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US $1.5 million study launched to find out why 75% of lesbians are obese

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Reader comments

  1. Surely that money could be better spent else where?

    1. I actually think it is a good study.

  2. Spiritbody 12 Mar 2013, 6:17pm

    They eat SO much pussy

    1. I hear it’s fattening.
      No wonder gay men aren’t obese.

    2. That’s not funny. The proportion of American women who are obese is a problem. The issue of sexuality is questionable.

  3. Talk about somebody uttering the unmentionable! The “US National Institutes of Health” believes that many or possibly even most lesbians are fat, and the Institutes are re going to try and work out why.

    I wonder if lesbians will be taking objection to these studies.

  4. Nixi Otemba 12 Mar 2013, 6:41pm

    I am a BMI 20 lesbian

    1. Are you from the US though?

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Mar 2013, 6:53pm

    Perhaps relevant, but I’ve noticed when I’m in the company of women particularly when dining out, straight as well as lesbians, they almost all seem to have a propensity for a dessert at the end of a meal whereas I find it quite the opposite for males, far fewer partaking. I also note that most women I’ve dined with often do not finish their meal, leave half of it to take home in some cases, but they’ll find room for a dessert. Perhaps women, in this case lesbians, have a penchant for sugar based products than gay males? Just an observation, not judging.

    1. your observations are based on a limited sample pool.
      ALL of the gay men I know except a tiny minority who are compulsively obsessed with their weight/body image are BIG dessert eaters.

      I suspect that lesbians are more likely to “let themselves go” because of a mind set of “not adopting a heteronormative body image of women”.

      Gay men are, generally speaking, actually MORE fit than straight men (myself absolutely excluded from that statement). They are more and more showing signs of body dysmorphia and other eating disorders.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Mar 2013, 7:08pm

        True, and you’re probably right, it was just my personal observation of women I know and associate with, nothing more.

    2. I am a lesbian and I don’t know any obese lesbians but then I don’t live in the US and neither do you…

  6. You must be an Obese lesbian. Don’t worry we American’s will find a cure for ur fat ass.

    1. Brett Gibson 12 Mar 2013, 8:14pm

      You Americans need to find a cure for yourself.

      1. I dont even get what that means w/e .lmfao i get 7 dislikes maybe even more because ur a douchebag. Hahaha pinknews sucks ass.

        1. Dave North 13 Mar 2013, 9:58am

          “I dont even get what that means”

          And therein lies the problem.

  7. What a strange generalization. Some gay men are obese too. A difference might be that gay men have to be able to run faster for their lives, more often than lesbians. Gaybashing still happens.

    1. How fortunate that lesbians don’t face any discrimination and are never subjected to violence. /s

      1. John from MN 12 Mar 2013, 11:54pm

        “more often than lesbians”

        does not mean

        “instead of lesbians”

  8. G montford 12 Mar 2013, 7:15pm

    I think it’s an interesting study. Could it have a genetic reason… it’s so supports idea of you are born gay… But i suspect they will come up with something more simple.

    1. I really doubt there is a genetic link between homosexuality and obesity in women.

      I would be interested to know whether the women in the sample who are obese are single or in relationships.

      There was a study that suggested married straight women put weight on when married and lost weight when divorced. The 75% could be linked to that if enough of the women were in relationships.

      1. I thought that study found that straight married women tended to up their portion sizes closer to that of their husband and that was the main reason for the weight gain? (although I’m sure there are others, of course).

        I’m tending to think there *may* be a link in some specific cases. There’s a particular group of lesbians who seem to share a number of common characteristics and obesity (or at least being overweight) is one of them. There was something about this years ago, but I can’t remember enough about the article to google it. It was about specific hormones and a propensity to lay down fat.

  9. I’m in two minds about this. This may mean that lesbians are at greater risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular problems, but at the same time, gay men may overdo our relentless pursuit of slimness. Anorexia and bulimia are a serious problem amongst some younger gay men.

  10. Because gay men love to dance!

  11. ...Paddyswurds 12 Mar 2013, 8:27pm

    Gay male sex tends to be more active and energetic. Gay males in stable relationships tend to lose weight especially in the formative years of stable relationships. I found this to be true of my own relationship. I lost so much weight in the first four years that rumours started locally that I had AIDS. The weight just fell of me and my younger partner but then stabilised at a very healthy BMI….

  12. What an over generalisation. How about, we just accept people for their body sizes, sexuality, hair/skin/eye colour and cultural background. Instead of trying to fix everyone so they can all look “socially acceptable” and non confronting to the small amount of shallow people on the planet.

    1. It’s not shallow to want to lower the levels of obesity in society. Obesity can have serious negative side effects, that can vastly reduce a person’s quality of life.

      Several members of my family have suffered from leg ulcers, diabetes and heart disease because they were ridiculously obese. It was really awful to see my great grandmother cripple herself because of her terrible diet and now my grandmother is doing the same. How shallow of me to hope she loses weight before her legs are covered in ulcers and she developes diabetes or dies of a heart attack.

      I might add that all my fat family members are heterosexual and I have a healthy BMI

    2. John from MN 13 Mar 2013, 12:03am

      The danger of obesity has nothing to do with social acceptability. That is like saying the dangers of smoking are that you might not look cool and laid back.

      And for the over generalization part, do you mean the fact that 75% of lesbians are obese? Because that isn’t a generalization. Those are studied facts. 100% of white people have white ancestors, a little over 50% of people are women in the US, 0.4% of people here are Hindu, and 75% of lesbians here have BMIs that qualify them as obese.

  13. Christopher in Canada 12 Mar 2013, 8:35pm

    Suze Orman looks fine to me!

  14. why is this study being done as if being gay affects your weight surely this just shows it doesn’t

  15. While I’m overweight, and part of the body positive community (which includes fat positivity), this study does interest me. I’m wondering if some of it has to do with the gender wage gap? As poverty does put people at a predisposition towards being fat, especially in the US, due to the types of food available.

    1. It’s NOT positive for anyone’s health to be obese though.

  16. I am a bit mystified at all the thumbs-downs on some perfectly reasonable comments. I’m gonna get me some thumbs-downs too.
    Lesbians are fat because they are so greedy.
    That should do it.

  17. Where did they get 75% from? The linked study said 26% and I can’t find one that says 75%.

  18. As mentioned above, not sure where the figure comes from but obesity does appear to be higher amongst at least US lesbians and it’s worth finding out why.

    I do remember reading a study which showed lesbians were much less likely to worry about having an “acceptable” body image than other people, less concerned about what other people thought of how they looked. That’s fantastic and where we should all want to be and should be promoted, but obviously the negative health aspects of being overweight or obese mean that there are non-image reasons to be concerned about weight. And that is where research and guidance can be useful.

  19. They eat too much. Bill’s in the post…

  20. The reason for why there are far more lesbians than gay men is quite simple:- have you ever met a vain lesbian?

    Whereas gay men rank up there with obsessive straight women over the way we look!

    At least lesbians can be said to be more content and are enjoying life more than us boyz as they shamelessly tuck into the next that next tub of Ben & Jerry’s, as they’re less anxiety-prone and hung-up about the way they look.

    Dear God, in my next life pleeeeaaase let me come back as one of the gurlz!!!!

    1. “content and are enjoying life more than us boyz”?
      Have you ever met a Lesbian?

    2. “have you ever met a vain lesbian?…Whereas gay men rank up there with obsessive straight women over the way we look!”

      Many women (straight and gay) tend to be insecure about their appearance rather than ‘vain’, but the result is the same. They look after themselves and try to look their best.

      No idea where you’re getting your generalisations from there! I don’t think sexuality is related to interest or pride or insecurity in one’s appearance at all.

  21. Anon E Mouse 13 Mar 2013, 12:50pm

    The link between sexual orientation and obesity would be to do with hormones. I (a woman) have excess testosterone and in women that leads to insulin resistance which causes obesity, particularly in the stomach area. The hormonal ‘imbalance’ or difference in proportions if you like, is something that happens in the womb. It’s thought the baby somehow gets flooded with testosterone but the scientific understanding is still developing. It’s been found that lesbian women tend to have a difference in the length of one particular finger in relation to others.

  22. Jeff in TO 13 Mar 2013, 2:45pm

    This is a misleading article.

    The study is not just that that a higher portion of homosexual females are obese compared to heterosexual females, but also that a higher portion of heterosexual males are obese compared to homosexual males.

    1. Moral of the story – relationships with women make you fat!

      Disclaimer: I’m a 21.5 BMI female.

  23. Maybe it’s as simple as men care more about looks.

  24. If Weightwatchers were smart they’d adjust their advertising a little and cash in on this.

  25. dudes r hardwired for sex. physical appearance is a big part of sex. study done. ill take the 1.5 mil. thanks

  26. It’s because men have standards and are visual creatures. They care about aesthetically pleasing features as well as the relationship. Also, men a better idea of how to take care of themselves in general

  27. We really don’t need to spend a million and a half dollars on this. Obesity is higher is straight men and lesbian women because people who are trying to appeal to men have way more pressure to be physically fit than people who are trying to appeal to women.

  28. it’s all the beaver they pig out on…

  29. Same reason hetersexual women try to keep their weight down and heterosexual men don’t: men judge partners on their weight. Women don’t. Lesbians have partners who accept them if they’re fat. Gay men don’t.

  30. Enrique Esteban 7 Jun 2013, 7:24am

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  31. If that is true, then it’s probably because of comfort eating because of hatred, bigotry and intolerance. And maybe that is the only way they can cope. I eat for comfort when I’m miserable or depressed. Some people lose their appetite in those circumstances, and in my limited experience, men are most likely to do this.

  32. As a UK overweight lesbian, my weight problems started when I was a toddler. I was being physically abused by my father and my mother would feed me sweets and chocolate to keep me quiet. As I grew up I developed a serious comfort eating problem as the abuse in my life broadened to school bullying as well. I ended up morbidly obese, but have since got my weight down to something less dangerous.

    I am pretty sure there have been studies into early childhood abuse and lesbianism, while I seriously doubt that the abuse triggers lesbian feelings, it certainly can trigger comfort eating and obesity!

  33. floridahank 7 Jun 2013, 4:43pm

    Another indication of stupid Govt.. waste of $$$.
    With millions of our people living under the poverty level, many living on the streets because they lost their jobs and homes, and now another superb project spending $$$ on an unnecessary study — I can see why scientists are ridiculed for their studies and findings — why don’t they find something worthwhile for the health of the majority. Stupid Govt. waste.

  34. Personally, I think that it may partly because Lesbians tend to dismiss the message that society has embedded into females saying “You must look good so that men will find you attractive”.

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