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US: Human rights group threatens legal action over school which banned gay-straight alliance

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  1. I’m very glad this happened. However, this ‘all clubs or no clubs’ approach now means that the ‘we don’t like gays lesbians or black people’ club is now a possibility.

    1. Freedom of speech is the freedom to offend and to be offended, to paraphrase someone or other.

  2. They keep doing this, and it’s flatly illegal. It really is “all clubs or no clubs” — that’s the law. They don’t get to pick and choose.

  3. YouthAllies 14 Mar 2013, 2:21am

    Frustrating that schools still try to get away with this blatantly illegal discrimination and censorship. More thoughts at http://www.youthallies.com/yet-another-school-bans-gay-straight-alliance-faces-lawsuit/

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