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Travel: A weekend in Dublin

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Reader comments

  1. Martin Lewton 12 Mar 2013, 7:51pm

    Don’t forget the fabulous International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in May, celebrating its tenth year this year- the biggest gay theatre festival in the world

  2. Disappointed to hear of hooligan behaviour in Dublin’s streets at night. There was none of that when I visited about 20 years ago. However there was the problem of prowling youngsters breaking into any car they fancied, such that in the city’s covered-carparks I saw many parked cars with their drivers’ windows left deliberately down, just so that if any youngster decided to break in he wouldn’t smash the window! (Of course the radio and suchlike had been removed and taken away by the driver.)

    But 5E for a beer! Sheesh! No way! I pay £2.50 still for a pint in my local here in England.

  3. I’d like to be able to say that visitors to Dublin should also extend their holiday and travel to Northern Ireland but sadly I don’t think I could, unless travelling back in time is appealing.

    1. I’m from Dublin and I study in the North. It’s great craic and the people are absolutely friendly, although it is always the eejits that shout the loudest. The North is slowly but surely progressing and you’d be missing out if you avoid places like Belfast or Derry simply because of petty prejudice.

      1. I don’t study in the North, I live there/here! There are many wonderful places to visit and fabulous people to meet (me being one LOL), but unfortunately it is still deeply mired in prejudice and one of the biggest prejudices is homophobia. Some of the worst homophobia is from leading politicians who have Neanderthal beliefs and are intent on keeping this country locked in the past. Northern Ireland doesn’t deserve having tourists spending their money here whilst we still vote for an extremely bigoted party to lead our Government (I’m talking specifically about the DUP). If tourists stay away, the economy here won’t recover and perhaps then people here will get the message that they need to elect non-sectarian and non-homophobic politicians. However, that hasn’t changed peoples voting habits in the past. There may be very many wonderful and friendly people here but once they get into the polling booth all that disappears. I’m not proud to be Northern Irish, nor should I be.

  4. Sorry to hear you experienced noisy, boisterous people but Temple Bar isn’t emblematic of the city as a whole nor is such behaviour unique to Dublin. (Mind you, I’m not sure you’d be visiting LGBT political activists on a weekend away!)

    While the author alludes to one airline and a couple of places to stay, I would suggest that you can travel to Dublin for a lot cheaper than BA, with carriers such as Aer Lingus and Ryanair (just book ahead). Also, there’s cheaper accommodation to be had, so I wondered why the author didn’t recommend online search engines? No mention of the gay saunas, a good sex shop, or the gay film festival, gay pride, or the many gay-friendly restaurants about town. Drink is more expensive than the UK, but Irish spirit measures are much bigger! Dublin is a modern capital city, we’re not completely ‘quaint’ really, so do come and visit!

    1. Sadly the sex shops are quite the embarrassment still in Dublin. I am born and have lived here all my life. Went to the first and most famous one located in a basement for the first time last year. As soon as I walked in, some dodgy looking rough lad working there aggressively mumbled “looking for anything specific?”. I said I was browsing and he replied “you’re not today”. The whole thing seemed so dark and seedy as if it was still the 70s or something. The other sex shops not far away are all behind locked and smoked glass doors where you have to be buzzed in. My first experience with a sex shop was in Amsterdam. Now I know Amsterdam has a great reputation for being sexually free and liberal but its so sad to see how backwards and conservative Ireland’s major city still is. I was also in Berlin and could just stroll on into a very friendly sex shop to a warm welcome and no questions with a door wide open welcoming browsers. Ireland is still so behind the times.

      1. Sorry I’m a different to James to the one who referred to Northern Ireland, just for the record :)

      2. “So dark and seedy as if it was still the 70s”.

        There was nothing dark and seedy about the 1970s! LOL. Except Northern Ireland I suppose. It was a dark place in the 70s. Other than that there was ABBA, Gloria Gaynor, Baccara, glitter-balls – a fab decade!

  5. Dublin is rough as bags but it’s a good laugh.

    I really hope Ireland does not take the embarrassing and undemocratic route of holding a referendum on marriage equality as this would mean that Ireland regards a minority’s civil rights as a debateable subject which are dependent on the majority.

    Civil rights are non-negotiable and Ireland does not want to become as backward as the US on this issue.

    1. Hi, We will have to have a referendum as marriage and the family are both defined as containing one man and one woman in our constitution!

      1. That’s merely an opinion – other opinions state that legislation will suffice.

        If a referendum is required on marriage equality then it simply means that the Irish constitution is a despicable document which allows discrimination.

        Civil rights are non-negotiiable and not dependent on the will of the majority, irrespective of what the Irish constitution may pretend.

  6. The Gibson and Grand Canal are on the eastern side of the city not the west!

  7. Nice article. I just returned from there. One thing I would also recommend is using for finding a cool gay place to stay.

    I agree with most of the points in this article.

  8. Rajib Kumar 19 Aug 2013, 8:09pm

    In last January, i was in Dublin for just 3 days for business purpose. That’s why i can’t visit the city :(

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