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Obama: Banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional

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Reader comments

  1. Dame right Obama you tell them !!! Its the beginning of his second term and gay rights have gone far since’s he has been in office i can only imagine when he leaves what the country will look like as far as every type of equality. I have faith it will be amazing.

  2. Obamas impact on this matter cannot be overrated. Thank you, Mr. President.

  3. A BAN on any equal rights ,should be unconstitutional and discriminitory, it should be common sense.How can you have a right for one citizen, and not another. Is there some human who is more worthy than another,do we not all bleed the same colour blood.Who amongst you is greater than another.

  4. How is it we can determine who deserves equal rights through democracy and secular government, but cannot from the church pulpit.The place where love for human kind is supposed to be the greatest gift religion has to offer humanity.

    1. i think love was around long before religion was.

      President or not, Obama has his head screwed on straight when it comes to sexuality.

    2. Some churches do preach love and equality. They do, however, seem to be rare and rarely make enough noise to hit the headlines.

  5. From over the pond, your British cousins celebrate you.

  6. Wow, PN, this is a real good news day. Thank you, Obama. You are my hero!

  7. bobbleobble 13 Mar 2013, 7:52pm

    I suspect this was aimed entirely at his home state given the trouble they’re having in generating enough yes votes in the Illinois state house of representatives. I hope it works.

    It’s not clear at all what’s going to happen in the Supreme Court in relation to equal marriage bans. I think what is clear is that the three stooges Alito, Thomas and Scalia will vote against SSM straight down the line. I expect the four liberals (Ginsberg, Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor) will vote to support gay rights. So it all comes down to Kennedy and Roberts. Kennedy is usually supportive of gay rights cases and many believe that Justice Walker wrote his opinion on proposition 8 with Kennedy in mind. Roberts as Chief Justice may well vote with the liberals as a way of cementing his legacy or rather not tarnishing it with a regressive vote against the obvious growing tide in favour of SSM. It also depends on whether they solely look at California or whether they broaden it out to consider other states.

  8. We know that already – tell us someting we do not know please!

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