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New York: Gay club dancer and teacher fired for using email account to arrange Craigslist dates

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Reader comments

  1. Suddenly Last Bummer 12 Mar 2013, 7:46pm

    Any chance we can see the photos? The nips on him are magnificent.

    1. Yes, they truly are. Pity he hasn’t got a brain to match. He won’t be teaching again so he’ll be doing plenty more go-go dancing I guess.

    2. BelfastBoy 13 Mar 2013, 4:32pm

      OH God!! Please no more pics. The one on this site is horrific enough…….

    3. God, you’re right! That was what I thought. Would love to lick them.

  2. Paul Brownsey 12 Mar 2013, 7:54pm

    Are we supposed to be shocked and horrified at the way this guy was treated? I’m not.

  3. His accounts crossed over…..oh come on – the daft sod!

    1. GulliverUK 12 Mar 2013, 8:55pm

      With Android smartphones quite easy to do, I have a large number of email addresses on there, and it did link many of them together – I have to be careful too.

      1. Indeed, Gulliver. I’ve been noticing how different outfits are somehow recognising me. Unseen forces are sharing, or trading, information!

  4. Losing your livelihood for what seems like a victimless ‘crime’, even if caused by stupidity or carelessness seems a bit harsh. If the emails had gone to some kid’s parents that might have been a different matter…a pity the ‘fellow teacher’ who discovered the emails wasn’t a bit more sympathetic…

    1. Another sad case of technology being mishandled and there being overly harsh consequences. There is no reason to fire someone for setting up their email incorrectly when that isn’t even part of their job.

      This should have just been a private embarrassing conversation along with a note on his record of improper use of school email, and that should have been the end of it.

      The fact that he is gay shouldn’t even come into this and I hope it wasn’t a factor, women and straight men also fall prey to this notion that teachers aren’t allowed to have sex lives outside of the classroom.

  5. What a moron. You don’t send personal emails from a work email address, or an email address shared with anyone else. It’s just common sense, something this guy is obviously lacking.

    He deserved to get fired. What he did was completely inappropriate.

  6. Okay, let us try to think who, in this situation, has come to any harm whatsoever…

    tumbleweeds blow lazily across the scene…



    Nope, me either. What a ridiculous piece of prudish bureaucratic nonsense. Why anyone thinks there is anything wrong here completely escapes me – a man has lost his job for no good reason whatsoever.

    1. Er ….. him quite clearly ….

    2. He’s a teacher who wrote “must of”.

      Clearly he’s completely incapable of doing the job.
      Other evidence of this: He’s an utter moron who sends personal e-mails from a work account–and not just a work account, but a SHARED work account.

  7. Paul Essex/London 12 Mar 2013, 10:06pm

    This seems like a genuine mistake, i.e. it looks like he was sending these from his personal computer/smart phone. I have my work and personal email accounts connected to the same email software on my personal laptop and sometimes live in fear that the wrong thing will be sent on the wrong account – the software has a tendency to pick my work email account when I compose a new email and I have yet to find out how to stop this default. I also live in fear of selecting the wrong file for an attachment for stuff I’ve worked on at home. However, the point is he should have been more careful especially because this was a school account. The question is, if this had been a straight guy sending out stuff in error to women would he have received the same treatment? Perhaps or perhaps not.

  8. How could anyone be offended getting images of him being sent to them?

    1. Maybe he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I wouldn’t want images of him. Absolutley hate the hairdo pmsl………

  9. Craig Nelson 12 Mar 2013, 10:40pm

    It seems a bit harsh.

  10. Are these people nuts? He hasn’t hurt someone and he is clearly not a paedophile. Ok, maybe he doesn’t now anything about IT, but if that isn’t a requiremt for his class, it shouldn’t be a problem. He is a grown male and sexually active, there is nothing wrong with that. A warning, that he would be fired if private messages were sent ever again from him over an official account would have been totally sufficient. No need to fret about the sexy side of it at all.

  11. I found WOMEN teachers sending out their naked pussies or with orgasm over their naked boobs sent to High School fathers as illicit prostitution rings. Even private schools are not spared!

  12. Normally I’d be sympathetic but there’s a level of professionalism that’s expected when you’re a teacher. Even if this is a mistake – it was one he should not really have made! He should have been extra EXTRA careful not to mix up private accounts with the school ones. All I can say it, what an idiot! I’m sorry he’s lost his job but I don’t think, by the sounds of things anyway, that this is discrimination.

  13. Stuart (Hove.UK) 13 Mar 2013, 10:32am

    This was clearly a mistake and a ticking off (at most) would have been a perfectly adequate course of action to take,no-one was harmed, just a colleague surprised, she should have been mature enough to simply bring the matter to his attention without reporting him to the school board.Now a possibly good teacher is lost to the education system and a man suffers the loss of his livlihood for a simple mistake.

    1. “possibly a good teacher”?
      Don’t comment if you didn’t read the article

  14. Ricky Wilks 13 Mar 2013, 11:57am

    Yep, he messed up. I think the bigger question is – why is the DOE using gmail in the first place?

  15. He’s pretty hot. But somehow, “boxer shorts” and “sexually explicit” linked together like that is too bizarre.

    And the other teacher over-reacted just a wee bit. Somehow, the punishment doesn’t really fit the crime — if you want to call it a crime.

    1. My thoughts exactly. If he would have sent nude pictures, but in boxers? Come on.

  16. Surely a written warning would have sufficed, sacking seems somewhat harsh. And i think the colleague could have been a bit more understanding.

  17. I cannot imagine that the teacher would intentionally use accounts that he knows would be monitored by co-workers. It might have been a dumb mistake but there doesn’t seem to be any misconduct that should effect his employment.
    To me this screams “biased justified termination.” His employer and co-workers used a dumb mistake to justify unwarranted punishment because of anti-gay bias. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been so vicious to him.

  18. The female teacher who reported him was just pissed he was getting more ass than she was…classic case of straights hatin on us gays because they’re just jealous.

  19. Jesus, he’s cute!

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