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California: Gay man viciously attacked in front of cousin

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Reader comments

  1. They should bring back corporal punishments for sick monsters like this {the attacker}

  2. Paul Harris 14 Mar 2013, 9:25pm

    I lived in Davis from 1974-1984 and these type of hate crimes were not so isolated. Beer bottles were thrown at gay people, cars swerved towards gay people, business signs destroyed repeatedly, and telephone death threats were some of the ones I recall.

    Until every parent actively teaches their child at a young age to respect all law-abiding citizens we will still hear the refrain, “boys will be boys”. If you aren’t prepared to raise your kids as loving, accepting individuals who are not afraid of different cultures, ethnicities, and sexual orientations you are not prepared to be a parent.

  3. “Mikey Partida, 32, of Davis, California, was leaving a relative’s home on Sunday 10 March when a man called him a “faggott”.”

    Scott Roberts the ‘writer’ of this article needs to take spelling lessons.

    Since when has Pink News become a recycling bin for US stories which were previously published on US websites?

    1. Pink News cant have U.S. stories ? Nice to here we are a recycling bin in the U.K.

      1. I didn’t say that.

        But a website where 75% of the stories published are merely US stories recycled from US websites, has absolutely no business pretending to be Europe’s Largest Gay News Service.

        Especially seeing as Pink News does not accredit the stories to the websites where the stories are lifted from.

        The áuthor’of this article is not Scott Roberts – it’s someone in the US whose work is being misrepresented as that of Scott Roberts.

        That’s false advertising,

  4. Pink News is needs to change the tagline to its website.

    It is false advertising to claim to be Europe’s largest gay news service when 75% of the stories on here are US stories recycled from US websites.

    On the main page at the moment there are 13 stories, of which 9 are recycled from the US.

    1. Maybe Pink news should segregate U.S. stories from U.K. stories so you don’t feel offended to have to read on the U.S. I can see how it could hurt your eyes. Ever think maybe that by reading on different type’s of U.S. stories you can learn a thing or too, about what not to do or what you can take from the gay rights movement in the U.S. and apply it to the U.K. to progress your struggle their ? Idk thats what history show’s us to learn from one another hmmm i guess you missed that in school.

      1. I do NOT find it offensive to read US stories.

        I find it offensive that Pink News steals 75% of their stories from US websites and does not attribute them to those websites. – read all your Pink News stories there – only 5 hours earlier than they appear here.

    2. I see PN’s remit as highlighting any international story of or about or of concern to gay people anywhere in the world. If more gay-interest stories are reported in the US than elsewhere else, that is hardly PN’s fault.

      1. I think it is more of a case that Pink News ”writers” (or as they should be called ”çopy and pasters” speak only English so they steal stories mainly from the US.

        But it is utterly shameful that they do not acknowledge where they are stealing their stories from.

        If Pink News is Éurope’s leading gay news service then it might be nice to occasionaly have an article about life in say, Romania.

        Anyone who reads the US website must be shocked by the blatant theft of stories from that website.

    3. @SteveC. It is Europe’s largest gay news service based on readership (internet hits), not on the region where the incidents detailed in the story occurred. You appear to have a xenophobic attitude towards news? Which is a little odd to say the least!

      1. I am interested in US news stories, but this constant barrage of US stories is simply laziness and dishonesty on the part of Pink News

        Please explain how is is xenophobic to criticise the FACT that 75% of the stories on this site are copied and pasted from US websites, and not attributed to the websites from which they have been stolen.

        And is there really nothing of interest going on anywhere else in the world?

        Is there really so little of interest going on in the UK?

        Check out

        You’l get all the Pink News stories there, only 4 hours before they appear here.

  5. The USA is so backward still in relation to Gay people – Europe is far more progressive

    1. Um what ? It actually is not. The U.S. has led in gay rights since’s Stone Wall “gay rights movement 1969” and is increasing. Their is society and then law’s. Society very very progressive and those who commit gay bashing is in very low numbers. Its more common to create laws then to actually attack then physical attacks. We are way on the opposite side of Russia’s goverment and its people and France’s people. Ur perception is twisted.

      1. if usa is so progressive how come it hasn’t got nation wide equal marriage, unlike several countries in europe with uk and france to follow the suit, and don’t you start me on religious’ people constitutional right to homophobia

    2. Silly. The US has more than its fair share of right wing religious bigots but it is going in the right direction. Gay bashing happens everywhere – including countries that have equal marriage.

  6. The state of California is an “anti-gay-marriage bigot’s Christian Taliban heaven”, no different to Texas or Australia!

    In California (which is a southern state mind you remember) they did pass a horrible and bigoted marriage amendments to their state Constitution TWICE (known as Proposition 22 back in 2000 and Proposition 8 back in 2008) – so what do you expect from a bigoted southern state??????

    Since then gay bashings have increased by 159 percent and perpetuators use this excuse all the time to get off on their crimes!

    Washington State in the north is FAR more progressive and the only western US state that has NEVER had a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage – and plus passed the gay marriage law at the ballot last year!

    1. California is not one of what is known as the Southern States.

    2. As a gay man who goes to law school in Davis, CA (I live 10 blocks from where this happened) and grew up in Washington state, you are flat out wrong. CA is not a “southern state,” nor is it a “bigot’s Christian Taliban heaven.” It is a very progressive state, and Davis is a very progressive community, which makes this crime all the more shocking for the people who live here.

      Yes, CA did pass Prop 8 four years ago. However, four years ago, WA would not have upheld a gay marriage law. There’s been a significant shift in support since then.

      Furthermore, it is likely gay bashings have not actually increased, but rather gay victims of hate-motivated assaults have become more likely to come forward and report these crimes because they’re more trusting in the criminal justice system. For instance, the state of Mississippi (which is in fact a “southern state”) reports no hate crimes against LGBT people. It’s not because these crimes don’t happen, it’s because they are not reported.

  7. My suggestion to Pink News is to have a daily news round up articlle where the stories which they are currently stealing from other websites (and passing them off as PN stories) are mentioned and a link is placed to allow people to access the original article.

    That is far more honest than the current situation.

    Towleroad (the site where PN seems to steal most of their articles from has a daily news roundup article) where they do this.

    It is far more honest.And it means that as a website it is far more trustworthy, as the original authors of articles are properly accredited.

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