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Christians for Equal Marriage UK welcome arrival of Pope Francis

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Reader comments

  1. This is bizarre. The new pope has described gay marriage as a plot from Satan. His views on homosexuality were denounced by the President of Argentina as “medieval and reminiscent of the Inquisition.” He found tooth and nail against same-sex marriage in Argentina. He also supported the military junta that ruled Argentina in the 1970s. And you welcome this cretin?

  2. See the blog by Claude Summers called Another Bigoted Pope at

  3. What complete and utter idiots these people sound.

    The new pope is a bigoted big and his previous actions and statements prove this.

    These idiots must love getting abused.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Mar 2013, 4:29pm

      A classic case of Stockholm Syndrome isn’t it? The only change will be when the the progressives among the laity and the clergy start drawing a line in the sand and demanding change. Don’t expect the Vatican to move on anything unless their hand is forced. I think progressive disillusioned catholic women hold the key to all this. They outnumber men and their role in the cult hasn’t exactly been inclusive considering the rigidity of opposition to female clergy for starters.

  4. I’m not sure who’s the more delusional – the guy in the white frock, or the guys who actually think White Frock Bloke is a welcome change.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Mar 2013, 4:23pm

    I’m afraid Christians for equal marriage are deluded. Although the only positive thing Francis has said about us is that we must be respected, he strongly and vigorously opposes equal marriage and adoption rights for gay couples and said it deprives children of their human development.

    Nothing will change. He will continue to pursue the policy of Ratzinger in that regard. Ironic that a Jesuit would take such a very conservative stand given the liberal theology movement the Jesuits championed in Argentina, often at odds with Rome. Expect nothing good from this one, same as the last.

  6. Very clever, offer him the olive branch which is a very christian thing to do. If he rejects it, it shows his true nature and the whole world will see it, his flock will continue to dwindle even faster.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Mar 2013, 4:47pm

      It will continue to dwindle in Europe, Canada and the U.S. but not in Latin America, Africa or the far east where it’s flourishing apparently. One of the reasons why he was picked.

      1. Roman Catholicism is NOT flourishing in Latin America. It has lost millions of followers, in part because of its history of supporting dictatorships, as in Chile and Argentina. In Argentina, the Roman Catholic Church claims that 76 per cent of the population are members, but a very small portion of the country actually attend mass any week.

  7. Don’t hold your breath!

    1. …..or just save it to cool your custard…

  8. However humble a homophobe is a homophobe, endof!

  9. More proof that if you’re delusional enough to believe this hocus pocus religion, you’ll believe anything.

  10. On which planet does Mr Hartley reside??? Not only has he been guilty of vicious homophobia, apparently he’s also implicated in the ‘disappearance’ of two liberal priests while the Military Junta’s dirty war was going on.
    This man is NO cuddley teddy-bear!!!

  11. Another, evil, old man heads the Whore of Babylon!

    1. The Great Whore of Babylon they usually call him in the Hebrides.

  12. ColinJones 14 Mar 2013, 6:20pm

    Pope Francis blah blah blah, in other news today I bought myself two Easter eggs- a Flake one and a Quality Street one, I just hope they split in half properly because sometimes they don’t and it ruins the aesthetic when you have to smash them to bits to get the sweets.

  13. People wake up, the Pope cannot change Catholic doctrine. Thus this man will never change the Catholic Church’s opinion on the gay lifestyle, its a simple theological fact. We must all accept this, although we must also have the freedom to differ from the Catholic perspective!

    1. But catholic doctrine is all make believe.

      There is no ‘god’.

      I hope the next pope decides that we all need to worship the tooth fairy.

      Because that makes as much sense as the nonsense the cult currently spouts.

    2. This man is allegedly infallible in matters of doctrine. He certainly could change Catholic doctrine. He won’t because he is a homophobe. At some point, the Church will change doctrine. That will happen when they decide a change will benefit them more than the status quo.

  14. Christians for Equal Marriage and GoProud, perfect bedfellows.

  15. Many have mentioned the church will fall when the Black Pope is elected. Well he is alive and well and living in the Vatican. The new Pope Francis I is that black Pope. It has always been known that the Black Pope referred to the head of the Jesuit Order. While the White Pope rules in public the Black Pope or Jesuit Pope ruled from behind the scenes.Now he is no longer in the backround but right up front and personal. The idea that the black Pope would be Black as in African decent was merely a deception . For anyone who knows the history of the Jesuits will know what Im talking about. If you want to see into the mind of the new Pope FrancisI you only have to read the mind of the founder of the Jesuits .Ignatias Loyola quote.

    1. QuoteThat we may be altogether of the same mind and in conformity with the Church herself, if she shall have defined anything to be black which appears to our eyes to be white, we ought in like manner to pronounce it to be black. For we must undoubtingly believe, that the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Spirit of the Orthodox Church His Spouse, by which Spirit we are governed and directed to Salvation, is the same; …[23 by Ignatias Loyola…If Anyone has doubts about the Loyalty of the present Pope Francais I ..then think again.

      1. In effect Pope Francis I is the quinticential, Wolf, in sheeps clothing!!!!

    2. But the whole catholic church (as well as christianity in general, and islam, and judaism, and hinduism, and scientology etc) is all based on bull-excrement.

      I think you may be overanalysing this.

      1. I posted this for those who think it may be safe to go back into the water!!!

  16. Pope Wanker CCLXVI.

  17. I’m from Argentina, and let me tell you: this pope is as anti-gay as his predecessor.
    During the months of the law debate in congress, the catholic power saw its peak, and its darkest side was shown.
    Children from catholis schools were even forced to march in the rallies against equal marriage preaching an apocalyptic prophecy that, of course, never happened.
    So don’t expect any kind of approach.

    1. GingerlyColors 15 Mar 2013, 6:48am

      As Pope Francis, he is now the most important figure in the world’s smallest sovereign country, the Vatican City. This doe not give him the right to pry into what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms and importantly, it also means that he has to remain neutral on other issues including Anglo-Argentine relations which have unfortunately suffered recently.
      I admire Argentina for it’s progress since 1982 and it’s decision to embrace gay marriage and full rights for LGBT people and I am saddened that the bugbear over who owns the Falklands/Malvinas Islands has risen it’s ugly head yet again.
      I sincerely hope that our dispute can be resolved in some way that will be beneficial for all of us and Argentina can continue to be a beacon of hope, leading the rest of South America into the 21st century.

  18. I suspect that Christians for Equal Marriage will unfortunately be very disappointed. Bergoglio has said that equal marriage is the ‘devils work’ so his views are pretty clear. Christians for Equal Marriage appear to be like Turkeys welcoming the arrival of Father Christmas.

  19. Your breath.
    Save it.
    To cool your custard.


  20. “We hope Pope Francis shows more Christian love and charity to the world’s 420 million lesbian, gay and bisexual people than his predecessor.”

    Dream on!

  21. A bit like Turkeys hoping that Lamb will become popular at Christmas….

  22. Stephen Kay 15 Mar 2013, 9:35am

    Betrayed by our own is nothing new. “Welcome” is a step too far. It’s time we the gay community purged ourselves of the likes of Summerskill et al. As for “christians for equal marriage” you make me want to puke. Who exactly are you and why do you think you have the right to “welcome” this putrid creep in our name?? Disgusting gutter article and I expected better from PinkNews.

  23. Stephen Kay 15 Mar 2013, 9:43am

    It’s time the gay community shed ourselves of our selfstyled “leaders” such as Summerskill et al. As for PinkNews this was a gutter artlicle and I expected better. Who exactly are “christians for marriage UK” and why do they think they have the right to welcome this putrid menace in our name?

  24. Wait a minute, that guy’s the new pope?
    I thought this was about Davros – the leader of the Daleks from Dr Who.
    One of them is like this wisened old bald bloke who masterminds a reactionary hive mind that doesn’t tolerate difference… the other one’s Davros.

  25. Homosexual sex is sinful the bible makes this clear so is children born out of wedlock sinful, heterosexual sex based on sodomy is also sinful, Abortion is plain murder of the unborn

    Homosexual celibate relationships based on love instead of lust are fine, which is why I support Civil same sex unions or even Civil Marriage outside a Church.

    I also support same sex adoption any home with a loving couple is a home for Children to be raised.

    1. “Homosexual sex is sinful the bible makes this clear so is children born out of wedlock sinful, heterosexual sex based on sodomy is also sinful, Abortion is plain murder of the unborn”

      Wow… I bet you’re a riot at parties. Just hope you don’t wear polycotton clothing, eat shellfish of any description, have a tattoo, shave or lift a finger to do anything on a Sunday since the same verses in Leviticus that label gay sex a sin ban all that other stuff too.
      I’m not saying your god is a high maintenance tyrant in a 2000 year old work of fiction, I’m just implying it heavily.

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