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New Jersey: 4 police officers investigated over anti-gay violent rap video

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Reader comments

  1. A homophobic black? We haven’t had one of those in about 12 minutes.

    1. Congratulations on being a racist piece of shit.

      1. I’ll add you sad sack of crap

        1. I dont think its neccesarily racist to aknowledge that the black community has a homophobia problem that is over and above the homophobia problem that exists in non black communities. Thats just a fact. Same with guns and gangs. Although they also exist in non black communities of course, the black community has a REAL problem with them. Guns and gangs and homophobia are all more prevelent in black culture

          1. I agree, it makes no sense to ignore statistically proven fact in favour of political correctness. It doesn’t make one racist to point out actual truths.

            It might be uncomfortable, and it can be stated with more decorum and intelligence than Eddy supplied, but we shouldn’t simply brand anyone who dares to make such a connection as immediately racist.

            Is it equally racist to point out that the vast majority of those incarcerated in the USA are are also either Black American or Hispanic? It’s true, statistical fact whether we like it or not. The real discussion is why that is so. Is it racism in the courts and legal system, or is it a cultural problem?

            I think Eddy could have worded that response a little differently, and elaborated on it a little more. But lets not simply dismiss facts because some might not understand the fundamental talking point.

  2. Are New Jersey police officers really allowed to get so fat? And I DO hope that’s fake fur…

    1. Hahaha, that’s funny!! Maybe, it’s a triple layer bullet-proof vest!

  3. friday jones 13 Mar 2013, 11:46pm

    Seems fitting, the cops are just another street gang in dark blue, the only difference is they have a contract with the city and the Crips don’t.

  4. And these thug acting dudes are the ones that are entrusted to enforce the law? I say who are guarding the guardians.

  5. Someone needs to ask LOUDLY what it is about homosexuality that so disturbs individuals like this. Is it simply ‘projection” – inner self-loathing manifesting itself as hatred of those traits they fear most in themselves?. Someone who is secure in their sexuality is NEVER homophobic. So guys, you’ve been rumbled. You protest too loudly.

  6. Scary! Feel so sorry for people living in Irvington! Hope the investigation is thorough and the officers involved dealt with.

  7. “has no impact on my duties as an officer” . .yeah it doesnt really work like that you fool. He should be showing respect at ALL times and upholding good ethical behaviour at all times. Not just when in the uniform. A job like that doesnt really end when you take off your police helmet at the end of the day. Policemen need to EMBODY the things that they represent

  8. A cop does not act like this, i have people in my family who are in the military and when they are serving or not they give respect to that oath and badge just like cops. He has freedom of speech but with that freedom comes with respect and dignity for your fellow man, using homophobic does not make you a rapper it makes you a joke.

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