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UK: Protest planned outside Home Office following death of lesbian Ugandan asylum seeker

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Reader comments

  1. bar stewards!!!!!

    1. I think you should just use the word ‘bastards’ – it’s fitting…

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  2. “MFJ has repeatedly accused the UK Border Agency of trying to deport LGBT asylum seekers back to countries where they face homophobic persecution – the claims have always been denied by the Home Office and UKBA.”

    Surely the deportation of Jackie Nanyonjo is evidence that the Home Office and UKBA do deport LGBT asylum seekers back to countries where they face homophobic persecution. The Home Office and UKBA will be totally aware of Uganda’s persecution of the LGBT community and despite Jackie’s insistence that she would face homophobic persecution, they still deported her.

    This is hugely shameful of the British authorities. I would go as far as to say that the Home Secretary, Theresa May, who has the ultimate responsibility for deportation cases, has blood on her hands. Had Jackie been allowed to stay in the UK, she wouldn’t have died.

    1. On the other hand 13 Mar 2013, 3:41pm

      The Home Sec should accept responsibility and resign. No gay person should be deported to Uganda or similarly violently homophobic society.

      1. Theresa May and her Minister of State for Immigration, Mark Harper, are ultimately responsible for sending Jackie Nanyonjo to her death. If they had any conscience they would resign, but they won’t. We have to rely on organisations like Stonewall to lobby Government regarding LGBT asylum seekers, but can we rely on Stonewall? I fear that this could occur again and again. The UK condemning any asylum seeker to death is not only very saddening, it is outrageous. The Home Office and UKBA are, in effect, acting similarly to Nazi concentration camp guards sending people to the gas chambers. If Uganda passes the law to execute gay people and the UK continues to deport LGBT Ugandan asylum seekers, then our Government will be participating in genocide. Perhaps it already is, if it deports LGBT asylum seekers from countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.

        1. stonewall is probably the most useless gay ‘charity’ ever. their anti equal marriage stance in the past says all

          1. That’s complete and utter rubbish

          2. Firstly they’re not a ‘gay charity’ they’re a gay campaign group (regardless of whether they have charitable status or not)

            Secondly I haven’t been aware of them having an ‘anti’ equal marriage stance. I was aware that they were saying at the time that they didn’t think that equal marriage was a priority for them in terms of campaigning but that’s not the same thing, no matter how many people repeat that it is.

  3. Let hope the Charter helps

  4. I am so sorry to hear of her death. I regularly receive email updates from the Movement for Justice, and quite often they report successes if enough people email the UKBA, sign petitions to prevent deportations, etc. Please do sign up for their mailing list.
    I am pleased to see Pink news covering the issue of LGBT asylum seekers. I was so angry when Stonewall claimed that marriage equality was the last piece of the jigsaw for LGBT rights – no it isn’t, not when LGBT people are being deported back to homophobic countries where they face death and persecution.

    1. Exactly Yewtree, marriage equality is not the last piece of the jigsaw for LGBT rights. As a nation, we must welcome LGBT asylum seekers fleeing barbaric regimes, especially those escaping homophobic Commonwealth nations. The anti-gay laws in many Commonwealth nations have been in place since they were colonised by the UK. Those laws were put in place by the British authorities in those colonies. We therefore have a moral responsibility to accept any LGBT asylum seeker from those countries and Stonewall should be pressurising the Government to ensure that Jackie Nanyonjo’s story is not repeated.

  5. UKBA should be ashamed. Everyone knew the persecution she would face if deported and sure enough less than two months after being forced back she was murdered. RIP Jackie Nanyonjo. Don’t ever let this happen again.

    1. To me, the article gives the impression that she died of her illness rather than murder. (Although murder was of course a very real possibility.)

      1. On the other hand 13 Mar 2013, 3:55pm

        True, however she became seriously ill while in the custody of the Home Office or the Ugandan Authorities, and they had a duty of care to her for her health and safety.

      2. my mistake

      3. Jackie was brutally assaulted by the Reliance guards who ‘escorted’ her on the plane – they closed a curtain around her and beat her until she was vomiting blood – that was the state she was in when she arrived in Uganda where she was further held by the Ugandan authorities. Her family got her out and she went into hiding unable to fully access the healthcare she needed, she died two months later – an autopsy is being done but her family and friends are certain that it was the result of the beating she received on the plane – Jackie’s blood is definitely on the hands of UKBA, Theresa May and those Reliance guards who should be jailed.

        1. UKBA=BNP/UKIP

  6. Uganda remains in the Commonwealth.

    Britain still sends financial aid to Uganda.

    This needs to stop immediately.

    Uganda”s murderous bigotry absolves the rest of the world of any respnsibility towards that hellhole.

    1. you are a complete idiot and stupid too> GOD will judge this racist deporting country. you think money can bring back someones life?

      1. .
        Of course money won’t bring her back, but it might do something to make the country’s government think about what they’re doing.
        And as for leaving the judging and punishing down to God, why not do that here?
        Why not close down the prisons, get rid of the judicial system and let all of the criminals roam free with the hopes that in a possible afterlife, they receive judgement and punishment?

  7. The long-term solution to this is to improve matters in Uganda etc.

    While it is clearly unfortunate what has happened here, presumably the UK authorities think that if it becomes known that they are granting asylum to gay people from homophobic countries, then there will be a flood of asylum claims from straight residents of those countries pretending to be gay.

    So while there is no objective way of telling if someone’s really gay, we seem to have to choose between letting in the “fake gays” along with the real ones, and denying entry to everyone, including actual gay people facing very real persecution. A very difficult choice, but in the end, can we really afford to open our borders to anyone who says the magic words “I’m gay”? There is no shortage of people from these countries who are desperate to get to the UK any way they can.

    1. On the other hand 13 Mar 2013, 3:47pm

      People from violently homophobic countries are unlikely to be coming over in drives pretending to be gay. It’s very dangerous to do so, as well as repugnant to the average person in their society to so pretend.

      1. Spanner1960 13 Mar 2013, 9:58pm

        What utter crap.
        People have been known to try and swim the Med to get here, so I very much doubt claiming to be gay is any hardship.

        1. Spinner1906 14 Mar 2013, 1:13pm

          What utter crap.

          You just made that up.

          And you think the UK is on the Mediterranean. That is very dumb.

        2. Spanner

          you are a disgrace as great as you think the uk is it’s not because of you it’s inspite of you. You are Jeremy Kyle trash

    2. A very trite argument. Sending this lady back to Uganda was a death sentence. No one from such bigoted countries will pretend to be gay to get a free pass…

  8. magsmagenta 13 Mar 2013, 3:20pm

    The long term solution to the problem is to stop the influx of US and UK Missionaries to these countries who are spreading misinformation and lies to poorly educated and poverty stricken people in the name of religion. They know that their message doesn’t get taken seriously the majority of western countries because the first world is better educated and better informed than to buy the lies, so they have to go to the poor third world and spread their mischief there.
    The answer is not to withdraw aid, but to give more and ensure it is spent on education and healthcare for the people and not to line the pockets of corrupt governments.
    And tax the churches to fund it.

    1. I agree – well said! Something needs to be done to counteract the poison some missionaries are spreading. Education would help ensure their pathetic lies would gradually be ignored in countries like Uganda.

      1. you 2 are such complete idiots. i cnt blame you coz ur still imatured freaks but when you grow up< you'll then understand what you just said. kmt

    2. Actually the aid has to stop as well.

      Not a penny in aid should be given to the Ugandan government which is massively corrupt.

      Not a penny in aid should be given to any charity; group or NGO which does not expressly support LGBT human rights.

      Remember that that the vast majority of the Ugandan population are bigots – the reason these politicians are bigots is because bigotry is a populist vote winner.

      I don’t see why a single penny of British taxpayers’money should be given to a person who wants us dead – irrespective of how poor they may be.

      1. on word to say to you. you need GOD to save you. senseless

    3. I agree 110%

  9. they are one of the most disgusting animals on the planet.

    project much?

    1. Staircase2 14 Mar 2013, 2:37pm

      What exactly do you mean? Not clear what you’re talking about to be honest

  10. Every asylum seeker from a clearly homophobic country such as Uganda should be given asylum and the benefit of the doubt. What is the worse that could happen? If they claimed falsely to be LGBT they could be sent back if a heterosexual relationship is revealed.

    1. …which would alienate bisexual people.

      1. Well said

  11. lady tanya 13 Mar 2013, 5:56pm

    This woman came to this country to live our way of life and to find love ,,,we send her back to a F***ing place where they KILL people like us, BUT they wont send the F ***ing muslims who want to KILL people like this woman and me, who tell woman that they need to cover up as it is wrong not to,tell non muslims to get off there streets, why are people scared to tell them to get lost they say they cannot send muslims terrorists back as its against there human rights,,, what about this poor woman’s rights

    1. DivusAntinous 13 Mar 2013, 7:10pm

      Good point. People like this who want to come to Britain and be British because they see our country as a Land of Hope and Glory, as it were, are sent away. Yet people who come here with no desire at all to take any part in British life and segregate themselves, forming their own little communities, like some sort of ex patriot colonies… simply because it’s easier in Britain than in their respective countries, because they are, compared to other places, pampered here. Which causes resentment and divisions and so on and so on. Sigh.

      And no I’m not “racist”.

    2. What Muslims got to do with it…?

      Don’t allow the EDL to high jack this conversation for their own political ends, PN

      Please remove that comment

      1. yes they have everything to do with it. ur just an idiot

  12. DivusAntinous 13 Mar 2013, 7:00pm

    The UK Border Agency is a load of bollocks. Incompetent in almost every area.

  13. Theresa May and her Minister of State for Immigration, Mark Harper, have her death on their hands. I can’t wait until we have a government that is against sending gay people back to dangerous countries to be killed.

    My heart goes out to the family.

  14. another tragic death caused by homophobic immigration courts and equally homophobic uk border agency.

  15. Spanner1960 13 Mar 2013, 9:56pm

    Why are WE getting the blame?
    WE didn’t kill her.

    Sorry, it’s all very unfortunate, but we are not the world’s social workers. Why does everyone thing they can knock on our door and expect handouts? These problems need to be fixed at source, and fix the cause, not the symptoms.

    1. Because the UK authorities knew her life would be in danger if she was deported and they chose to deport her anyway. Obviously.

      I’ve tried debating with you in other articles, but if you think a lesbian coming here to escape possible (and what we now know was sadly eventual) death is “knocking on our door expecting handouts”, I don’t think you’re worth engaging with any further.

      1. Well said!

      2. Spinner 1906 14 Mar 2013, 1:17pm

        And he thinks the UK is on the Mediterranean in an earlier post. LOL.

    2. Actually…you did! You knowingly sent a person ‘at risk’ back to a dangerous environment. If you can, put yourself in her shoes…..then you may have a little rethink….

  16. Theresa May:
    “we would change the rules so that gay people fleeing persecution were granted asylum. At the moment gay asylum seekers are often returned to countries with homophobic regimes and told to keep their sexuality a secret.”
    Conservative Equalities Manifesto 2009 (p15)

    Shocking hypocrisy from a failed, lying Government no longer concerned abut covering up their hypocrisy with ‘detoxified rebranding’…

    1. It seems a little hypocritical to say “keep your sexuality a secret” when your returned to your country UKBA give the secret away!.

      “When Jackie arrived at Entebbe Airport the ‘escort’ party handed her over to the Ugandan authorities,

      It’s kind of hard to keep a secret when the people you would prefer not know “authorities” are the people paper work and person are handed over to!

      1. Staircase2 14 Mar 2013, 2:40pm

        Point being that Theresa May was saying that about the PREVIOUS Labour governments…

        She was pledging that the Tories would do things differently, more fair and not deport to homophobic countries ‘like Uganda’…

        Then the evil old cow goes and does EXACTLY that…repeatedly

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