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Danish Ministers express disappointment at ‘harmful’ election of Pope Francis, for his views on gay people

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Reader comments

  1. “expressing disappointment that the Vatican did not choose someone more progressive on LGBT and women’s rights,”

    They only have cardinals to pick from, how would they pick someone progressive?

    In Rome progressive means accepting the world is round.

    1. PantoHorse 15 Mar 2013, 5:38pm

      Lol. I said something similar when the lunchtime news was on today and he was saying something about reaching out the the four corners of the globe.

      1. ha ha, so NOT funny panto.

  2. I just love these Danes!

    1. Yeahhhhhhh!
      SANDI TOKSVIG for Pope….!




  3. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Mar 2013, 5:54pm

    I hope more government officials in the EU countries follow suit.

  4. Denmark must be a very progressive country to have ministers criticising the new pope. If any minister in the UK Government were to do the same, they’d probably be forced to resign due to a fit of outrage from fellow Parliamentarians and the Catholic Church. This country is so timid towards religions to the point where they are allowed to live to a different set of laws to the rest of us. If only we could be more like the Danes!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Mar 2013, 6:57pm

      It is a very progressive country indeed. Remember, it was the first to introduce civil unions for gay couples in 1989 and now has equal marriage since March 2012.

      If any of our politicians criticised the choice for Pope, they’d be accused by the god botherers of being anti-catholic. It’s amazing how silent they all are since O’Brien’s hypocrisy was exposed, not a word out of them and certainly hardly any from the roman hierarchy.

      1. I know, they are all silent about O’Brien yet they were falling over each other trying to be at the head of the queue to lavish him with praise before the scandal broke. Hypocrites, the lot of them. They make my blood curdle.

        1. Im from Australia, so I really cannot believe u guys are complaining about the Church having too much influence in England. Labour, Lib-Dems and even many Tories (inc. David Cameron) have stood up to the Churches and Mosques on the issue of marriage equality. The Scottish parliament might do the same. Here in Australia, the politicians have turned down gay marriage and even civil unions because they ‘offend’ the church; in America its even worse. Be grateful you live in England, its not perfect but it could be worse

          1. Oi Aussie shut it

          2. I live in the UK, but not in England!

            I live in Northern Ireland which has rejected any plans to introduce same-sex marriage.

            Therefore, I have every right to complain.

    2. Helge V. Tiller 16 Mar 2013, 12:18am

      True James ! Denmark, Sweden , Iceland ( partly Finland ) and Norway are pretty similar in this respect. Progressive and egalitarian countries, with openness and a remarkable freedom in political and social life. More freedom than most countries in Europe. ( H. V. T.–Norway )

  5. Wow, shock horror…Hmm what did people expect the Catholic Church to bend to popular culture? The Catholic Church is the one institution that has opposed the gay lifestyle for nearly 2,000 years. None of us should hold our breath expecting a change this side of the grave, we are just wasting our time.

    1. Lifestyle?

      In any case, Danish politicians are sending a signal to the Vatican expressing their disappointment with the election of yet another medieval throwback. It’s unlikely that the RCC will ’embrace’ “the gay lifestyle” but perhaps it could simply keep its mouth shut when things like equal marriage or human sexuality in general are debated. That in itself would be a step forward, a ‘progression’ if you will.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Mar 2013, 6:53pm

      Lifestyle suggests choice. We don’t chooe our orientation, Teresa, no more than a straight person chooses his or hers. Theirs is never regarded as a lifestyle if you haven’t noticed. Ask any of them when they chose theirs.

      1. Don’t be a bunch of grouchy old men don’t quibble over a word

        1. Robert sort your anger issues out

  6. David in Indianapolis 15 Mar 2013, 6:36pm

    “The new pope has also said that same-sex adoption adoption is a form of discrimination and abuse against children.”

    So, according to he, it is better to leave these unwanted children in the orphanages, rather than place them in the homes of loving, same-sex couples?


  7. Hold not thy breath lest thy custard take longer to cool than would otherwise be necessary in order that thou mayest shovel it down thy trap more comfortably and with greater velocity.


  8. Hold not thy breath but use it more propitiously lest it should take longer for thy custard to cool than is necessary and thus delay the shovelling thereof, down thy trap.


  9. I seem to to have rep rep rep eated myself..
    Too much custard, mayhap?

    There’ll be no change at the Vatican just more of the same.


  10. Politicians from almost every single European country could take lessons from their scandinavian counterparts, and certainly from the Danes. Talk about politicians with balls!
    Nothing the likes of which we have here in Westminster Palace.
    But what can we expect in a land where there is no separation of Church and State??

  11. Helge Vladimir Tiller 15 Mar 2013, 11:23pm

    I do think many ministers in different countries in Europe and around the world are of the same opinion ! Quite many in the Scandinavian countries and on Iceland ! But they are a bit reluctant to saying so to the press. At least 4 of our ministers here in Norway are definitely against the “fascistic” attitude this Pope and the previous Pope presented. A warm THANK YOU to Denmark !

  12. Perhaps to many of you were too young to remember . When the Nazis marched in and took over Denmark during WWII. They ordered all Jews to wear an identifiying yellow star. The following morning the Danish King stood on the Palace balcony with a yellow star of David on his arm . Defying the order of the Nazis .This is what Danes are made of.

    “I just love these Danes!….”


    SANDI TOKSVIG for Pope…!

    Now there’s a thought…!


  14. hope vatican’s perception about same sex marriage will change :)

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