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Poland: Former president will not face hate crime charges for anti-gay comments

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  1. I think in this instance it’s better to ridicule him. Don’t want to make him a martyr.

  2. Even fools can have an opinion.

    While what he said is plain stupid, I would defend his right to say it. Just as I would when I called him a bigotasauru. They roamed the earth in the stupatious era, believed long dead, but apparently not quite.

  3. Har Davids 13 Mar 2013, 4:42pm

    Even in a country like Poland people seem more inclined to accept homosexuality. Lech Walesa didn’t help to improve things, but let’s leave him and his fellow-bigots stew in their stupidity. There are more serious crimes than being a douche-bag.

  4. Time to put him in a retirement home. Preferably behind a wall.

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