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Former Formula One star slammed for saying he doesn’t want a ‘poofter’ to play him in his biopic

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Reader comments

  1. He seems to have missed one of the basic points about acting, namely the art of portraying someone different from yourself. Perhaps he is the sort of idiot who can’t tell the difference between an actor who plays a villain in a soap opera and a real villain.

    1. Odd that he doesn’t argue that Daniel Craig is far too good-looking to play Moss, isn’t it? And yes, it’s perfectly extraordinary the degree to which some old farts don’t understand what the verb ‘to act‘ actually means.

      1. Judging from the photo on the article, I think Richard Wilson would be an excellent choice to play him. He does offensive old men so well. And to cap it all, he’s “a poofter”.

        1. I thought that too! Wouldn’t that be perfect?

      2. I was thinking Ian McKellan. Perhaps Sir Ian could be persuaded to float the idea to see Moss’s reaction!
        I suspect he (Sir Ian) would find such a jape highly amusing……..

    2. They will also have to find an actor that can race cars surely and win a grand prix first. In fact it would have to be played by him as anyone else would just be acting the part.

    3. Scarey – but thankfully of a dying generation. He should have his knighthood revoked at the very least. Imagine the outcry if he’d made a similar racist slur?

  2. “I’m sorry I’ve caused offence, but I’m disappointed anyone could be so narrow-minded as to take offence. It was not meant to cause any.”

    Bigots are STILL trying to figure out how to understand their offense and sincerely apologize without making everything worse with fake apologies.

    1. Leigh Hamilton 18 Mar 2013, 2:48pm

      “Sorry you got offended” again.

    2. Sounds like a Sheldon Cooper apology – “I’m sorry that your lack of ability to understand caused you to be upset”. Or perhaps Moss is a BBT fan and was being sarcastic. Should hold a sign saying “sarcasm”.

      Apologies to non-Big Bang theory fans if your lack of ability to understand………

  3. James Savik 14 Mar 2013, 2:37am


    Is that anything like an old fart?

    1. Sort of. But we dress much better.

  4. Motor racing is just competitive commuting.

    1. Love it!

  5. Gene in L.A. 14 Mar 2013, 3:07am

    Because it takes such manly strength to tread on a gas pedal.

    1. Actually it DOES take such to be in F1, the point is though that you can be gay and have those things.

  6. In further news, he insisted that the actor not only be straight, but a thoughtless bigoted fool too. Just to complete the accuracy.

  7. I hope they get Julian Clary in to play him…

    1. In a pink race car with ribbons.

    2. I vote someone more athletic like Louie Spence!
      They could do the entire biopic as an interpretive dance piece…

  8. what vile disgusting remarks – his a old man from another world but that doesn’t he is able make such comments -after all he would never say he doesn’t want t black person to play him -he would have the guts to say that.

    1. only they wouldn’t pick a black man to be him in the film … it would like be picking a Caucasian to be nelson mandela or ghandi.

  9. PeterinSydney 14 Mar 2013, 6:45am

    And no sensible “poofter” would want to play the role of homophobe Moss!!!

  10. “Way things are nowadays”
    Oh so now it’s a apparent “trend” aye? Hmm gay must be the new fashion to this vile man :)

  11. “I have homosexual friends”

    Here we go again. Just another old bigot.

    1. And they must feel so proud of your friendship right now…

      I loved the comment of calling people who have taken offense narrow minded.. irony anyone?

  12. “I’m sorry I’ve caused offence, but I’m disappointed anyone could be so narrow-minded as to take offence. It was not meant to cause any.”

    “I’m not sorry I took offence, because I’m so disappointed anyone could be so narrow minded as to be a bigot!”

  13. He’s right… I mean look at NPH… does anyone actually think he does a good job of playing Barney?

    (except my sister who was convinced he was straight)

    1. Who or what is NPH?

      1. Barney is a big purple dinosaur who was accused of being a gay influence, isn’t he?

      2. Barrney's Babes 14 Mar 2013, 11:00am

        Neil Patrick Harris

    2. He plays an insecure man who tries to hide his insecurity by bedding as many females as possible. I have watched this series and he does as good a job as any straight actor.
      Just as (openly gay) Jim Parsons plays the asexual, OCD suffering, borderline austitic genius Sheldon Cooper. And JP has won Emmys.

  14. It’s just a typical granddad comment really. I would be bothered, but he’ll be dead soon so there’s no point.

    1. My grandad might well have said something like that in private to close friends or relatives. But I can’t imagine him saying something like that to a journalist or to someone he didn’t know well. That’s the difference, and that’s why it’s not just a “typical grandad comment”.

      1. If your grandad may have said that, regardless to whom then yes it is a grandad comment. Even my Labrador can work that one out.

  15. An ex of mine was a rally racing driver. He totaled that many rally cars his dad got sick to death of buying him new ones. I’ve also known speedway racers and motorbike scramblers. All gay. What kind of insular bubble of unreality is Stirling Moss living in. And he should be so lucky that Daniel Craig would play him in a biopic. RuPaul would be a better choice for the part.

    1. We move in very different circles, Mike, as Mr. Fry would say. I wish I could move into yours. (No double entendre intended :D )

  16. Whenever hateful speech comes our way, simply replace “faggot”, “poofter” or other expletive by “nigger”. Such speeches would AUTOMATICALLY be condemned by almost every politician, people would go to the extent to demand legal pursuits, but strangely, when we are the target, the same people are silent or their condemnation rather mild. Point it to them, and see them trying to awkwardly justify their hypocrisy. Works like a charm every time :-)

    1. I’ve used this technique several times. Many straight people have a keenly developed ‘social conscience’ about issues such as slavery and racial equality. But these same people remain reticent to defend, with anything like the same vigour, the rights of gay people. Could this be religion’s influence, I wonder?

  17. Ay up….he has…….GAY FRIENDS! And he doesn’t mind homosexuality….it’s THE WAY THINGS ARE TODAY! Sooooo, it’s a modern thing then? Silly old man.

  18. Nasty little bit of work.

    I had an unfortunate meeting with him circa the early 1990s when he was given a Fixed Penalty Notice for running a red traffic light on his moped while driving on the Marylebone Road.

    My did he kick up. Little pompous arrogant self-assured shite went running to all his friends in high places and pretty quickly the said FPN was lost from the Metropolitan Police system and an apology made to his little bag of rubbish.

    The officers involved given ‘words of advice’ for daring to thread on this weasel’s toes.

    I had the unpleasant experience of having to listen to his whingings.

    And take it from me, this man can whinge. He can whinge faster than he can drive.

  19. Yet another bigot who claims to have gay friends. How many times have we heard that? If they are correct, we should all be very suspicious of our heterosexual friends! I’m joking of course. These bigots are talking through their derrières. Their opinions are based on complete fallacies and deliberate lies.

    Stirling Moss says he hopes the actor portraying him is masculine. A masculine guy with no issues regarding his own sexuality would have no problem whatsoever with gay people. If the producers want an actor resembling a true likeness of Moss, then perhaps Keith O’Brien would be appropriate, now that he’s without a job.

  20. Im not jumping on the bigot wagon here.

    The guy is from a different age, wording is different, the intent gets confused. Ive spoken to him with my boyfriend and he was supportive.

    What he really means is that the actor playing him needs to be a convincing womaniser, because that’s what he was. No actor, gay or straight, that isnt able to deliver that should play him.

    ‘Poofter’ is about fem and weak, not just specifically gay.

    1. Rubbish.

      Bigots don’t get a pass simply because they are old and decrepit and almost dead.

      1. Your assuming he is a bigot. The terminology he used is old fashioned, and descriptive of a weak fem man. I really hate how the gay community jumps on every single misunderstanding like the person is Hitler. It really makes us look like touchy unpleasant idiots at times. He never said the actor should nt be gay, he said they shouldn’t be a poofter., your the one equating the two things.

        If he is a bigot, why did he wish me and my boyfriend good luck with our coming marriage? He could, like real bigots have just pulled a face or ignored us.

        1. It is perfectly possible for people who are in general prejudiced and bigoted to be civil to individuals they know: I think many British-Jewish people and British Asians can attest to that.

  21. Crazyand Kirst 14 Mar 2013, 10:17am

    What a joke! He’s not being asked to ‘be’ a poofter just act as one! Fool!

  22. Never heard of him.

  23. He’s still alive?

  24. I doubt they’d be able to find one ugly and stupid enough to play him. You’d think he had actually contributed something to the world.

  25. Keith Francis Farrell 14 Mar 2013, 12:21pm

    Wel he has lost my respect,
    I am gay, I have spent y life with cars, I can probably drive better than he ever could. I have gay friends who build and race cars. I restored vintage cars. But I am also gay, I can and do clean the home, cook, do washing and iorning. I am more of a man than Sterling Moss will ever be. Plus I am prepared to admit thatI am gay.

    1. Good man, you! well said.

    2. You ADMIT that you’re gay ????? Are you ashamed of it?

  26. The dinosaurs are seemingly not yet extinct.

    We will have to wait another couple of month, I guess.

  27. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Mar 2013, 12:52pm

    Why is it that every time someone makes a homophobic comment or slur they immediately play the “gay friends’ card once they’ve been exposed? Do they really think we’re that gullible? It’s the same card all of the anti equal marriage haters play when their bigotry is revealed.

    1. Maybe its because of a difference in terminology and maybe its because people like YOU misunderstand and get all righteous without thinking it through.

      1. What’t to misunderstand, though? It’s no different from “I’m not racist, but…”

        I think it’s Moss who hasn’t ‘thought through’ the definition of an actor.

      2. yes a difference in terminology they say “friend” when they really mean “someone they met once who didn’t take a dislike to them” … thats not a friend, its not even an acquaintance more like someone who serves you in a shop in a different town you visited once.

  28. Itchycoo Mark 14 Mar 2013, 1:05pm

    what a prick

  29. Wow, bigoted old man makes bigoted old man statement! Who would have thought it. lol

    And he has homosexual friends too? I don’t believe that for one moment. He knows gay people who only tolerate him because they are more socially capable than he is.

    It’s like a racist who has a black friend, and says “yeah, but they’re different”.

    Ignorance is colourful and interesting isn’t it? Bigots don’t even understand their own mentality and thought processes. They seem incapable of recognizing their own stupidity. It’s like someone repeatedly banging their head against a wall, and blaming the wall for being there. lol

  30. Ah, he ‘has gay friends’ so everything is all right then. Damn loser.

  31. “accomplished car driver ” haha!

    1. Rudehamster 20 Mar 2013, 10:42am

      It was a pretty poor phrase for one of the best racing drivers in the World.

  32. So poofters can’t be masculine, right? Why do those who don’t know very much receive such publicity? Perhaps his gay friends could have a word or two with Stirling and bring home a few home truths!

  33. Paul Essex/London 14 Mar 2013, 4:34pm

    Mr Moss and his straight male peers would have aspired to manufactured personas of Rock Hudson, Carry Grant and James Dean. Yet another old fart who manages to ignore the fact that the first two were definitely gay and the third was either gay or bisexual. Someone that ignorant doesn’t deserve to have his life celebrated by a profession he has no real respect for.

    1. I wouldn’t describe Cary Grant as “definitely gay”. It seems far more likely that he was bisexual.

  34. haha use a narrow minded stereotype then accuse other people of being narrow minded when you highlight that he has picked a narrow minded stereotype.

  35. Nick Davis 14 Mar 2013, 6:00pm

    In all the years I have known Sir Stirling; I have always found him to be, unfailingly, polite and considerate of others.
    This is, I believe a storm in a teacup. The are far more viralant homophobes to be going after.

    1. Liam the God 14 Mar 2013, 11:37pm

      Do you mean “Virulent”?

  36. yeah, it would be a sad day if a person were allowed to comment on how they would be represented, and inevitably immortalized, in public consciousness.

  37. He continued: “I have homosexual friends. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s the way things are nowadays.”

    Oh they always say that! I most certainly wouldn’t be friends with someone who called me a poofter! Moron!

  38. Liam the God 14 Mar 2013, 8:48pm

    Suddenly I no longer have respect for Stirling Moss. What a twat!

  39. It would need an old bigot to portray Stirling Moss accurately.

    Keith O’Brien would be ideal, and I believe he may now have sufficient time on his hands…

  40. Just to throw this out for example what would you folks think, say for example if George Michae said he only wanted a gay actor to play his part in a film? The reason for this because only gay men know what he went through and could understand the role? Would he be classed as a biggot?

    Stirling is from another generation and what he said and using the word poofter was wrong. Anyone who usually uses these words are narrow minded. I just hope he realises what he has said and done has caused a lot of offence, if unintentional or not. Life is all about learning, lets hope he refrains and does not use such language in the future.

    1. Maybe only a gay actor would want to play George Michael…

      Anyway, it’s a bit sad that gays can’t allow straight men to assert their own sexuality and be proud of their attraction to women and girls. It seems you have to be gay to do that.

      But at least you’re not all moaning about not being allowed to get married; the final bourgeois nail in the coffin of the sexual revolution. Oscar Wilde must be turning in his grave.

  41. Rudehamster 20 Mar 2013, 10:39am

    That’s it decided then.
    There is only one person that could possibly play Stirling Moss.
    ……Dale Winton.

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