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Russian lawmaker tells Stephen Fry: ‘Gay teens pretend to be bullied’

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Reader comments

  1. Liam the God 14 Mar 2013, 2:30pm

    USSR v2.0. Oppression, intimidation, and barefaced lies! Many of the Slavic nations have rampant homophobia and racism, and seem to want to return to 1979 and the Warsaw Pact. Just sad: Shake off the oppressor and find another one. :/

  2. Yes, they really pretend so much that they end up taking their own lives.

  3. This type of hate hurts my head. I wonder sinces im fron the U.S. if Obama will react or denounce this bill if it passes and sinces yesterday the Pope was elected what will he say about this bill. hmm ?

  4. Garry Cassell 14 Mar 2013, 3:11pm

    F******* arsewipe politician…too stupid to have anything close to an intelligent idea…just despise the poor, threaten the lower class and fill their own pockets…lie to the world thinking the world don’t know the difference…bastards..

  5. Scott Amundsen 14 Mar 2013, 3:25pm

    I’ve about had it with Russia. It is time for nations with consciences to pull out of the 12014 Olympics; I feel bad for the athletes, but someone needs to take a stand and as my late father would have said, the best place to hit them is in the pocketbook.

    1. No Olympics has been awarded beyond Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Perhaps you’re confused with the FIFA World Cup which Russia will host in 2018?

      1. Winter Olympics 2014 are in Russia

        1. Ah yes of course.

  6. Good for Stephen Fry! Glad to see someone is speaking up for the LGBTs in Russia. He and his team should be congratulated! Well done!

  7. The blind, smug stupidity of this ‘lawmaker’ is really beyond belief, it’s hard not to find ignorance on this level seriously depressing.

  8. I seem to remember we had a nasty little law of this kind here in Britain from 1988 to 2003. It set us back some, but at least Britain emerged from the nastiness of the homophobic Tory years a much more tolerant and inclusive society. Perhaps in a decade or so Russia will be the same, having seen and rejected such public vileness. Perhaps…

    1. Immediately after the October Revolution of 1917, Russia introduced the most progressive gay laws on the planet. A few years later, they were all repealed and the persecution began.

      To this day, I still hate the Tories for Clause 28. I remember being on the demo that went down Whitehall. I’ve never seen gay people as angry as we were that day. We should remember that even in the UK, 40% of the population still admit to being intolerant of homosexuality.

  9. None of us should accept the “It Gets Better” Campaign. That is to exonerate schools, teachers, government and police. No-one would think it acceptable that black kids are routinely subjected to racism, while teachers look the other way. The black community would never stand by while can’t-be-bothered liberals say “it will get better when they leave school”.

    I was lucky at school, even though I was the bespectaled swot, I had a ring of friends who always protected me from those who hated gay people. But a generation later, I heard my own shy 11 y.o. nephew stood up and condemned his entire class, including the teacher, for picking on some kid they thought was gay.

    If he can stand up against the bullies, then we should demand it of the teachers.

  10. DivusAntinous 14 Mar 2013, 7:46pm

    They really are on the wrong side of history. In 100 years this sort of thing will be looked back on in the same way that we look back on the racial segregation in the last century.

    1. But not in Russia. In that frozen hellhole that is the private stockyard of Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church they still think they are living in the Middle Ages. 100 years from now they will be saying the same thing, even as the whole world approves same-sex marriage and LGBT rights. Russia, a place for all of us to remember to never put our feet on.

  11. So many millions of Russians died in the fight against fascism during World War II. The people trying to steer it towards a fascist state today should be made to feel the pain of each of those millions of dead Russians.

  12. Bit rough on poor Dobby.

  13. I’m a Canadian living in Moscow. Does anyone know of a protest effort against this bill here? I would like to be involved. (Organising proper protests here is extremely difficult).
    By they way, the colloquial term used for heterosexual in Russian is “natural.”

    1. The Kitty Channel 16 Mar 2013, 12:06am

      You could start with a Facebook group known as . This is a group of outstandingly courageous and articulate young Russians. It’ll help if you know Russian.

  14. Helge Vladimir Tiller 15 Mar 2013, 4:07pm

    No doubt ! Russia is heading towards a new Ice Age for gays and lesbians.

  15. Get this; I did a little google of this Vitaly Milonov guy on the Internet and according to an RTA Novosti report:

    “Milonov has proposed, this month alone, granting full citizenship to embryos and forcing women who have not given birth by the age of 23 to join the army.”

    In the light of his views, he’s pretty naive in assuming that giving every transwoman in Russia a gun could hold positive outcomes for him personally;)!

  16. Instead of defending sexual preferences, wouldn’t it be interesting to defends something that link everybody to each others, like corruption for exemple….
    But no….
    Lets just create one more political disctintion between people, and split LGBT in a new category as for the black or the jewish.
    Humm, but I wonder who’s gonna ever ask you what you do in your bed ????????????????

  17. Why are gays in America SO mad at Russia for their anti gay law?? Russia can pass whatever law they want!! Isn’t it strange how American liberals would NEVER dream of going to Muslim countries to try and charge that terrorism is wrong, that beheading women or beating them is wrong,but Russia having anti gay law TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER EVERYTHING ELSE!!!! TOO BAD FOR ALL YOU DEPRAVED HOMOS HERE IN AMERICA!!! TRYING TO BULLY RUSSIA ISN’T GOING TO WORK BECAUSE RUSSIANS WILL NOT CHANGE THEIR STANCE AND REFUSE TO BE BULLIED BY A SMALL MINORITY WHO WANT TO ENFORCE LAW THAT THE MAJORITY DOES NOT WANT!!!! DEAL WITH IT ALL YOU FILTHY,DEPRAVED FREAKS, DEAL WITH IT;)!!!

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