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US: Boy Scouts of America to survey members and staff on whether to lift gay ban

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Reader comments

  1. But not members.

    1. Are you telling us that the article is incorrect?

  2. Officially adult volunteers are members; however, they are not apparently surveying youth members. In contrast I know the UK Guides in their current discussion to revise their promise (god and queen have been questioned) have sought out input from even the youngest member. Scouting/Guiding is suppose to be youth led yet here the youth in the BSA are being kept out of the decision making.

  3. Firstly, why hadn’t they ‘consulted’ before? And how hard would it be to consult all members?

  4. Mark French 13 Mar 2013, 7:42am

    “Containing five theoretical situations”

    So they are not just simply asking the question they are posing five situations they think may occur which, I fear, they could manipulate and put a negative spin on in an attempt to influence the views of those they seek:

    1) The new leader of your local troop is an openly gay man and he is very keen to arrange a camping weekend away with the boys
    2) A new activity is planned which involves regular swimming sessions at the local pool accompanied by the new leader, an openly gay man.

    I’ll not elaborate any further but I think I have made my point. What is wrong with simply asking should we be inclusive of those with differing sexualities just as we are of different cultures, ethnicities and gender.

  5. This is just a survey to find out how homophobic they are on a scale of slightly to very.

    First select your electorate from a group already banning gay people. A group that has already self-selected as anti gay. Then ask them how anti-gay they are.

    Democracy in action.

    1. Jen Marcus 13 Mar 2013, 1:01pm

      My point ,exactly, a totally inaccurate and useless survey! It preordains the results: “garbage in garbage out!”

  6. I trust part of the survey will point out that they are likely to lose their jobs if they vote against inclusion because more and more sponsors will withdraw funds. It’s funny how threatening someone’s livelihood always serves to focus the mind … and it’s weird how people’s ‘deeply held views’ go right out the window when they think their pocket will be hit.

  7. Start an organization as Gay Scouts of America. That way all birds of a feather can fly together and end these ridiculous debates.

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