspeakably evil

  57. she should shut up and go back to grade school! Her Grammar Skills are Horrific!

  58. This woman clearly has no idea how foolish she sounds?

    Also, her values aren’t that traditional, if they were, she would be at home waiting for her husband and keeping quiet.

  59. …what total garbage they’re spewing…..

    ..are there so many people who just envy Gay people? YES! and they cannot admit it, so they opt for the other alternative and declare their ignorance by saying anyone who is homosexual, are just the devils disciples…etc..

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