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Labour MP Diane Abbott: ‘The government has run out of ideas on sexual health’

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Reader comments

  1. More blah, blah, blah from Diane Abbott.

    She’s being critical of the government yet completely fails to offer any practical suggestions herself.

    Typical politician.

    By the way is her son still in private school or has he finished now?

  2. Whilst I am no fan of Ms Abbott – she does have a very valid point – the new “framework” does not have anything new & fresh in it.

    There is no Strategy & no new money to try to deal with HIV & Sexual Health – the document seems to be very light on some aspects of HIV prevention & of course there is no new funding so I guess we will not see much improvement going forward.

    Let us not forget that Local Authorities will be working to this document as they commission HIV / Sexual Health services from April – if the framework is weak then the commissioning intentions will be weak – & guess what the HIV service providers will as always take the flack!

    As I have said in a previous thread we should be holding all the parties involved in HIV / Sexual Health to account, not just the service providers – I wonder how many PN readers will bother to contact their MP or lobby their Director of Public Health to ensure things get better?

    Where is the activism amongst gay men these days?

  3. She’s a racist. Who listens to her anymore? Population zero.

  4. It might be helpful for HER to come up with some then?

  5. 40 Year Old Virgin 15 Mar 2013, 6:27pm

    Just abstain until you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s a great bit advice and its costs nowt to implement

    1. Abstain???? Hahahahahaha. Yeah, right! No need to abstain when protection is available. It isn’t the 19th Century. Improved sexual health education in schools, which is applicable to both straight and gay pupils, will help. Your advice doesn’t help in the 21st century, nor did it in the last century.

  6. While I agree with her, it has to be said that the last Labour government were just as useless in this respect.

  7. Irresponsible people pay for their stupidity. Condoms protect you!

  8. Diane Abbot is renowned fir critising, yet fails to come up with a plan herself. When the electorate challenge her on twitter, she blocks the. Labour doesn’t have a shadow minister for public health, just some whinger named Diane Abbot.

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