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New Pope Francis believes same-sex marriage and gay adoption are the Devil’s work

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Reader comments

  1. Liam the God 13 Mar 2013, 10:34pm

    No shock there, then.

    1. On the contrary, I’m shocked that they see their ship sinking and they make another hole by appointing a conservative arch-bigot as their leader.
      Let them dig their own grave, the sooner they become irrelevant to today’s society, the better.

    2. Pope Dorothy 200th 14 Mar 2013, 2:57pm

      Because adoption by a loving and stable gay couple is so much less safe than being raised in children’s home…

  2. Benjamin Cohen 13 Mar 2013, 10:37pm

    Depressingly it’s a little like asking “Is the Pope Catholic?” when you ask “Is the Pope homophobic?”

    1. Hi Ben, loving that smile ;-) lol.

      I wonder how Ann Widdecombe is coping? An Argentinian Pope who apparently ignored the atrocities of the military dictatorship in power during the Falklands War. It would be funny to see her reaction if he ever mentions anything to support Argentina’s claim of the islands.

      1. I should have included that he was the rector of the seminary in San Miguel, Buenos Aires at the time of the Falklands War. According to Wikipedia, critics have accused him of ignoring the plight of victims during the country’s military dictatorship from 1976-1983, despite victims and their relatives relating first-hand accounts of torture, death and kidnappings to the priests he supervised as leader of the Jesuit Order.

        Also, on 15 April 2005, a human rights lawyer filed a criminal complaint against Bergoglio, as superior in the Society of Jesus of Argentina, accusing him of involvement in the kidnapping by the Navy in May 1976 of two Jesuit priests. The priests were found alive five months later, drugged and semi-nude and accused Bergoglio of effectively handing them over to the death squads by declining to tell the regime that he endorsed their work.

        1. In all fairness, (and I fully expect to be voted down here for quoting from the same source) you left out the last part of that second Wikipedia paragraph:

          However, after the priests’ imprisonment, Bergoglio worked behind the scenes for their release; his intercession with dictator Jorge Rafael Videla on their behalf may have saved their lives. In 2010, Bergoglio told biographer Sergio Rubin that he often sheltered people from the dictatorship on church property, and on one occasion gave his identity papers to a man who looked like him, to enable the recipient to flee Argentina.

          1. That’s not included in the Wikipedia page that I quoted from.

          2. Harlequin, I’ve just realised that Bergoglio’s Wikipedia page was updated after I posted and now includes the paragraph you’ve quoted.

          3. Cardinal Fang 14 Mar 2013, 12:57am

            It wasn’t there when I read it either. Also the word gay has apparently been replaced throughout by the word homosexual.

          4. I read this in an article too.

          5. I apologise, James. I hadn’t taken into account the flurry of editing that was taking place after his promotion.

        2. Be fair. It would be difficult to find a pope without a dodgy past. You have to have one to become a cardinal in the first place.

          1. Bill Cameron 14 Mar 2013, 8:00am

            Why should anyone be fair to him? His language to date has been anything but ‘fair’ to LGBT people. He’s just another bigot.

          2. I think you missed the sarcasm Bill.

      2. Personally, I am eagerly looking forward to reading the very Catholic and very Tory Daily Telegraph pages when Pope Francis endorses Argentina’s claims to the Falklands.
        Many commentators’ heads are likely to explode.
        I’m keeping a bag of luxury popcorn ready for the day.

    2. Yes, more of the same old rubbish.

    3. Perhaps we should ask “is the Pope homosexual?”. O’Brien is and he made homophobic statements. If Bergoglio isn’t homosexual, then perhaps we should ask “is the Pope a paedophile?” as so many high-ranking clergy have been found out to be. It has been revealed that there has been so much hypocrisy, secrecy, covering-up, etc. within the Catholic Church regarding homosexuality and paedophilia amongst its clergy that it seems reasonable to have questions about the new Pope’s past.

    4. jackalison 14 Mar 2013, 3:19am

      pope smope!
      letz just realise that any organization that is in its death throes is on the the skids . on the nose and completely and utterly morally bankrupt.
      It cant continue.
      so by electing more of the same it shows just how out of touch(except when ur touching up altar boys?!) this ‘new’ vatican-can admin. is.
      Btw Ben
      ur homily on radio and the outraged reaction 2 it just shows the disconnect btw the gospel of peace the purveyors of ‘christianity’*
      *christianity ‘ lite’

      1. Now, now… Pope Frances brings the word of God and the wages of sin is eternal death and darkness. Maybe some counseling could brighten your attitude about things outside your control.

  3. andrew howard-williams 13 Mar 2013, 10:44pm

    Its always some decrepid old man who they choose for Pope who is brainwashed with out of date religious values based on a story book written by men to frighten people into churches.
    There is no proof god, jesus or anyone of the characters in this best seller known as The Bible.
    Its about time the World Woke Up and Smelt the Sacrimental Wine and realised its all a Fairy Tale like Father Christmas who does not exist either.

    1. Bibles are not best sellers, you get them for free :)

      Also why is it important about the pope anyway. I was never raised around any religious people and I have not been in a church all my life. All I hear are stories and nothing else. Can we just sue the pope for defamation?

      1. Barrybear1980 14 Mar 2013, 6:16pm

        Nice idea, not sure how far you would get though

    2. I dispute your “best seller” line. How many bibles are actually sold? Does anyone know anyone who actually bought one?

      Spending billions printing them and giving them away should not qualify you to use “best seller” in your advertising.

      Typical of all their other spin and lies. We should start saying “commonest free book” in the world.

    3. Historians of all beliefs and none agree that Jesus was an actual person. You may not believe he preformed miracles, but there is considerable proof he existed.

  4. Another stupid old fart saying “do as I say, but don’t do what I do!” (in private). When will they ever get some sense into their homophobic tiny brains?

  5. He may not agree with homosexuality (shock horror) but he does approve of the use of contraception to prevent the spread of disease and he is a strong humanitarian, both promoting and leading work to help end poverty. I would rather have a Pope who disagreed with homosexuality but agreed with safe sex and humanitarian aid and effected change than one who disagree with all of it and did nothing but wear fancy red slippers. He is a Jesuit and they have a long standing history of being academically minded and more liberally focused. He;s not perfect but it gives me hope for the Catholic church for the first time.

    1. I’ve found several articles making this claim that he thinks contraception is acceptable to prevent diseases, but none of them provide a source or any evidence for this (Wikipedia currently calls it a rumour). Most of these articles also claim that he has opposed free distribution of contraceptives in Argentina, while many other articles say that he is opposed to contraception altogether. The last Pope hinted that he thought contraceptives could be the lesser of two evils in some very limited circumstances, and talked about fighting poverty – I haven’t seen anything that suggests the new one is any more progressive than this.

    2. Best way for him to stop poverty would be to ban collections in third world churches. Ban the erecting of bejewelled virgin mary’s for a start.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Mar 2013, 12:12pm

      According to the Telegraphy today, surprisingly it prints that Bergoglio as Archbigot of Buenos Aires also “opposed expansion of access to legal abortions in cases of rape, gay adoption and moves to promote free contraception and artificial insemination.”

      He also supports Argentinian claims to the Falklands. It’s going to be very interesting to see how that plays out in UK politics. Poor old catholic cultist convert Widders will get her smelly knickers in a twist seeing the government defend the will of the residents of those islands to remain British and going against her man in Rome.

  6. Another nail in the coffin, but how many bloody more nails does that coffin need before it can finally be buried?

    1. jamestoronto 14 Mar 2013, 5:00am

      Since there are now TWO floating around the Vatican, I suspect an extra bag or two of nails is in order.

  7. Terry Eastham 13 Mar 2013, 10:48pm

    I really don’t think it matters who wears the Prada shoes of the Fisherman. The Catholic church is never going to openly embrace gay people and the pontiff taking cheap shots at us is always a crowd pleaser in Africa and SA where the chutch is strongest.

  8. I suppose he thinks child abuse is fine then.

  9. Let`s give him a chance to change his mind. I think he wants to be more open to the world then his predecessors.

    1. It’s what I was hoping for, that this damned chaotic world where we live in could change for the better.

    2. I’ve not read enough about him to form any opinion on what he might want, but I do hope you’re correct.

  10. If I’m not wrong this is the guy who called Catholics to engage in the war of god during the legislative process to legalise same-sex marriage in Argentina. There was a video on youtube (with English and French subtitles) where the President confronts him and supports the law.

  11. The pope is right (no great surprise there). There is no such thing as a marriage that is not sexual, permanent, heterosexual (containing both sexes) and exclusive (containing only two people). No other type of marriage is physically possible. Good innocent people (who happen to experience same-sex sexual attraction) are being lied to in order to destroy the legal standing of the natural family unit. I cannot think of a more homophobic deception. You deserve much much better than to be used for wicked purposes.

    1. Your concept of marriage is deluded and restricted.

      The catholic church was quite happy to do same-sex marriages in the middle ages. It is modernity that has brought about the homophobia in the catholic church.

      I grant you that politicians across the west have used “gay marriage” as a way to keep bad news out of the headlines (we are 5 years into Great Depression 2.0).

    2. The pope is wrong (just because he asserts his own infallability does not make him any less fallable than the next guy).
      He didn’t magically become infallable by virtue of getting a majority vote from a bunch of cardinals.
      Marriage is whatever society defines it as and has changed definitions many times before. The argument that meanings cannot change and are set in concrete is what’s termed as the etymological fallacy (look it up).
      Who says we’re the ones being used here? Who says we’re out to destroy family units of any description? Do you imagine this will happen?
      Try using arguments that aren’t backed up with a series of dogmatic assertions and sweeping logical fallacies.

    3. That There Other David 13 Mar 2013, 11:23pm

      Nothing is being destroyed. The only result of same-sex marriages is that some same-sex couples are getting married. Nobody else is affected in the slightest.

      So you go keep your definition of marriage and live your life according to it if you wish, but stop trying to push it onto others. Nobody wants to hear it.

    4. Marriage is an abstract concept: physics has nothing to do with it. We could marry a dead octopus to the moon, three frying pans and the pope’s sense of hearing if we wanted to. You don’t win arguments just by repeating your claims and insisting you are correct without any evidence or reasoning.

      “are being lied to in order to destroy the legal standing of the natural family unit”

      That’s quite some conspiracy. Who is behind it and why?

      “I cannot think of a more homophobic deception.”

      You really aren’t going to win any friends on an LGBT website by claiming that LGBT equality is “homophobic” without any explanation.

      1. I hope you do not mind me replying to all four of you in one message. Your main point seems to be that marriage can be changed. That is simultaneously right and wrong, which makes for a difficult debate! There is a physically real relationship which is a life-long sexual union of one man and one woman. That relationship is legally recognised through the legal institution of marriage. The relationship cannot change, because it physically exists (no relationship that is not a life-long sexual union of one man and one woman can be a life-long sexual union of one man and one woman). But the man-made legal institution of marriage can be redefined. The key insight here is to realise that any new legal definition would retain the old legal context – the right to found a family. We would have a legal definition of parenthood that no longer accords with the physical reality of parenthood. The State would have bought our blood rights, and sold us back purely legal rights.

        1. Religion doesn’t have the monopoly on marriage, it was established long before christianity jumped on the bandwagon and will probably outlast it too.
          So far as I’m aware you can still start a family if you’re in a straight marriage under these new proposals or did you think that ‘teh gayz’ were going to force you to get sterilised/ divorced?
          The physical relationship you describe works independant of marriage. Unmarried couples will continue to have sex, whatever the gender mix.
          As for having kids, that was never the primary purpose of marrige anyhow or sterile and elderly couples would be filing for divorce as soon as the ovaries dried up.
          Half of your arguments read as word salad. Your assertion that marriage can only ever be between a man and a woman is an entirely circular one.
          It begs the question “who says?”
          See my previous point about the etymological fallacy.

          1. gentlemind 14 Mar 2013, 2:44pm

            Hi Flapjack. Just as an aside, i have not mentioned religion. I do not need to.

            Is it possible for a man and a woman to have a life-long sexual union? Yes. There is only one way to define that relationship: a life-long sexual between one man and one woman! haha This not circular logic. It is a recognition that, as something is physically real, it can only be defined in one way. We can redefine the legal institution of marriage (in fact that is the only way a same-sex marriage can ever exist) but we will have the wrong legal definition of parenthood. That observation relies on nothing but logic and international law.

            “The physical relationship you describe works independent of marriage”. Exactly. The relationship exists independent of man-made law. You have used the word “Marriage” to describe the legal institution. Men and women can form the relationship outside man-made law, just as i can put out a fire without belonging to the fire brigade. Why? Because fire existed first :)

        2. I take it you believe remarriage after divorce is a ‘physical impossibility’ too, then?

          Oh gentlemind my dear, I think you might soon need to replace ‘gentle’ with ‘feeble’ – just for the sake of accuracy, you understand.

    5. No other type of marriage is physically possible.

      So all the polygynous marriages of the Patriarchs in the OT were ‘impossible’ then, were they? Bless.

  12. The catholic church is ensuring that it’s demise continues. It’s like they’ve all taken a suicide pact. I hear that in rural France they are having to import priests from west Africa, because there are no priests. Not just that, but the imported priests have to service many different parishes. And even the imported priests bemoan the fact that their parishoners are in their 70s – they don’t even have parishoners in their 50s.

    Within a generation, most catholic churces across europe will close and be put up for sale. I’m sure many will become mosques, which is no better!

    1. At least Islam is already a crazy religion on its own that shows publicly and without shame its ugly and violent face, thus an easy opponent to defeat.

    2. CH Brighton 14 Mar 2013, 10:43am

      In the French hamlet where I am staying, two old ladies, the only catholics left in the village, dementedly rang the church bell at 19.30 yesterday evening to announce their new pope. Nobody else took any notice.

  13. That There Other David 13 Mar 2013, 11:09pm

    He couldn’t stop the march towards LGBT equality in Argentina. He won’t stop the march in other countries either. If he carries on pushing the Ratzinger Agenda against us they’ll just end up pushing more of their followers away and attract ever more bad press from the disgruntled.

    Really not worried in the slightest. At best they’ll leave us be for a while, at worst it’s just more of the same.

    1. Specially as more of them are caught red-handed with their pants down, like the recent cases of Keith O’Brien and Ivan Dias.

  14. When I watched on TV the screaming, adoring fans as the new Pope walked out onto the balcony made me wonder what the Bible has to say about idol worshipping. Any ideas?

    1. Probably they love, as when I travelled to Rome with my family years ago and our guide took us to visit the Vatican and the little shops near Vatican you could see idols, images and figures of Benedict XVI and such other religious figures everywhere.

      1. Dave North 14 Mar 2013, 7:44am

        Can you purchase a blow up pope action sex doll there with anal rosary beads ?

        1. Ooohhhhh, Blasphemy!!!!! LOL.


          Someone would have to be very sick to want to penetrate a blow-up pope – I mean, all popes are practically dead by the time they’re appointed. Yuk. Mind you, such a thing would probably be a best-seller amongst the clergy and nuns aswell (they probably have to buy strap-on c0cks with their purchase).

    2. According to their good word; “Do not make idols of me, ‘ Do not make houses of worship for me’, and ‘do not give me you riches’ are the top ten of what “God” apparntly decreed to his followers. So they are either deaf, dumb or just ignorant. Take your pick at which you think they are. I say all of the above. They don’t pay my bills so therefore they don’t get to tell me how to live my life or with whom I can live it with either. They should be more concerned about their own image “peadophila” within the catholic priesthood. Beign Gay does not make you a peadophille, adults who sexual assault amall children are peadophilles!

    3. The Catholic 10 commandments are actually different from the bible 10 commandments.

      The Catholic Church deleted the 2nd commandment (idol worship) and split the last commandment, ie coveting neighbour’s wife and neighbour’s goods are seperated.

  15. I loved all the preamble when people were all “we should have a Pope who is gay/black/not a bigot”. Those were great times. Alas, we have ended up with more of the same old, same old — I, for one, am not exactly shocked. Weary, perhaps, but not shocked.

  16. Same shit different day !!

  17. Don Harrison 13 Mar 2013, 11:18pm

    Looks it os out of the frying pan into the fire

  18. Lets hope his homophobia is as successful as it was when Argentina was deciding on marriage.

  19. Dear Francis:

    I think your sheep’s clothing is working. You don’t look nearly as much like a wolf as your predecessor.

    And it seems that a lot of people are entranced by your having washed AIDS patients’ feet , your alleged concern for the poor, and your lip service to “respecting” LGBT people.

    But while the media and lots of straight people may be taken in, we know that you’ve strenuously opposed LGBT rights at every opportunity and that you were complicit in the attrocities that were committed during the military dictatorship in Argentina.

    So, yes, Francis, your disguise will fool lots of people. But not us. We may not be sheep anymore, but we still recognize a wolf.

  20. When I’m considering a moral dilemma or course of action I quite often find myself thinking “What would the current pope do?”
    It’s bloody distracting and serves no useful purpose at all, so I usually go back to my original thought.

    1. Best laugh of the morning. Thank you for that. Chapeau doffed in your direction.

  21. I think that must be one of the interview questions for the job…..

    1. Being a homophobe or being a self-hating homophobe closet case ? I guess both count. And if you are a self-hating homophobe child-abusing closet case you get a bonus.

  22. Who made Jim Bowen Pope? Super, smashing, great!!

    1. That There Other David 13 Mar 2013, 11:31pm

      “Stay out of the black and into the red. You get nothing in this game for two in a bed”

      Suddenly makes sense….

      1. OMG, think I’ve just wet myself!

      2. Genius on so many levels.

    2. LOLOLOL. If only!

    3. I thought I detected a huge amount of ‘bull’ from his direction…

  23. At the age of 76 I wonder how long it will be before we get the next pope…

    Funny chosing a pope with a bad track record of stopping SSM in his own country.. just shows how the catholic anti SSM agenda works more in our favour than in theirs….I actually hope he is really nasty and comes out with more homophobic abuse because it just shows them up for the nutters they are…

  24. Christopher in Canada 13 Mar 2013, 11:46pm

    The church is having a hard time these days. Facing opposition and persecution, and persecuting in turn is one thing, but much of the world is now indifferent to it. They’d better start tap dancing if they want to confront apathy.

  25. Given that Francis I is the first pope in centuries to take over from a living pope, he could do worse than treat his predecessor to a slap-up meal. I hear that the Rome branch of Frankie and Benny’s does a mean pizza.

    1. Then they could pop round to the local sauna.

  26. We’ve had “Ratzi the Nazi” or “Nazi Ratzi”, now we have … “Begoggled Bergoglio”.

    Any better suggestions as to what we can nickname the new pope?

    1. IDK, but I do wonder if this: – is the source of Jorge’s choice of his Papal «nom-de-guerre». Watch till the end. And what an end.

      1. @ And. Thanks for the memory! It is years since I saw that… it took a few seconds into it to hear about the colony and it clicked! lol! Typical Frankie Howard, lots of innuendo’s.

    2. Didn’t everyone call the last one Pope Palpatine?

      1. Not everyone. Some of us referred to him as “Ratzi the Nazi”.

    3. Yes, I think that sounds just about right!

    4. On the other hand 14 Mar 2013, 1:08am


      But let’s wait and not prejudge. He may be different now he’s in charge, and not Benny.

  27. And I was truly hopeful for this Pope, I even started making a cautious compliment for him on Facebook, hoping the Catholic Church would choose to reform completely and prepare itself for the world of the 21th century rather than to fall, collapse over itself and disappear from the face of Earth, which it seems was what the Vatican and Old Frank chose. Well, my mistake, it taught me to stop expecting the best from the mankind.

    1. As another blogger wrote “I can’t get too excited about there being a new pope, it’s not as if the job description’s changed”.
      Let’s face it, the day that a bunch of reactionary old men who were hand picked by the last reactionary old man vote for a progressive liberal pope that would be some sort of miracle.
      Until then it’s safe to ignore them.

  28. Andrew Hunter 14 Mar 2013, 12:19am

    The full page background ad banners that are filling the background on the website, seem to make the pages very slow loading and they are quite annoying when they flash.

    To someone like myself who has epilepsy they make it difficult for me to read the site sometimes.

    Before it did not have the full background adverts and the browsing experience was much better.

  29. Surprise surprise

  30. Another bigot who believes that every person born belongs to his particular “faith”, and so should be governed by its archaic and irrational rules. Now where have I heard that before?

  31. Hitler is alive and well :(

    1. de Villiers 14 Mar 2013, 8:43am

      Hitler murdered six million Jews and waged war over Europe you stupid person.

      1. The analogy is apt, notwithstanding the moans from our resident catholic apologist.

        1. No it really isn’t. I’m an atheist

          1. I agree with de Villiers and Joss, and I’m not an adherent of any organised religion.

          2. As de Villiers and Joss say. Making extreme comparisons is vacuous and shows no sense of proportion.

  32. One more dopey popey to ramble on and pollute the airwaves and our ears once again.

  33. You know, I’m from Argentina- grew up in a catholic belief, but I’m a lesbian. And I’m sick-tired-sad of hearing such a big debate on whether it’s ok being this way, also about the possibility of me and my girlfriend getting married some day. I don’t wanna consider myself or anyone from the LGBT community “a destructive pretension against the plan of God”. I just don’t get how such a religious person would think and speak up against people who happen to be consider “different”.

    And he’s from my own country!…F*ck!

    Sorry. Don’t even know where I’m going with this, I’m just sad. Maybe I thought that for once, We wouldn’t we “the evil” for a Pope.

    1. Jacob Dugan-Brause 14 Mar 2013, 1:07pm

      Ana, my sentiments as well. I would only add that as I read his deeply disordered edicts regarding LGBT people, I remembered that I am free of his god’s prejudice. I have found love with my partner of 34 years.

      Unfortunately, I do know his god can deny us equality anywhere intolerance toward LGBT people is upheld as ‘god’s plan’.

      In spite of that, we learn to love one another. And we will keep on doing just that long past the day this silly hatred is remembered no more.

      Blessings on all our houses.

      1. You’re just right Jacob! We’ll keep on loving one another…
        And the fact that you already know that you’re Free from his god’s prejudice, wow…believe me, I’ll embrace that idea. Thanks for your reply, and Kudos to you and your partner!!

  34. Ave! Bossa Nova, similis bossa seneca!


    But what would one expect from the head of the Catholic Church? Well, maybe next Pope, eh?

  35. Pope Francis is not of the ‘children of God’. God is supposed to be unconditional love. If he says he is really part of the ‘children of God’, than God surely is an unloving and bigoted God who’s plan is to separate and sow the seeds of hate and injustice in the world. This Pope should put doma aside (wishful thinking on my part) and ask – where is the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in the Church, that his god represents?

  36. As he’s come from a country where SSM has been legal for three years, perhaps Frankie can give us an update on his forecast that it could ‘seriously harm the family’ over there, as well as all the other places it’s become legal before and since…….

  37. Weird thing is he’s regarded by some as a moderate – wonder what the difference between moderate and conservative is when it comes to the Catholic Church….?

  38. Doesn’t he look like the love child of Woody Allen and Alec Guiness?

    1. Totally.

  39. GingerlyColors 14 Mar 2013, 6:54am

    So the new Pope opposes gay sex and same sex marriage, nothing new here. Hopefully he will not keep banging on about the subject like his predecessor. We may find that Pope Francis was chosen from the best of a bad lot. Anything is preferable to having Ghanan Priest, Peter Turkson who supports the ‘Kill Gays’ Bill in Uganda as Pope.
    Many Catholics now accept LGBT people and lifestyles and some Catholic countries including Pope Francis’s home country, Argentina even allow same sex marriage and I hope that these factors will soften his line. Today is day one for the new Pope. Time will tell.

    1. I think we can rely on him banging on about it. He waged a pretty strong campaign against GLBT rights in Argentina recently.

  40. Far more worrying is the fact he collaborated willingly with the fascist military Junta in Argentina, during and after the “Dirty War” of the 1970s, buttressing their power, handing over left-leaning priests to torture chambers and hiding political prisoners from UN inspectors on his private holiday island.

    The last pope was merely a member of the Hitler Youth, like all boys his age in Germany were compelled to be. This one actually chose to work hand-in-glove with fascist tyrants as a fuil-grown adult.

  41. And he isn’t (the devils work), presumably?

  42. It’s interesting that he says chidren with GLBT parents will be discriminated against. By whom?

    1. Dave North 14 Mar 2013, 7:45am

      Him and his followers……….

  43. Same old shite, different asshole.

  44. as long as we know we are Loved By God and Jesus died for the Gays those that want to be bigotted can remain in their crap.

    1. insert dyke/fag where she sings wretch and bash the church back

  45. I listened to a Canadian radio program yesterday, the discussion was whether a new pope could inspire people and change the growing perception it was out of touch with today’s reality.

    The host took calls from people from each decade 70’S to 20″s. The six people he spoke with each had a different perception. People in their 70’s were still attending mass, but had the feeling the church was not moving with the times. By the time he got to the 20’s, the caller said although catholic he had not been raised as a church goer, nor were his own children, he spirituality. The scandals and hypocrisy in his perspective conflicted with his conscience. Established values and life experiences had already made him a better person than the church or a new pope could. He thought popes are elected decades to old and out of touch with modern society.

    If this cross section of Catholics interviewed are an example of the churches future, it seemed like most were at the point of no return!

  46. Same frock , different face.

  47. Now he has me liking the devil.

    All these years I thought the devil was bad and now the pope is saying he is pro-equality.

    Devil for pope now!

    1. You made me guffaw, you bastard :D

  48. Yet another dinosaur at the head of the Cult of Rome.

    This is the church that has so much blood on their hands, they will never be able to wash it off.

    By denying the value of contraception, they are responsible for encouraging large families in countries where they cannot afford to look after those children. It is also to blame for the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in African nations.

    Did we really expect that they would elect someone who was more liberal and forward thinking. That is something the Catholic Church will never be!

  49. am not a believer in the “invisible magic man in the sky”, but this comes as no surprise – 2000 years going backwards, why change now?

  50. So…child molestation is NOT child abuse but giving a child a loving and stable home is? Different bigot same homophobic ramblings. I grow weary.

  51. He’s got that dead look in he eyes that so many of them have.
    I really hope the media keeps up the blanket coverage as this unfolds.
    It does us more favours – showing how out of touch it all is – than anything we could ever do.
    What will help though is the leaking of funds are more legal cases are brought.
    Maybe when ‘the faithful’ realise that their hard earned money and not the Vatican Banks massive reserve is paying for the churches abuses of children they might think twice about dropping money in to the collection plates.

  52. Same Circus – different clown.

  53. Leave him alone this man is way better than the previous pope he is really a man of the people and the poor a pope of love and understanding a very humble man infact he reminds me of John paul the first.

    He is pope of social justice he may not support abortion or same sex marriage but his views on these things are way better than previous popes.

    He maybe being classed as homophobic but this is what he said a few years ago regarding gay people.

    “He has affirmed church teaching on homosexuality, including that men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity and that every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.”
    Bergoglio also denounced what he characterized as a cultural tolerance of child abuse and “discarding of the elderly”. He spoke strongly against the abuse of children as “demographic terrorism” and decried their exploitation.
    I`m going to give him a chance.

    1. Given that the article sets his last homophobic public pronouncement in 2010, which of the two and a half intervening years would you guess he had his damascene conversion to the cause?
      From what I can see he still treats gay people as having a “deep seated tendency” framing the issue in terms of disorder even whilst he’s advocating sympathy.
      In my book that’s a guy who just doesn’t get it.
      Being anti-child abuse aught to be a minimum requirement for anyone in a position of moral authority, it shows how low the holy see has sunk that it’s seen as a sweeping reform to be aplauded.

    2. GingerlyColors 14 Mar 2013, 1:15pm

      Remember that Pope John-Paul I only lasted 33 days. I wonder why? I bet there is a lot of skullduggery going on within the walls of the Vatican.

      1. CH Brighton 14 Mar 2013, 1:23pm

        Yesterday evening, after the white smoke but before the revelation of the identity of the new pope, Wikipedia already described Scola of Milan as pope, elected on 13th March 2013. The moment it was announced that Bergolgio was pope, I went straight to his Wiki page and it already had him as pope. Was someone tweeting from inside the Vatican? Does the Vatican itself manage those pages? If so, was Scola elected first and declined so that Bergolgio took his place? The problem with secrecy is that it breeds conspiracies both theoretical and real.

  54. CH Brighton 14 Mar 2013, 10:47am

    Every time anyone says ‘Pope Francis’, I keep hearing Frankie Howerd

  55. Helge V. Tiller 14 Mar 2013, 11:12am


  56. PeterinSydney 14 Mar 2013, 11:16am

    Looks like Pope Nasty Ratzy has a new replacement Pope frankly vicious.

  57. I don’t think this is any surprise, you could look at the statements and speeches by all of those in the position to become Pope and you would probably find hundreds of instances for each where they openly attacked the LGBT community.

    They are all homophobic, and it’s kind of the default position to hold.

    We shouldn’t be surprised about this in the slightest.

    If a Pope was ever elected who had actually stood up for the supposed principles of the Catholic faith when it comes to not judging others, offering love and compassion, and being a real leader, THAT would be surprising and worthy of comment.

  58. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Mar 2013, 11:56am

    Hmmm, so gays adopting children will deprive them of their development without a mother and a father? So Francis, what about all those single hetero mothers and widows and widowers with children some of whom never remarry? What about all those orphans who nobody wants to adopt? Are you including all of the above in your homophobic rant? BIGOT!

    1. That post demos meanness, anger and stupidity, friend. In the hetero world these single parents, regardless of sex, mostly have some degree of companionship of opposite sex, depending on type and number of organizations for volunteer work, clubs or churches, etc. Unadopted orphans usually end up pucked in the head or in prison. There are great exceptions. Google “Dr Ben Carson”, 1 of 24 children all raised by single mother. He’s now a world re-known pediatric neurosurgeon. Same sex couple is one thing, but adoption introduces an entirely new dynamic. Don’t really know the odds of success raising the child… 50-50?

      Question: Would you and the man of your dreams want marriage and adoption only to have your child grow up to hate gays? For me not worth the risk of pucking up a person’s life.

  59. Common sense 14 Mar 2013, 12:13pm

    He made these comments while Ratzinger was in the Curia and then the Papacy dictating a worldwide homophobic campaign that cardinals were forced to beat the drums to.

    On other issues he is progressive. I would rather wait and see what he does as Pope thoughi confess to feeling a little more optimistic than when Ratzinger was elected.

    1. Pope Dorothy 200th 14 Mar 2013, 3:06pm

      Yes they all had to toe the line, so you never know.

      Though this guy may be on the same page theologically as Ben, he may not be so paranoid about anything gay, and he seems a bit more Christ-like in his conduct than previous Popes, from what is reported. Seems he may be more interested in other issues such as poverty.

  60. DId we expect the new pope to change the mind of the Vatican? HELL NO! They get millions of dollars from their followers of hate and disgust. I denounced my faith years ago when this started and the hiding of so many pedophile priests. It is going to take allot to bring me back into the fold.

  61. soapbubblequeen 14 Mar 2013, 2:49pm

    Stupid old bastard. I hope he drops dead.

  62. We really need super-sleuth journalists to travel to Argentina and thoroughly research this man until ALL the dirt on him is unearthed! For one thing is certain, where you have a man professing belief in spirits, gods, angels, devils, and so forth, you have a delusional, a loon, and there WILL be dirt!

    IS there a strong gay atheist group in Argentina? We need to find out. And we need to make contact!

    1. This was in the Guardian this morning…
      ‘Bergoglio’s authorised biographer, Sergio Rubin: “Is Bergoglio a progressive – a liberation theologist even? No. He’s no third-world priest.”

      Estela de la Cuadra, aunt of one of Argentina’s stolen babies, whose mother Alicia co-founded the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo: “Bergoglio has a very cowardly attitude when it comes to something so terrible as the theft of babies. He says he didn’t know anything about it until 1985. He doesn’t face this reality and it doesn’t bother him. The question is how to save his name, save himself. But he can’t keep these allegations from reaching the public. The people know how he is.”‘

  63. Is anybody surprised? Just another elderly catholic fruit cake living in a past world of fantasy and fairyland.

  64. just to commemorate this momentous occasion of the continuation of the acme pope inc® brand, i have lost my £5 bet that he would african… rejoice, apparently!

  65. Well my God says you’re wrong Popeye and I know who I believe.

  66. let’s hang on ’til he actually makes another statement about gays. people can change their minds – hell, barack obama was quoted as being against gay marriage back in 2007

  67. Same script just a different face to the hatred.

  68. No, no, no, this is exactly what is happening again and again, I call this a disaster, this really must stop…we as human beings must start addressing certain issues sensibly -homosexuality, same sex marriage,–abortion etc. plus poverty…or else it all goes the same way..

  69. Well I think a homophobic prick who wates such money with pomp and ceremony is the devil’s work, so there we go.

  70. Daniel Ard 16 Mar 2013, 5:52am

    There is a big difference between tolerance and endorsement. The LDS Church still loves and cares about those who choose a gay/lesbian lifestyle. They do not, however, support, endorse, or provide services whereby these relationships can come together. People may say that this means they hate gays and lesbian. This is not true. You still love your child even though you do not support their actions. It is similar to this.

    The universe has order in it. Even if there was not a God everything revolves around principles and order. If the order is thrown off then disaster comes. A man and a woman were made to be together as that is the only way and order that children can come to the Earth. In no other way is this possible! Therefore it is part of the order and if disrupted destruction is sure to follow. Yes many cannot help their attraction to the same sex, however they can control their actions. Just as I have to refrain from doing things that I want to but are not the proper order.

  71. The pope may think homosexuality is a sin, but he doesn’t think gays are to blame for their sexuality. That’s an awful lot nicer than R Dawkins’s frequent assertion that Christians are worse than paedophiles!

    The Catholic Church, for all its dislike of gay sex, is one of the most compassionate and giving organisations on the planet. And, judging by what the pope has done so far that is about to get cranked up a notch. You may not agree with them, but they do an awful lot to help people, including AIDS sufferers. They shield gays from homophobic regimes. When it comes to prejudice, it doesn’t get any milder than the RCC.

  72. Same old…what’s his problem? Maybe cardinal o’brien didn’t tug at his nightdress, opting instead to sexually harass young priests.(good for them for standing up!) There are good people out there…we are good people… We do not need the approval of this low life. Support each other and ‘sling’ this bollocks to the side!

  73. Jim middle tn 18 Mar 2013, 10:40pm

    I am amazed that he would promote the use of condoms to prevent the spread of disease ..but not a word about lessen the world’s population or taking the billions the church has to feed the hungry. to provide a safe haven for the children the church has allowed to be born in all the 3rd world countries ..
    and of course to sweep under the papal rug all the horrors the church has done over the centuries .. so being homophobic doesnt surprise me in the least .

  74. Good. Another nail in the coffin of catholicism. These people are determined to destroy their own religion.

    The fastest growing belief system in the UK and the US: atheism! That’s not a joke. It’s true.

    By coming out with this crap, and by not standing up against islam, christians are ensuring that most people in the west will abhor all religion.

  75. Michael John Dennis 19 Mar 2013, 9:36pm

    As an older gay Irish Catholic, despite great suffering from homophobic attitudes within the church and also double standards, I would like to see our new Holy Father setting aside his earlier remarks against us & reforming the Roman Curia to allow us LGBT People to play a more fully active part in the life of our Church and given the fact that Pope Francis is a Jesuit, there is great hope in the current climate – I welcome any moves by the Holy See under the guidance of His Holiness, guided by The Holy Spirit, to reach out to our LGBT Community, as Christ Himself would have done

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