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US: Minnesota lawmaker under fire for ‘close friend’ who left the ‘gay lifestyle’ comment

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Reader comments

  1. My gaydar is going off big time with this one.

  2. Ref: “There is no gay gene, OK? ”
    Is there a straight gene??
    Just wondered.

  3. I’d certainly disagree with the absurd notion that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, however nobody is actually born “gay”.

    Gay is a social construct that same sex- attracted people may choose to adopt as an identity to increase the visibility of the 5% or so of us who are exclusively or predominantly same sex attracted.

    The whole confusion around sexual identity lies around such labels that allow no room for the fluidity of sexual expression:- you’re either in or you’re out with no allowance for the grey in between.

    It’s time we were not afraid to debate this issue more openly and accepted the fact that just because people may have attractions to the same sex, it doesn’t automatically make them “gay”.

    In an enlightened world we’d be free to love anyone free of judgment:- the gay identity is a symptom of a world in which hang-ups around sex result in internalised negative judgements being externalised.

    An enlightened world is one in which labels wouldn’t be necessary.

  4. “I’m just so booooooooooored today.
    I think just on a whim I’ll get a rise out of my parents, get ostracised by some of my peers, get treated as a political football and if there’s still time later possibly get beaten to a bloody pulp by thugs down a dark alley on the way home from the shops cause that’s the kind of stuff I get up to for shits and giggles.
    Lifestyle choices are fun! I can be straight again tomorrow…”

  5. Closeted gay shows off another closeted gay to prove that gay is a lifestyle.

    Should I be laughing or crying right now?

  6. Obviously another ‘self-hater’. How can ANYONE say being gay is ‘a choice’ unless they have experienced making a choice themselves? It is like saying ‘I hate mushrooms’ without ever having tasted one. Also, what do these people fear about allowing OTHERS to have gay marriage? Is it simply that it would force them to confront their own same-sex attractions in some way? “How can I keep my self-loathing at bay when the whole world accepts homosexuality?”

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