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UK: Green Party LGBT group criticises UK Border Agency following death of lesbian Ugandan asylum seeker Jackie Nanyonjo

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Reader comments

  1. The UK Border agency should be charged with murder!

  2. If we wanted to press charges, is this even possible with the UK Border Agency? Shameful!

    1. on the other Hand 14 Mar 2013, 2:52pm

      Shouldn’t the Police be doing the job the UKBA are doing?

  3. When will we learn?

  4. Good.

    But what are they doing to ensure that not a single penny of British taxpayer’s money is going to Uganda?

    Uganda gets 100,000,000 quid in aid each year.

    This needs to be cut to 0,
    Britain has zero obligation to a dump like Uganda, regardless of how poor tey are.

    1. I wonder if your opinion on this were changed if you happened to live in such a hateful and impoverished nation?
      Aid is given with strings attached also, we don’t just hand over money. This is a business transaction in most cases, with the UK given special access and deals in business and to support military strategy.

      Which would you rather have, aid given to people who need it, or all those people trying to flee to this country for protection and escape from their horrible existence?

      Daily Mail readers often forget that it is pure chance that they were born here. You could have been born in Uganda too. This xenophobia and hatred of all others based on nationality or race is sickening and ignorant in the extreme.

      The ONLY thing that makes you different to any other Human is where you were born and the life you subsequently experienced. Gender, race, sexuality and anything else is completely irrelevant.

      1. Well I thankfully don’t live in a cesspool like Uganda.

        Considering that murderous bigotry is deeply popular in Uganda and shared by the majority of the population (the reason politicians engage routinely in hatespeech is because it is a populist vote winner) then I quite frankly don’t care how poor they are.

        The ONLY aid Britain should be giving to that dump is to NGO’s who have made a specific commitment to human rights (LGBT human rights included).

        The rest can starve for all I care.

    2. Britain has zero obligation to send aid to Uganda now that it is independent, but as our old laws (which were enacted during the time of British colonisation) regarding “sodomy” (as homosexuality was referred to then) are still in place in many Commonwealth nations, then we should have an obligation to accept LGBT asylum seekers from those nations. Withdrawing financial aid and putting diplomatic pressure on countries like Uganda could help, but until it and other countries stop persecuting LGBT people, we shouldn’t be deporting LGBT asylum seekers back to them.

  5. iwouldliketoknow? 14 Mar 2013, 12:09pm

    If the person concerned has an underlying health issue that was not reported to the Home Office or sought medical attention when in Uganda, how can the UK Home Office be blamed for it actions, the question here was Jackie Nanyonjo denied medical treatment in Uganda? if so should this not be taken up with the WHO/UN or other ossociated body other than blaming the Home Office?

    1. Do you seriously think it is right for the Home Office and UKBA to deport a lesbian back to Uganda??? They torture and murder LGBT people in Uganda. She fled that Commonwealth nation to seek asylum here and nobody with a heart could blame her. The Home Office knew that she would die if returned to Uganda, so the Home Office is partly responsible for her death. Theresa May as Home Secretary has ultimate responsibility for deportation issues, so I don’t know how she can live with her conscience (if she has a conscience, that is).

      The homophobic laws in most Commonwealth nations were introduced by the UK colonisers many years ago. They haven’t been amended or repealed, so it is Victorian laws still in place. The British have therefore a moral responsibility to accept LGBT asylum seekers from homophobic Commonwealth nations.

    2. Are you a complete idiot? The Home Office deported her while they knew she was gay and could be in danger in Uganda hell.
      Do you really think the grunts at the Home Office gives a shit about some black lesbian from outside of the UK. Do some research and be aware of the intelligence of the Home Office apes you are dealing with. I doubt their total IQ could caculate to over 60.

      Her injuries were caused by a physical assult from the Home Office grunts that deported her.

      1. iwouldliketoknow? 14 Mar 2013, 1:25pm

        @james, as long as the due process was completed and through appeal was determined to be correct in Law, was other options are there? Weather the appeal was done completed in another EU member state, this also would have applied.

        The point I am trying to raise is whilst in UK custody did she receive medical care and support for any underlying health issues? Point of care?

        MFJ should also raise this with the WHO/UN/Liberty……… to see if the person in Uganda can be brought to trail for affecting the death of this indiviual. The issue here is for global pressure/sanctions to be brought and criminal charges?

    3. iwouldliketoknow? 14 Mar 2013, 1:52pm

      Was she continiously denied medical treatment from the period of the 12/01 to here regretted death on the 8th March whilst in Uganda? This should be addressed?

  6. According to information on the other branch of comments on this story she was brutally attacked by the guards

    1. Croydon Guy 27 Mar 2013, 12:13pm

      It’s not just the physical damage done to her by the guards and the denial of medical treatment. When back in Uganda it would be almost impossible to get medical treatment because her history would soon be apparent to the doctor – who would certainly not continue treating a lesbian.
      Or so my lesbian Ugandan friend tells me.
      The UK BA condemned her to deportation without basic medical care. It must know that she would not get it in Uganda, so they do have a real responsibility *for her death*.

  7. If Jackie Nanyonjo had been a hatemongering homophobe or supporter of terrorism, the British immigration authorities would be falling over themselves to protect her ‘human rights’ by keeping her in the country.

    But because she was a member of a group constantly targeted by hatemongers, they shrugged and threw her out. there is blood on the UKBA’s hands – again.

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