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Peers in House of Lords urge decriminalisation of homosexuality across the Commonwealth

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Reader comments

  1. god save the queen – the fascist regime.

    1. Well put. It’s vile and disgusting, the deliberate exclusion of LGBT from the charter. A homophobic queen, oxymoronic.

      1. You two would mug your own grandmother you queen haters – leave the old lady alone – ugly bullies.

    2. Actually, the Commonwealth is a fascist regime considering how most of its member states treat us, i.e. no better than how we were treated in Germany under the Nazis. As the head of the Commonwealth, the Queen is actually similar on gay rights as Hitler was. I realise that will be offensive to some, but it is a fact that we are systematically tortured and killed in Commonwealth nations and as head of the Commonwealth, the Queen is presiding over that genocide. If she is opposed to that then it’s time she did something about it, but some of us have started to think that she isn’t opposed to it. The UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand etc. need to get a grip re. LGBT rights in the Commonwealth. If we can’t force the nations currently involved in genocide to stop, then we need to leave the organisation. As it is at the moment, it is like the UK being allied to Nazi Germany during WWII.

      1. But surely the Queen as head of the Commonwealth isn’t any more responsible for the individual nations’ laws than the head of the UN is for individual UN states? The Queen is only head of state of 15 Commonwealth nations (though those 15 include Jamaica and The Bahamas, so she could be doing better).

      2. Rehan: Sorry, you’re correct! I’ve just done some reading on the Commonwealth and it appears that she is Head of State only in Commonwealth realms and British Overseas Territories, but not in Commonwealth republics. In countries which she is Head of State, she grants Royal Assent to legislation or grants responsibility for doing so to her representative.

        According to Wikipedia, of the Commonwealth realms and British Overseas Territories where the Queen is Head of State and ultimately responsible for granting Royal Assent to legislation, homosexuality is illegal in the following:

        Antigua & Barbuda (penalty – 15 year prison sentence)

        Barbados – life sentence

        Belize – 10 year sentence. Gay people are barred from entering the country.

        Cook Islands

        Grenada / St Kitts & Nevis / St Lucia / St Vincent & the Grenadines – 10 year sentence

        Jamaica – 10 years hard labour

        Papua New Guinea / Solomon Islands / Tuvalu – 14 year sentence

    3. Or perhaps another quote from that same unbearably fatuous ‘song’:

      God save the queen
      We mean it man
      We love our queen
      God saves

  2. “The UK is a beacon for LGBT rights”??


    Really, does anyone really believe that?

    The UK is as much a “beacon” as the US is.

    1. Darren Theoret 15 Mar 2013, 5:29pm

      True in some sense. I live in Canada which truly is a beacon for LGBT rights, but if I had to choose to live in either UK or Uganda, Guyana, Singapore, Cyprus or even Australia, I would Choose UK in a NY minute!

    2. Shushh! Don’t dare tell the truth on here, you must know many hate hearing that on here.

    3. You might want to travel a bit, Mikey.

  3. LGBT citizens of Commonwealth nations (including us here in the UK) deserve to know whether or not our monarch is homophobic. By signing the Commonwealth Charter she has made it clear that she opposes discrimination “rooted in gender, race, colour, creed, political belief and other grounds”. Homophobic discrimination is not mentioned, yet it’s probably the most prolific form of discrimination in the Commonwealth.

    LGBT Commonwealth citizens deserve much better and should have a right to know if the Head of the Commonwealth is with us or against us, now that everyone else knows that she supports them in their right to be free from discrimination.

  4. Pathetic that we are now known as ‘other grounds’ so as not to offend homophobic Commonwealth governments! How the hell are countries that have the death penalty for gays allowed in the Commonwealth??!

    1. None of the 5 countries that, in their entirety, have the death penalty for homosexuality are part of the Commonwealth. The Sharia rule of some of the northern states of Nigeria are the only parts of the Commonwealth with the death penalty – and yes, I agree Nigeria should be expelled.

  5. Presumably it should read “a monument of man’s INhumanity to man”?

  6. I never thought I would see the day when the House of Lords would urge the decriminalisation of homosexuality across the Commonwealth.

    Yea for Lord Black.

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