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San Francisco official urges street named after anti-gay Lech Walesa to be changed

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Reader comments

  1. How about ‘Equality Street’. Sweet.

  2. LGBT Solidarity Street?

  3. Liam the God 13 Mar 2013, 10:44pm

    I think change it back to Ivy Street.

  4. This touches on a problem I have with all civic commemoration of individuals.

    We’re all flawed as human beings, we’re all capable of good and evil. So when we’re looking to award civic recognition, I think we should celebrate great acts rather than “great” individuals. After all, if any person achieves something great it’s usually only thanks to other people helping them along the way, they don’t achieve it on their own.

    Idolising or villifying people leads to things like the laughable case I saw in the tabloids of an ex-army bloke who’d raped someone after he came back from Afghanistan. Obviously he’s a hero, cos, you know, BRITISH ARMY = AUTOMATIC HERO for some reason, but, but… rapist! Hero or villain? Agghh!

    We should celebrate the causes of great political and social movements, but we shouldn’t put their protagonists on pedestals cos you we set ourselves up for disappointment.

  5. alwaysniceman 14 Mar 2013, 1:48am

    He just grew old and became an annoying grandpa. Bless him! He lost all his mind. Looniness period came for him

  6. Well at least it wasn’t all bad!

    Walesa’s son, MEP Jaroslaw Walesa, called his father’s comments “harmful” and “typical of the older generation in Poland”.

    When your own son speaks out against you, it shows hope for the future!

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