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Canada: Lawyer says bisexuality shouldn’t have been a factor in client’s murder conviction

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Reader comments

  1. there is only one comment to be made here: “stabbed 73 times”.

    absolutely NOTHING can “justify” that pr put it into any other sort of light than “vicious murder”.

    even if he was “in a rage” because he was “sexually assaulted”… “stabbed 73 times”.
    SOMEWHERE between “stab 1” and “stab 73″… something should have clicked.

    He deserves far worse than the already quite lenient Canadian justice system can give him.

    1. Christopher in Canada 17 Mar 2013, 12:05am

      I agree. He gets three meals a day, a gym and a lover for the rest of his life, on my dime.

  2. I agree that the judge made an error. Whatever the guy’s sexuality, an unwanted advance by another should never be an excuse for murder unless there was no other way of halting the attack. The sexuality of the accusedwas irrelevant to the case.

    This ‘he made a pass at me’ defence must be consigned to the history books.

  3. “…wrongly ignored the sexual assault that he claims prompted the murder.”

    Of course, the accused rapist is dead, having been STABBED 73 TIMES. Canadian Press says: “He fled to Montreal the next morning and when he was arrested there for leaving a restaurant without paying he confessed to murdering his friend.”

    No rape kit. No witnesses. Confessed murderer. I don’t see how his bisexuality has anything to do with the case.

  4. why has he changed his story so many times should be the real question. If they have established that this is the truth then the fact that he is bisexual does not mean he cannot be sexually assaulted.

    1. this judges stupid comment will pave way for an appeal which will probably succeed.

  5. Why should his sexuality be an issue to begin with? If it had been a straight woman who woke up being sexually assault by a man the judge would never had decided that she would never be enraged because she had sexual contact with men before.

    The judge was an idiot. On the other hand, 73 times, not an action of passion or anything. That was just plain overkill murder.

  6. Irrelevant 3 Apr 2013, 2:09am

    My oh my, aren’t we a lofty bunch of hypocrites citing righteous indignation as a valid excuse for saying such gratuitously heinous things about a fellow species being.
    Now lets cut the bullshit so I may get to the part I instinctually enjoy as a Criminology student, educating you unfortunate souls on the reality of something you clearly know nothing about.
    When you are typing these reader comments, do any of you for a second stop to remind yourselves that Cory Bird is not just a murderer, he is someones son, someones brother, someones uncle and someones cousin. In fact, he is my cousin. Relation aside, and putting my Criminology cap on, I will now explain why your ignorance is not bliss, its just ignorant.

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