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Bishop of Liverpool: Can the Church of England continue to deny blessings for same-sex unions?

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Reader comments

  1. I suppose it is better late than never that the Archbishop of Liverpool has changed his stance somewhat, but it appears he is only advocating ‘blessings’ rather than equal marriage. He hasn’t fully crossed the road yet – he’s standing on the white lines in the middle. Although it is positive that his viewpoint is evolving, it still isn’t good enough. We are either equal or we are not. We can’t be partly equal, which is what he’s suggesting.

    1. Oops, I should have said ‘Bishop’ of Liverpool!

  2. ““I believe that there is a difference between heterosexual union and same gender intimacy and that it is appropriate to maintain that difference in the language we use.””

    So he still doesn’t support equality and, like some of the more PR savvy of the church, decides to make nice words about Civil unions (AFTER the issue is legally decided, of course) in an attempt to pretend they’re not bigots.

    Same old same old. Does anyone buy this? They wait until they can’t possibly win the battle any more, then try to gloss over their bigotry in time for the next one

    The liar Sentamu claimed that the Bishops in the HoL voted for civil unions as well (they didn’t) it’s not like it’s a new tactic. Lie and pretend your past bigotry didn’t happen to try and make your current bigotry more palatable. Basic tactics – it requires a hefty amount of cynical dishonesty, but that’s never stopped them before

  3. The synod do not support CPs. The CofE do not allow the registration of CPs in their church and do not allow gay vicars to have sex. They do not allow gay bishops. WHAT exactly do they do for gay people.? Oh yes, I remember , they all say we are all WELCOME there! What a joke…

    And what exactly is “same gender intimacy”? What does the line ““Over the years I have shared with you my thinking about how the Gospel of embrace may be felt by those who are gay.” mean and so on. I suggest the guy speaks English becuase I haven’t got a clue what he’s on about.

    1. Marcwebbo3 17 Mar 2013, 8:01am

      He cant speak English as that would show up his homophobia and the fact that most of what that fictional book says is rubbish so instead of that they talk in a topsy turvy way so you cant understand them and have no real idea what they are on about….Im sure they have no idea either

  4. This editorial is somewhat misleading, he called for Civil Partnerships to be blessed and is against the current Same Sex Marriage Bill which is at Report Stage before a Third Reading in the House of Commons. There are no new amendments to this Bill. In my opinion coming from Liverpool, his stance has come to late, one feels that his predecessor David Shepherd would have been more welcoming of minority peoples.

  5. Just too little too late to do the right thing and not discriminate, I guess its good he’ll be retiring soon.

    Personally I gave up on these fairy tales when I was 10 years old – maybe hes still suffering from an arrested development.

  6. GulliverUK 17 Mar 2013, 9:47am

    They’re going to have more important issue to exercise their little grey cells – what will they do when the local vicar gets “married” to his partner, either in a registry office, or Quaker or Unitarian church wedding !

    They need to allow any church to be registered for Civil Partnerships today, and then allow each local vicar to decide if they want to offer religious Civil Partnership services, or not. That will be exactly what the Quakers are doing. Each group of Friends will decide locally if they offer same-sex religious marriages – in the Bill committee meeting I think the minister there said he was only aware of one local group who might not offer it.

    1. GulliverUK 17 Mar 2013, 9:50am

      … oh, and this has nothing to do with the African Anglican communion, nor any other part of this odd-ball group, this is a decision for the Church of England, in the UK, based on UK culture and law, and they really have to stop worrying over whether other Anglicans in other far-away places agree with them or not. If the CofE isn’t for the UK first and foremost, then it no longer has any function and should immediately remove itself by disestablishment.

  7. Time to disestablish the cofE. It is a foregone conclusion that as the equal marriage bill heads for the Lords, the vast majority of the bishops will vote against it.

    This (and their churches ridiculous stance on Women bishops) will just make them seem even more out of touch and stuck in the middle ages and hopefully swell calls for disestablishment.

  8. He’s about to retire.

    What a surprise. He’s had the money and the career saying all the right things so now he’s leaving he can be honest.

    Typical christian hypocrite.

  9. Agree with everyone else here… it’s a bit too little, too late.
    It’s like all those reactionary types who claimed that they were all in favour of CPs just as equal marriage was being discussed but were deeply opposed to the introduction of CPs at the time.
    It’s like they’re being dragged by the heels into the 21st century, whilst the rest of us are already there.
    On the plus side, at least they eventually get that dawning realisation that they look like dinosaurs to everyone else.

  10. That arse still doesn’t support equality.
    He tries to hide it, but he is still a hater and part of the ideology that perpetuates the hatred against the LGBT people.
    Shame on him.

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Mar 2013, 12:26pm

    I don’t want to sound crude, but I wonder how he would view a heterosexual marriage in which the male suddenly succombs to erectile dysfunction and can no longer attain an erection even with viagra? Would he then consider that oral or manual sex performed on his female partner to be appropriate and in conformity with the ‘sexual complementarity’ nonsense? We need to hear more about those situations for clarity. According to his so called ‘logic’, intercourse means penetration and the only form or sexual activity condoned within marriage.

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Mar 2013, 12:28pm

    No thank you, Bishop James. Your church has absolutely NOTHING to offer us, therefore NO dialogue necessary, not now or in the future. Next….

    1. O Robert you are a big baby baboon

  13. Even blessings are unlikely, I heard the Archbishop of Canterbury interviewed this morning and trotting out the same old line , marriage is between a man and woman and is a “centuries old” tradition. Of course he added that he “respected” gay people, he doesn’t want to look like a homophobe after all.

    1. GulliverUK 17 Mar 2013, 1:14pm

      How much? For a blessing? You know the CofE has increased the price of weddings by about £250 over the last two years, and it’s now incredibly expensive to get married in church. When my mum got married (both times) in church so did 70% of people, now less than 30% of people get married in a church or other religious institution. There are more Humanist weddings in Scotland than Catholic ones !

      Not that anyone will want a blessing, because if there is just one God, then the Unitarians or Quakers have been offering these to gay couples for decades, as have some Anglican priests, privately, often in peoples’ gardens and so forth. IF you are going to get a Civil Partnership or get Married, and you wanted it in a religious place, assuming you are Christian, then surely the Quakers and Unitarians can do a better job than the CofE – they’ll do the whole thing, not just some blessing.

      If you want a cheap blessing I can dress up as a priest and it’ll cost you nothing ! :D

      1. Peter & Michael 17 Mar 2013, 3:23pm

        Yes Please ! Smiles.

      2. I guess a discount will apply for a blessing as it’s not the whole hog.

  14. I suppose the only good thing in this is that it is progress at least. We are slowly gaining ground. Only decades ago the idea of civil partnerships would have seemed a dream. Now we have a bishop saying he thinks the CofE should bless them. All social changes take time and comes in jumps and starts.
    We will have marriage equality – they just need to catch up with that fact.

  15. At the least the Catholic Church is consistent in opposing the gay lifestyle, the Anglicans however just make it up as they go along, one minute they are conservative on something next minute they are liberal.

  16. Cal chillax and sort out your anger issues.

    “More petty Christian bullshit. God loves Gays but they are little bit dirty so give their love a different name.”

    My comment wasn’t a Christian one, my point was just point to out that the Catholic Church has been consistent with its opposition to the gay lifestyle, where as other churches can be chameleon like in how they support homosexuality. We should be wary of patting the Anglicans on the back when they do this for political reasons.

    1. Chill out Katie. Cal wasn’t referring to your post. Keep taking the paranoia pills.

      1. Hmm…looks like Cal is posting under multiple personalities here.

        1. He may do, Katie, but he isn’t me.

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