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US: Hardline anti-equal marriage Senator reverses position over son’s coming out

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Reader comments

  1. Well done for him changing his opinion on same sex marriage, but I wonder whether his opinion on adoption remains the same or has that changed too?

  2. Good that this senator has evolved.

    The real story here though is that Pink News is pretending that Corinne Pinfold ‘wrote’ this article.

    She did not. She is passing this story off as her own, having stolen it from among other websites, where this story appeared last night.

    This is the type of article that Pink News soiuld be including in a daily news roundup article, where they can link their article to the original article, therefore giving proper credit to the person who wrote the story.

    Stop stealing Pink News .

    Have you hired Johann Hari or something?

    1. @SteveC. Your knowledge of news publishing is obviously very limited. It is likely that Pink News picked up the story from one of the many news resources such as Routers, as did Tower Road. It is then likely that the journalist further researched the protagonist and his family, colleagues etc. before writing the article you see published on Pink News, which they may have also sold to other news outlets. Doh!

      In the world of news it is very rare that the original resource is credited – sometimes news resources will provide full researched and written articles which they will charge a copyright fee for republication. These stories are usually used for padding on dry news days when space needs to be filled, some tabloids simply recycle old articles.

      No one media company can copyright the news – hence the rush to be the first to publish or air breaking news.

      It would be advised for you to cease commenting on things that you obviously have no knowledge of.

    2. Pink News often re-report Scottish stories which have first appeared on Scottish websites such as the Scotsman, Herald, or Daily Record. In those cases PN always refer to the original story and link to it. It gets the story to a wider audience than it would otherwise reach.

      1. The Scotsman, Herald and DR often use PA (Press Association) copy, which like Reuters, is available to all media paying a subscription to that particular wire service.

  3. It’s good to see that people can change their minds on these issues even if they are the original proponents. I am glad that his son was ok with being publicly outed.

  4. Polly Conroy 15 Mar 2013, 12:42pm

    Good for him, yes, but…

    But…it also means that his previous opposition was based on…based on what? It certainly seems that it wasn’t based on a knowledge of gay issues.

    So we have a Senator being paid a great deal of money to vote on issues that affect millions of people…and they do this without a understanding of what they are voting on?

    This is not a case of an opinion being shaded because his son came out. This is a complete reversal by a hardliner.

    So, yes, well done but isn’t there something wrong with the system?

    1. Liam the God 15 Mar 2013, 3:40pm

      Well Put!

  5. Well, better late than never. And well done to his son: it could not have been easy coming out to someone as conservative as this guy was.

  6. It’s good that he’s changed his mind, but in a way it’s a shame that for some people it needs to be personalised before they can see reason.

    Still, better than disowning his son at least.

    1. I agree. It’s sad that people lack imagination and empathy and have to see an actual example so close to home to understand that LGBT people are as worthy of rights and respect as they are. On the other hand I suppose it shosw that education/experience works. So many anti-equality people seem to have a totally false view of LGBT people, which is frustrating.

      1. I second these comments. I’m glad he’s come round, but it is terrible how tribal and blinkered people are. They often do not give a damn about, or actively oppose, the interests and rights of other human beings whose only ‘crime’ is that they don’t know them personally. It reminds me of a documentary I saw about an American couple who completely supported the invasion of Iraq until their son died in action there – and suddenly it was totally evil. A war was completely right or completely wrong on the basis of what happened to someone they loved. Their effective indifference to the suffering and death of thousands of others was scary. When such people have power and influence, it is much scarier.

        1. The sad truth is that all but the most civilised of people (a tiny, tiny fraction of the world’s population) are tribal when it comes to the crunch.

      2. Quite right, Iris. All the more reason to try to encourage and support more people to make TV dramas, sitcoms, documentaries, whatever, that show gay people are just like other people (except for one essentially minor detail), rather than some freakish aberration. It is a glimmer of hope for our future, though a distant fantasy for people living in, say, Russia, from all accounts.

    2. de Villiers 15 Mar 2013, 2:58pm

      I genuinely do not know if it is surprising — would our own friends and parents be for gay marriage as opposed to being indifferent or mildly against if we were not out?

      1. Maybe not surprising, but for myself I would hope so, just as I would hope they would be in favour of racial equality regardless of whether their family includes [other] ethnic minorities or not. And if, say, my father had ever said that he thought women (for example) are inferior, I’d have been genuinely shocked – but perhaps I was lucky there.

  7. It’s all SO different when it’s your own kid getting a kicking and having to beg for civil rights from the bigoted sociopaths you represent, eh Senator?

  8. It’s good that this Senator has changed his views & supports his son, but a shame that he needed to be personally affected before changing his views. It means that most people opposed to gay equality will never change their views as most of them won’t have gay sons/daughters/siblings etc.

  9. Great info, but embarrassing amount of typos…. Where is the editor???

  10. How shocking that a US Senator can have so little empathy with the plight of others – until an issue pops up in his own household.

    Americans, do you really want someone of so little imagination governing you?

  11. It’s great that he has had a change of heart. But what makes me really upset about people like Portman, is that the LGBT and medical communities have said time and time again that being gay is not a choice. They refused to accept that and were adamant about preventing equal marriage rights for us.

    Now that his son has come out as gay and it’s a personal issue for him and his family, the idea of denying these rights to his own flesh and blood hits him right at the heart of him being a father.

    If his son had not come out to him or was not gay, he would still hold the warped prejudiced beliefs he had before.

  12. I think everyone here is thinking the same: sons and daughters of anti-gay and homophobic politicians everywhere, come out of the closet !!! Coming out is the strongest weapon we have against hatred and intolerance !!!!

  13. Sujay Kentlyn 15 Mar 2013, 10:20pm

    I’m sorry, Rob Portman, Dick Cheney et al., not good enough. Other people’s kids don’t matter? You’ll only examine your views when it touches your family? Pathetic.

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