Four police officers in Irvington, New Jersey, are under investigation for taking part in a homophobic “gangsta rap” video that includes violent imagery.

The video “Temper Like an Alcoholic” stars “Gat the Great”, who is actually Maurice Gattison, president of Irvington’s police union, along with three other police officers from the town.

Gattison says his video has no impact on his duties as an officer. He says his songs are simply his exercise of free speech made during his spare time.

In the video Gattison relies on violent imagery and raps about shooting his rivals.

“True confession, I’m a felon for life. Don’t make me fruit cup your melon tonight,” he says in one verse.

Gattison also uses the homophobic slur “faggott” in the song.

The video was posted on YouTube, but later made private so the public could not view it.

The Star-Ledger newspaper obtained a copy in January and posted it on its website.

An internal investigation into Gattison’s conduct and the involvement of three other officers in the video has now been launched.