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US: Anti-gay leader calls Senator who now supports equal marriage ‘A very troubled man’

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Barber 15 Mar 2013, 6:09pm

    Buress is of the Dominionist fascist stripe. Nothing new there.

  2. It’s ludicrous for Burress to claim that Portman is “a very troubled man” for deciding to ditch his homophobic stance instead of his son. Burress would, in the same situation, obviously ditch his son and THAT is what makes HIM a very troubled man. It’s clearly a case of him projecting his own faults onto another person. He has no business to personally attack a father for supporting his son. Burress needs to butt out and sort out his own troubles and no doubt he has many.

  3. No, you unbelievable moron. YOU are the troubled one, believing yourself to be a ‘compassionate, loving christian’. You are despicable. delusional and deeply troubled if you hear voices from sky fairies.

  4. Liam the God 15 Mar 2013, 11:07pm

    What. A. WANKER!

  5. I believe Phil Burress is the troubled man in this report. I also do believe he is a self-loathing homosexual. The haters are almost always closeted homosexuals. Hiding behind an opposite sex marriage and kids doesn’t make him ‘straight’.

    1. Absolutely spot on …. and the more that we can get this message out there, the sooner these vile self-haters will stop peddling thier hypocritical propogandaa.

  6. Buress echoes the sentiments of his fellow conservatives, many of whom view Rob Portman as a kind of traitor. Actually, it’s simple: love of one’s children and wanting the best, most fulfilling life for them, takes precedence over any religiously-based ideology. For a wonderful reflection and discussion of the emotional influences and dynamics involved, see:

  7. Obnoxious, sanctimonious git. He should keep his fatuous opinions to himself.

  8. YAWN;

    Gee whizz will this asshole bigots just go away!

    Who cares about there bigoted opinion pink news, I and other readers have been just sleeping and yawning over these stupid, idiotic and crazy people!!!!

  9. I didn’t know that bigotry and homophobia were “community values”…

  10. Unfortunately, we DO need to keep talking about people like this so that we can keep abreast of what they are trying to do to hinder equal rights and representation for all. the fact that they would turn on “one of their own” is significant…moreso for us, since it shows that they really don’t care for anyone who willingly decides to think for themselves and make their own decisions as opposed to falling in line with the “group thinking” that they espouse.

  11. A very troubled man is a father who can’t accept his son’s sexuality. That’s all.

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