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Iran, Russia and Egypt threaten to scupper UN women’s declaration due to gay rights opposition

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Reader comments

  1. “it’s claimed Russia, the Vatican, Iran and other conservative Islamic states object.” The Vatican can object all it likes. It isn’t a member of the UN and doesn’t get to vote on it.

  2. So the UN are just going to cave in-and sacrifice OUR rights-in order to preserve the rights of women and girls??

    What IS the point of sacrificing ONE right to preserve another?

    Can you imagine them sacrificing the rights of Jews-or Muslims in order to maintain the rights of women and girls??

    Don’t play that game UN- we have seen it played out in Nazi Germany over 80 years ago-won’t we EVER learn?

  3. Uncilvized countries grouping together against human rights. What a disgusting spectacle.

  4. Keith Francis Farrell 14 Mar 2013, 12:16pm

    What is the point of haveing the UN and doing all the work on a document like this only to remove the rights it pledges to protect.
    Sorry I dont se any value in the UN.
    I refuse to go to any country where I dont have equal rights and I refuse to allow my country to support fianacially or other wise any country that refuses to accept me.
    I amso read that Port searches on the internet are higher in these anti gay countries than in countries where it is recognised. What is the problem, are they all traight and worried that we havebetter sex lives than they do. What two consenting adults do in private, should be just that “Private”.
    I am sosick of the amount f homophobia that ther is in the world. People believe in God, well prove that he exisits, you cannot, you tell me I have to believe. If such a god exists do you not think he would be ashamed of all the homophobia you are showing to other people after he told you to love everyone equally.
    The muslims are just as guilty.

  5. I thought the UN was there to make the world a better place? So how can it ‘appease’ these backward dictatorships? Member countries should either abide by the rules … or leave. Human Rights should be non-negotiable.

  6. All of the comments here so far are missing the point. The UN cannot do anything unless the majority of its members agree to it.

    It’s good that the UN is discussing LBGT rights. It’s good that it and the more civilised member states are putting pressure on the other states to agree. But it’s very unlikely that the required majority will be found this time round.

    Once that becomes obvious, they have a choice. Either drop the whole thing, or drop the clause about LBGT rights. Is it better to win a victory for women’s rights alone, or to fail both women’s and LBGT rights? Given the horrific abuse of women in some parts of the world, I think the answer is obvious.

    1. Given the horrific abuse, torture and execution of gay people in some parts of the world, I think the answer is obvious.

      1. I’m certainly not suggesting that gay people suffer too, and at times worse than women. But the way the UN is constituted means that it has no realistic chance of doing anything about that at present. On the other hand, there is a realistic chance of doing something to improve women’s rights. It seems churlish to the extreme to suggest scuppering the opportunity to improve women’s rights simply because we’re not getting anything out of it ourselves.

  7. I would like to mention something a lot of others will not see in this report… I’d like to point out the utter hypocrisy of the UN on female genital mutilation.

    Several nations rightly scream about this practice in African nations, while completely ignoring the FACT that the USA practices male genital mutilation as routine.

    Circumcision is rife in America, and it’s not even based in religious belief, it’s fashion! And yet the UN ignores this, America ignores this, while screaming about the same thing happening to women and girls in Africa!

    It’s EXACTLY THE SAME THING! It’s child abuse, genital mutilation, sadistic and sickening. The UN and USA have no moral platform to stand on while they ignore this continued practice.

    1. yo bloke toys do you really belive that male Circumcision is the same as female Circumcision ,,,, its is not, the male can still enjoy sex, the poor woman who has her clit cut off and sewn up can NOT

      1. There are many forms of female circumcision that have different effect on sexual pleasure.The most performed type does not eliminate all the pleasure.However the most common argument that it is given is the same as the with male circumcision(cultural norm).So he is right it is the same thing just that people refuse do acknowledge it

        1. And I suppose you believe that pigs can fly too?

          Guys, do you suffer from premature ejaculation?

          Get the cut and go the distance.

  8. Can the dissenting nations be evicted, please?
    At the rate things are going, the UN will soon look like it’s predecessor, the League of Nations, and quite possibly dying under similar circumstances.

    1. I am all in favor of evicting China, Russia and Iran, just for the start. They are not interested in any kind of international peace and justice, only in their own good and in the international conflicts, injustice and inequality. How are you going to accept nations to discuss international human rights when they violate human rights every day in their own countries and don’t want anyone to reprehend them ?

      1. Good luck accomplishing anything with the UN without the support of China and Russia. You can try to exclude them, but you do realize that most of Asia is under their joint area of influence, and that pretty much all of Europe is highly dependent on Russia for fuel. Also, China has a strong and growing influence in Africa and other developing nations. The middle east is also strongly influenced by Russia.

  9. Spinner1906 14 Mar 2013, 1:32pm

    Why does the UN recognise the Vatican with observer status and allow it to participate? Does any other religion get this?

    As for it being a ‘State’, it is not a real country or it would have full status. It should revert to being subject to the laws of Italy and the EU. I wonder why Pope Ben stopped this…?

    1. The Knights of Malta (yes, really!) also have observer status, however they’re also associated with the Roman Catholic church. There are a lot of bodies with observer status (e.g. the International Olympic Committee, and the Red Cross), but I don’t believe any other religions have observer status.

  10. Pope Dorothy 200th 14 Mar 2013, 1:35pm

    Clearly the UN is doing the work of the devil.

  11. I sincerely hope nobody will support a declaration that states it is wrong to abuse women but not GLBT people.

  12. Roy Dongen 14 Mar 2013, 8:23pm

    Seems President George Bush was right: The “Axes of Evil” do exists, just he got the countries slightly wrong!

  13. I read this article in the New York Times , the headline read Russia Iran Vatican and other homophobic muslim states. Yet the Pink News did not include the Vatican in its headline. While the Vatican may not have a vote in the UN it has sway over many Catholic countires who are as homphobic about gay rights enough to stop womens rights and send them backwards .Now that the Black Pope heads the Vatican . They will make it their crusade in the UN or anywhere to attack gay rights around the world.For the Vatican this is the Battle of good verses ,evil.

  14. screw these nasty countries-the rest of the world MUST lead

  15. Whose ever was the idea to allow these sh*tholes into the UN ? In fact, to allow them into any kind of world organization ? Backwards countries that only care about themselves, have never heard of the simple concept of “human rights” and if could would conquer and destroy all the nations of the world for their own pleasure. It’s like allowing Romulans, Daleks and Goa’uld into any kind of galactic federation: they are irrational creatures only interested in destroying, creating suffer and subjulgating others.

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