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US: Chick-fil-A foundation’s tax filings show anti-LGBT donations almost doubled in 2011

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Reader comments

  1. Oh, how I ma looking forward to their demise!

  2. I’d be more interested when their 2012 tax filings are available, since the whole anti-gay controversy happened mid 2012, not 2011.

    1. Agreed but it shows how long they have been attacking us for, most likely even longer. I’ve been to America 3 times since it kicked off with friends and made sure none of us went to one of their outlets. Its not just locals they have annoyed.

      Look at the campus getting rid of them because students wouldnt buy their product any longer. Their future customer base doesnt like them. Another business for the history books through bad management.

      Even if they did change their official stance, I would not got there. I know it would only be because they are loosing business and still really dislike us.

  3. I’m amazed christian athletes need money. Surely they just need to pray and they will win?

  4. MerlynHerne 15 Mar 2013, 12:54pm

    So, they lied when they said the donations had ceased. What is it with fundies and lying? I thought that was a sin in the Christian religion.

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