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Dutch lesbian foster couple go into hiding with son after Turkish protests

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Reader comments

  1. Stories like this aren’t good for my blood pressure! As the boy was removed from their care while he was still a baby because he was a “child in danger”, the biological parents should have no right to comment. The Turkish PM has no right either, so if he dares to comment when visiting Holland next week, the Dutch PM should deport him on the first available flight back to Turkey.

  2. This is only to be expected in third-world countries such as Turkey, whose official government policy is one of exclusion and denial for Turkish LGBTs. While still officially secular, the Islamic extremists have made significant gains in the government. And in the end, it’s the children who are hurt. Woe to the Turkish prime minister if he dares to make an issue of this. The Dutch are not easily bullied.

  3. Maybe if the biological couple had been better to begin with then they wouldn’t have had the kid removed from their care.

  4. Says the couple who had their baby taken into care because he was a “child in danger”. That’s a fact. Their nasty, homophobic slur on the parents of their son is not.

    It’s disgusting that the couple have had to go into hiding – absolutely disgusting.

  5. The positive thing is that 9 year old boy is now in safe hands. We should focus on that also.

  6. Paul Essex/London 15 Mar 2013, 8:40pm

    So this couple decide to move to another country, presumably because it offers a better quality of life to their own. Can’t provide the care required as a parent and so the system charged with providing that can’t provide it with adequate observation of the cultural and religious requirements you demand because you’re not from that country. If you don’t like it why did you choose (and this case it would have been a choice) to move there? Because you wanted to have your cake and eat it. Well tough luck, you forfeited the right to freely demand discrimination against others when you freely took everything that Denmark has to offer. Progressive countries like Denmark can’t force its ideals on other countries like Turkey, but that principal works both ways. Putting up with the bigotry you propagate within your own country is one thing, forcing it upon other countries is quite another.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Mar 2013, 9:01pm

    One more reason to block Turkey’s entry into the EU. I hope it NEVER happens.

  8. Womandrogyne 16 Mar 2013, 12:37am

    “Turkish children have been placed in Christian families as well as with gay parents, both in Holland and in Belgium – which has caused anger in traditional parts of Turkish society.” I know what this means, but the wording sort of excludes the existence of gay Christian parents.

  9. Sorry, am I missing something here? Parents who were not capable of bringing up their own child are questioning the abilities of the foster-parents on grounds of sexuality? What possible right do they have, in such circumstances, to say anything like this?

    “Morally unfit”, my arse. It’s the biological parents who’re morally [and clearly in every other way] unfit.

  10. Fun fact that wasn’t included in the article, the mother has two other children, and after the youngest was taken away, social services kept a very close eye on the family.

    By 2008 the situation apparently got so bad that they decided to take the other two children as well.

    At this point the mother (oddly enough in no article I’ve read was the father ever specifically mentioned, at most as the plural part of “parents”) decided to flee the Netherlands and take her other two sons to Turkey, abandoning the child in foster care once again.

  11. Well i can safely say I will never, ever go to Turkey again. This is despicable behaviour on the part of the Turkish government.

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